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  1. 32 minutes ago, Swedish Chef said:

    Kaley is now heading to Berlin, Germany so there is little time to worry about an ongoing divorce. Perhaps this is the reason for the quick submission of the divorce papers. 

    "...I plan on speaking German when I land!"
    Wieviel Jahre dauert denn der Flug?
    (How many years is the flight?) 😉

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  2. On 12/14/2020 at 1:00 AM, Molecules said:

    Let me give you the finger (facts). In the episode where Leonard is telling Penny about, when Leonard met Sheldon (When Harry met Sally). . Leonard ended up trying to tame, and paint her man feet. Later in the series Leonard, once again, was treating her man hands. Penny enthusiastically remarks she had no idea how well he did this. Now, Penny might forget, but I doubt Leonard would. I never did anything like that for a girlfriend, but I would remember, if I did. Fun Finger Facts: fingernails and toenails are different. If you look closely at each, you will see nail ridges. In fingernails the ridges are tip to back (vertical), and toenails run side to side (horizontal). It is thought this is due to the varying stresses on the hand and foot nail plates. It is like adaptive exoskeletal structural supports. I wonder if those that had a great toe (hallux), transplanted to replace a damaged thumb, might eventually have different ridges, because of the different stresses?  Error within an error. Zak once stated to Sheldon that all thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs. Sheldon agreed, but in the transplanted thumb amputee, some thumbs can possibly be toes. So, all thumbs are not fingers, and not all fingers are thumbs. All mammals have the same structures in each hand or foot, they are just altered through evolution. For example, a horse has hooves, which are two fingernails and two toenails, on two fingers or toes. A horse shoe goes under one nail. So, whether the horse is My Little Pony, Trigger, Silver or Scout, or even Mr Ed; whether the horse is trotting, or galloping, and especially up on its hind legs; they are all just trying to give the finger.  I have just fingered this. I have just fingered you about fingers, and I figured how to finger, about fingers, myself.  Won't someone give me a hand, or at least a finger? Is  it thumbs up, or down? 

    Remarkable! 😁



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  3. @HeWolf,

    Oh my! I can sign every sentence of your post and like to confirm it for myself.
    Although it was only after the 5th season of the series that I could really connect with all this "beautiful minded" tv-characters, this (our) unique forum with all its "verbal attacks" on every single episode makes me look back quite sad, but also satisfied...


    Oh s..., I miss that.
    Greetings  VJ

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  4. 7 hours ago, luminous said:


    From the comment section:

    Where does your hair end and Karl’s begins?

    If, God forbid, something happens to me can my child live in Karl’s goatee?

    Karl’s been watching a lot of tiger king

    It looks TBBT all over again. 😀


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  5. 57 minutes ago, joyceraye said:

    In 9.01 Sheldon had a bra of Penny's.


    If you mean this scene (taken from the next episode S9/The Separation Oscillation), this bra doesn’t correspond to what we are looking for (and I'm no expert in such fashionable finesses 😁).

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  6. 6 hours ago, Strawberry said:

    Reminder for anyone else here in the United Kingdom that might need reminding: clocks go back at 2am tonight.

    Is this just another weird attempt to delay the Brexit?


    I'm kidding, of course! 😉

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  7. 14 hours ago, HeWolf said:

    A question that has been debated at length. Originally, Sheldon was roommate to Leonard and most of what Leonard did for him was stipulated in the Roommate Agreement. Howard and Raj got sucked in because they were friends with Leonard.

    As to why they would continue to interact/socialize with him there are any number of reasons. They all shared multiple common interests. He possessed abilities that they found useful at times, e.g., he served as the group's institutional memory. At various times they delighted in exploiting his character traits and tormented him. They delighted in seeing others suffering his idiosyncrasies. The Sheldon spotlight could be entertaining to those not caught in its focus.

    These characters were complicated people. No doubt about that. Why would they remain friends with, and tolerate, Sheldon? Tough question, but it can be asked about most of them. Howard (1.0) was creepy and frequently disturbing. Raj was, at times, much worse in many ways than Sheldon. Amy could be as creepy as Howard and as needy as Leonard. Bernadette could be frighteningly mean. Penny was often morally ambiguous, a bully, and a manipulative moocher. Leonard certainly had issues but was mostly the stable nucleus of an unstable group. None of them was perfect, but together they created some magical moments. For us as viewers and in their make believe world.

    You manage to explain the balancing act between seriousness and plausibility within a fictitious genre. Very nice! 🙂

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  8. 1 hour ago, joyceraye said:

    Building on that  : if he cared about his character, the storyline about the sperm donating dilemma would have felt like the pits for him. How much lower could they go ? If what happened to Leonard influenced his decision-making he'd have refused any further contracts point-blank.

    The rest of the cast must have been wondering what more rubbish the writers were going to come up with. It was writing on the wall for what the next season was going to bring. Actors care about their reputations as well as money. What material they accept reflects on them to a certain extent. 


    (I pressed the 'like’ button intentional.)  😁

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  9. 52 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    Many of us were helped through hard times by TBBT. I was having chemo and radiation when I started watching. It was great to laugh out loud at the crazy antics of the lovable nerds and have a break from a very scary time.  I became totally obsessed with the Lenny back and forth love affair. Maybe the writing wasn't always great or even good sometimes but the actors made these characters their own. As Joyce said "...they were real...". For me," the sum of the whole was greater than all the parts" because of the amazingly talented actors. If I got one good Lenny scene in a mediocre episode, I was happy!❤️❤️❤️

    I can feel you. And the real questions were asked...



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