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  1. Since I have not the slightest idea why and where the Lenny thread has disappeared, I’ve allowed myself to open this new place. Maybe it's about time to remember the formerly beloved story of Leonard and Penny, also the horrible consequences about the shabby decline of Lenny. Please feel free to write your different opinions in an appropriate manner in this thread. My English unfortunately isn't so pronounced to write some longer essays here. Therefore, I prefer to use these situation-related little jifs, which should make my POV particular clear. S10 - Pt. 1 Pt. 2
  2. Well, there was no other actress who played Amy.
  3. I saw what you've done. You did it again! ROTFLMFAO
  4. Someone’s being musically encouraged to bust a move... Yeah, everybody's prepared for the weekend.
  5. "Dreams are my reality."
  6. Those were the days... ...really funny days. LOL /sigh
  7. Wow, Tensor. I mean WOW!
  8. (but you know, there's only one island.)
  9. Thanks, Tensor . "Oh, Dear Lord, more rules? Where does it stop?"
  10. You're absolutely right Strawberry PopTart Fan. That was some kind of my starting point when I launched the thread after I couldn’t found the good old Lenny thread in the forum. My mood was as sad as on a funeral after all the disappointment about Lenny this season too. But I think, we’ll all together find a appropriate label for Season 11. How about a survey for this in this summer break.
  11. Ha, since this is not my personal thread, I dispose the changes in the headline to our data master Tensor.
  12. I don't believe that serena wanted to spread her opinion here as a die hard Sheldon fan. I've recognized her view on the show rather than pretty differentiated and critical.
  13. Ok, I should have taken you into this hairy situation. I'll give you a different "Yeah".
  14. This is it! It changed the dynamic of TBBT away too much.
  15. I had to LOL now. I guess I found a peculiar little evidence about your thesis.
  16. That confirms my personal impression too but I was talking about Lenny. So our opinion seems not to be much different at all.
  17. Yeah, a lot, but not here and now...
  18. @bfm Oh,of course you right. I can imagine all of this. But I'm so tired listening to all of the notorious "shoulda, woulda, coulda" since Season H8. Subjunctive always in the upwind. Time for sweet dreams or nightmares? Rant and rave /end.
  19. I don't need social media or other sources to watch a formerly hilarious sitcom going down the drain. I have had a long patience with this series, but the "Big Bang" of my exit may be coming soon. I'm not one of the fans that complain about a dynamic change of the characters. I do, however, have an issue with the decline in the writer's quality and the one-sided weighting on "The world's tallest second grader" aka "The kid with two shirts". The only good story to tell for Lenny is now heavy relationship drama instead of comedy for them being happy together? I understand happy couples are probably boring, but miserable ones are irritating. After all these years TPTB don't seem to want to put an effort in moving Lenny forward. It seems they don't know how to write healthy romantic relationships but know how to right the same old rotten jokes. They really want to surpass 10 seasons with this?
  20. I agree with you entirely and there is also another important question for me... Nope, not at all!
  21. You don't expect seriously that final negotiations and internal contract results will be published by the cast.