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  1. 14 hours ago, HeWolf said:

    A question that has been debated at length. Originally, Sheldon was roommate to Leonard and most of what Leonard did for him was stipulated in the Roommate Agreement. Howard and Raj got sucked in because they were friends with Leonard.

    As to why they would continue to interact/socialize with him there are any number of reasons. They all shared multiple common interests. He possessed abilities that they found useful at times, e.g., he served as the group's institutional memory. At various times they delighted in exploiting his character traits and tormented him. They delighted in seeing others suffering his idiosyncrasies. The Sheldon spotlight could be entertaining to those not caught in its focus.

    These characters were complicated people. No doubt about that. Why would they remain friends with, and tolerate, Sheldon? Tough question, but it can be asked about most of them. Howard (1.0) was creepy and frequently disturbing. Raj was, at times, much worse in many ways than Sheldon. Amy could be as creepy as Howard and as needy as Leonard. Bernadette could be frighteningly mean. Penny was often morally ambiguous, a bully, and a manipulative moocher. Leonard certainly had issues but was mostly the stable nucleus of an unstable group. None of them was perfect, but together they created some magical moments. For us as viewers and in their make believe world.

    You manage to explain the balancing act between seriousness and plausibility within a fictitious genre. Very nice! 🙂

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  2. 1 hour ago, joyceraye said:

    Building on that  : if he cared about his character, the storyline about the sperm donating dilemma would have felt like the pits for him. How much lower could they go ? If what happened to Leonard influenced his decision-making he'd have refused any further contracts point-blank.

    The rest of the cast must have been wondering what more rubbish the writers were going to come up with. It was writing on the wall for what the next season was going to bring. Actors care about their reputations as well as money. What material they accept reflects on them to a certain extent. 


    (I pressed the 'like’ button intentional.)  😁

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  3. 52 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    Many of us were helped through hard times by TBBT. I was having chemo and radiation when I started watching. It was great to laugh out loud at the crazy antics of the lovable nerds and have a break from a very scary time.  I became totally obsessed with the Lenny back and forth love affair. Maybe the writing wasn't always great or even good sometimes but the actors made these characters their own. As Joyce said "...they were real...". For me," the sum of the whole was greater than all the parts" because of the amazingly talented actors. If I got one good Lenny scene in a mediocre episode, I was happy!❤️❤️❤️

    I can feel you. And the real questions were asked...



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  4. 56 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    I'll watch an episode now and then on TBS, not as much for the story but to have a "visit' with the characters. I do miss that crazy bunch!


    1 minute ago, joyceraye said:

    That's because they were real and we don't want to accept the fact they're gone.

    For me personally there were a couple of years I struggled with depression hard and having the early seasons to watch on DVD were a welcome break in those days. Touchstones like that are important when the mental oppression is catching you. I’m grateful this series was there (incl. that forum with all its members) when I needed it and grateful I don’t need it like that anymore.

    Right now, I'm having a hard time watching any episodes. Too close is the "pain of separation" and the associated processing.
    But I'm on the right track, I guess. 🙂


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  5. 52 minutes ago, bfm said:

    I don't feel much like rewatching right now. I sometimes will take a look if an episode is on, but I won't put one on myself. Maybe when some time has passed... Although I am up for rewatching Crazy Ex Girlfriend, which also ended this year. I guess it depends on the kind of show... With Friends I would have times when I would rewatch a lot, then get somewhat tired of it, then it would "come back" to me, and I'd rewatch again. 

    Seems weird, but, yeah...

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  6. 2 hours ago, Tensor said:

    LOL, now it's gone even farther.  Evidently, The National Inquirer sent a message to Kaley asking if the would like to comment about a story they are doing.  It's about how her marriage has only survived because her and Karl live separate lives.   She made some snarky comments (I'd ask my husband, but don't know where he is), and some derogatory comments about the magazine, then ask Karl if he had any comments.  He also made some snarky (thanking the Inquirer for letting him know his wife's name) and derogatory remarks.   Go to both of their IG stories (that's why there is no link, because we don't allow links to IG stories)., their responses are kinda funny.  

    "…go bleep yourself!"
    Nothing more to say, LOL

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  7. 1 hour ago, hokie3457 said:

    I have always thought the”lessening” of Lenny was due in a large part to Bill Prady’s stepping back. He stepped down as show runner in favor of Molaro in season 5 (?) just as Lenny was due to re-unite. I know that season 6 was fantastic for them, but how much of that was “mopping up”?To me, Prady saw a lot of himself in the Leonard character...Would love to hear other thoughts!

    Since I probably just have the same info source as you, I can share your point of view.

    44 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

    Also, I thought  Kaley wcomedic talent!as terrific in this scene in the hotel room    Just a glimpse of her

    That was only a small insight, but it fits…!


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  8. 3 hours ago, HeWolf said:

    No. Those are called 'anecdotes'. Examples used to illustrate the point. Also, the 'point' was to emphasize the irrationality of some forum member's insistence that, "If it didn't happen on screen", then I refuse to accept it happened at all.

    Personally, I found Penny's adamant opposition to having children to be inexplicable and out of character. Nowhere in 11 prior seasons had she intimated any such position. The writers certainly could have come up with a scene, or two, to cover this ground without taking anything away from the other plot lines. Losing some of that stupid 'plagiarism' story arc would have been a good thing. Similarly, the sudden reversal of position by Penny is just as bewildering and not conducive to effective story telling. Both aspects of this tale should have been fleshed out with resultant screen time. I continue to feel the greatest shortfall in the Lenny pregnancy is that they did not allow us to see the moment Penny informed Leonard of the pregnancy. 


    2 hours ago, Mario D. said:

    Totally agree  The writers completely missed an epic moment like that which was an integral part of the Lenny story.  So very disappointing

    So true. All the more incredible as they have achieved the - not only for me - iconic phrase (smart and beautiful babies) at the end.

    Btw. There was the fish that was supposed to had been thrown at the writers...


    ...seriously? 🙂

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  9. I’m a visual guy and tired watching a TV-Show to expect something off-camera. I know pretty well a weekly half-hour sitcom doesn’t and also cannot show the entirety of anyone's life. My expectation just need a bit more than a constant imagination, though. That's the damn off-screen problem for me. 🙂

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  10. 26 minutes ago, Mario D. said:

     I can agree with you on one thing  They did not fully explain why Penny did not want to have children. To me this was a major topic to explore before the finale but all we got was her assumed happiness on being pregnant.  However, Leonard and Penny seem to be in a happy place at the end and certainly do love each other. As far as Shamy goes Sheldon's speech at the end was a sort of revelation in his mind especially when his wife shocked him into realization about her and his friends tolerance of his insults, condescencion and obnoxiousness. But did he really accept this?  He loves his wife but yet belittles her with his relationship agreement often referring to it as being written to favor him and not as a partnership. To me marriage is a sacred partnership which Penny and Leonard seem to have without a written agreement.

    Um...I remember an episode very reluctantly and with all my disapproval (S10/The Romance Recalibration):

    L: So we thought it would useful…


    L: …would you please help us make a Relationship Agreement? 🙄 /sigh!

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  11. 6 hours ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    It's not really my fandom although I enjoyed most of it. I was never totally fixated on it and I was definitely NOT a teacup speculation person. I liked ensemble plots best, like Raj's scavenger hunt, the parking spot escalation and things like that. It's why I think season six was the best season. But they didn't need a survival strategy because the writers wanted to play with their new toy to the exclusion of all others and to a lot of people it showed. And when they did do something with Penny and Leonard so much of it seemed so stupid!

    Oh, I know. The "you" was used to refer to people in general. 🙂
    I can follow your point of view very well. Also for me Season 6 is/was the funniest and most convincing in the entire picture (as a strong ensemble of the whole cast). After that, it became more and more difficult for me to make credible comparisons with this benchmark.

    (Remember this kind of a mess?)




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  12. 28 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    Leonard was ready to kick him out. Penny is the one who said he could stay. I always thought it should have been the other way around, if it had to be at all.

    It also took me a little longer to evaluate this strange decision. But I just classified it as one of the many (in the sense of the show-runners) "tactical ruses".

    28 minutes ago, Die Zimtzicke said:

    I thought this all along and took a lot of flak for it, but it's true. But part of it is, from my perspective, that as large part of the L/P cohort as you put it, were happy with any crumb they got thrown. The smallest thing was latched onto as a hopeful sign, when it was clear to me that Lenny was never going to be the show's focal point. It's one of the reasons i never got deeply into it.

    I recommend to read the Shamy-threads of earlier days. There you can see how a survival strategy can be built within your own fandom. 😊

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