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  1. Oh, I get it! Thanks. (also Penny: Leonard, you dog, you!)
  2. She has???? Norman????? (S6/E19 > Sheldon: 'Well, now, did you also have a dog? Because I found what appears to be a battery-operated chew toy.')
  3. ooooohhhhhhh, (short laugh) Don't push it!
  4. ...and that's how I call a sit-com
  5. Yeah, 'cause it's THE BIG SHELDON SHOW! What a surprise. BANG!
  6. To paraphrase Lenny (S5/EP13): ...That was the plan, right? No, the plan was to tell people….. That's a little hard to do when you're always being such a tool bag. You know what? I don't have to stand here and take this crap. …. What are we doing? What do you mean? … That's because you overthink everything….
  7. Ahhhhhm, I'm sorry what? What are you talking about? I’m pretty confused. Who’s who and WHAT?
  8. I’m more into DADAism, but alright!
  9. Well, three weeks to go......or most we need a time-machine?
  10. To paraphrase Sheldon: …because not only has that ship sailed. If it hit an iceberg, countless men would perish.
  11. Thats a brilliant question! Who knows the different between a ROM-COM and a SIT-COM?
  12. @Tensor: No one likes a know-it-all,..... ....you know what I mean.
  13. also: 'You know what this is? Yeah, and I reserve this word for those rare instances when it's truly deserved. This is malarkey!'
  14. Seriously? ….So, have you and Penny set a wedding date? No, we're kind of taking it slow. I see. What does that mean? You've been on and off with this woman for seven years and engaged for one year….. …So, Mom, you haven't seen Penny since we got engaged. Oh, yeah, let me show you the ring. Oh, lovely….. this is a princess-cut drill bit (szzzzzzz….) LOL I agree 'cause: 'You know what this is? Yeah, and I reserve this word for those rare instances when it's truly deserved. This is malarkey!'
  15. OMG, 5Mississippis, >Did you take a marijuana?! Did you get hit on the head with a coconut? I'm all out of guesses.< No, I`m not Sheldon! LOL
  16. Maybe, but it`ll be working with Emily though.
  17. Hmm, but who’s helping him?
  18. The writers have gotten lazy on far too many occasions, and treated the characters as caricatures. They go for the EASY JOKE, to me it makes the characters too cartoonish in their flaws. But, I hope....
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