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  1. veejay

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    There’s evidence that the latter can be assumed. 😉 (snapshot of bts)
  2. So we’re doing The Final Countdown right now? However, there are concerns to be considered. H: All right. Here we go. L-minus ten, nine.. S: Wait, what are you doing? It's T-minus. S11 - The Explosion Implosion
  3. Maybe we're all a little petty here. After many disappointments the expectations are simply too high in the end. I'm also not sure whether this topic still does justice to this comedy. I'm not feeling Penny and Leonard *aka Lenny* right now. It's just weird (IMO).
  4. Talking about something stuck in the head. I made a little personal discovery in today’s episode. So I was often seen with a stubborn customer. LOL
  5. Maybe the yogurt should be given to you. 😉
  6. Let me quote from Vultures last recap: "As Penny’s new team on the Inflamminex project soon finds out, Bernie’s not only her boss, but her inspiration for how a leader treats her team. That might spell trouble. But Karen probably isn’t going to be stealing Penny’s yogurt anymore." Bad Bernie! 😉
  7. At least they had hidden an explanation for Penny's decision (fromS12/E3) in the new episode. "Is it because she was Miss Cornhusker 2001 and still fits in those very same jeans?"
  8. That's what I was thinking, too. And remember... 😉
  9. Everyone? Who says that? 😉
  10. veejay

    [Spoilers] Shamy: Season 12

    Someone gets excited. Again… 😊
  11. Was I the only one who had thought of Penny's long overdue strictly appeal to the writers in this scene? 😉
  12. I like different opinions. That’s what makes life interesting. Everything stays different. 😉
  13. I'm honestly tired of putting any "ifs, whens or maybes" in the lost space. I stick to the observation of the presented episodes. My personal conclusion confirms the necessary and upcoming end of this trivial "soap derivate". Yeah, yeah, all right.
  14. It's a crap, really. I want to stay with these characters out of a simple desire to finish the show's journey but they are not making it easy.
  15. Just a little story: After TPTB had told enough children's stories in the last two seasons, also Kaley had more than once expressed in public her displeasure for more babies on stage, and at the beginning of season 12 the extension of the contracts was still pending, the writers gave birth to "The Procreation Calculation". After deciding to end the series, they probably got into big trouble explaining their story and dropped that bullshit called "The Propagation Proposition" on the struggeling community. Just a thought...
  16. @kenan Many thanks for your detailed report! Glad you had so much fun. I really appreciate it. 😀
  17. veejay

    Cast, Crew, And Bbt News

    Congratulations to a wonderful and lovely actress!
  18. I would say, much of the show revolving obtrusively around Sheldon because of the investment in Young Sheldon. So much of his behavior is excused as adorable because of it.
  19. I really can't imagine, given this documented view of Lenny, that the TPTBs will change their very own cognitions until the very end. Steve H.: I was really proud of the way Leonard and Penny’s relationship is evolved… ...I love watching the two of them together. Chuck L.: When characters make each other laugh, that suggest a deeper bond which is something… From "The Matority Imperative" (DVD-Specials S11)

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