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  1. @Swedish Chef ,all my best wishes! Hope you’re ok. 🎂 Skål, and stay safe!
  2. You know I'm desperate enough to call it out. You're so right! 🙂
  3. So look at her. Vicious mother, but apparently a caring grandma. At least there's some hope for our smart and beautiful babies. 🙂
  4. ...but without my funny jiffs it looks quarantinable. 🙂 @hokie3457 Stay safe!
  5. From the comment section: @a.ayers10 Where does your hair end and Karl’s begins? @sanctionedjohnnygalecki If, God forbid, something happens to me can my child live in Karl’s goatee? @kunalkarmanayyar Karl’s been watching a lot of tiger king It looks TBBT all over again. 😀
  6. veejay

    Penny's Bra

    If you mean this scene (taken from the next episode S9/The Separation Oscillation), this bra doesn’t correspond to what we are looking for (and I'm no expert in such fashionable finesses 😁).
  7. @Tensor All my best wishes to you. 🍾🥂 Cheers! 🥃
  8. Well, not anonymous, but a public memo right here. 🙂 🎂 All the best wishes @chucky ! 🍹
  9. @vonmar , all my best wishes and thank you for your tireless efforts digging the small but relevant news! 🥂
  10. Is this just another weird attempt to delay the Brexit? I'm kidding, of course! 😉
  11. Oh my. As soon as I'm out of the house for a few days, important events are forgotten. 🤔 @bfm So belated congratulations and all the best for you! 🎂🍸
  12. Just one more clip: YouTube Can't wait to see all the Polaroid images collected from Kaley's "BBT"-archive ( > 3:17m ). ☺️
  13. …based on your main point, @Tensor, that came out of my dried up mind: "The nonpareil magnetism of the smart and beautiful." 🙂
  14. You manage to explain the balancing act between seriousness and plausibility within a fictitious genre. Very nice! 🙂
  15. I'm just gonna put this in here... @HeWolf Best wishes to you! 🥂
  16. (I pressed the 'like’ button intentional.) 😁
  17. I can feel you. And the real questions were asked... 🙂
  18. For me personally there were a couple of years I struggled with depression hard and having the early seasons to watch on DVD were a welcome break in those days. Touchstones like that are important when the mental oppression is catching you. I’m grateful this series was there (incl. that forum with all its members) when I needed it and grateful I don’t need it like that anymore. Right now, I'm having a hard time watching any episodes. Too close is the "pain of separation" and the associated processing. But I'm on the right track, I guess. 🙂
  19. "…go bleep yourself!" Nothing more to say, LOL
  20. Since I probably just have the same info source as you, I can share your point of view. That was only a small insight, but it fits…!
  21. Spot-on! So true. All the more incredible as they have achieved the - not only for me - iconic phrase (smart and beautiful babies) at the end. Btw. There was the fish that was supposed to had been thrown at the writers... ...seriously? 🙂
  22. I’m a visual guy and tired watching a TV-Show to expect something off-camera. I know pretty well a weekly half-hour sitcom doesn’t and also cannot show the entirety of anyone's life. My expectation just need a bit more than a constant imagination, though. That's the damn off-screen problem for me. 🙂
  23. Um...I remember an episode very reluctantly and with all my disapproval (S10/The Romance Recalibration): L: So we thought it would useful… / L: …would you please help us make a Relationship Agreement? 🙄 /sigh!
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