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  1. @meka3000: May I ask you a simple question? Do you knit-picking on everything or everyone?
  2. I’m shaking my head right now. TBBT is a comedy show, primarily intended to make us laugh. The way some of these discussions lead, I would almost think people are discussing the behavior of their best friends, rather than a group of fictional characters. Of course the characters don't always act perfectly nice to each other, but being able to get away with socially unacceptable actions is part of what makes their interactions entertaining. But if: I’m definitely OUT!
  3. Well Tonstar, a cold beer could be appropriate!
  4. Hm, I’m confused now. TBBT is the one show where the fandom takes relationships so damn seriously. It’s a freaking sit-com for crying out loud. Dissing other peoples ships over your own is just about the most childish thing I've seen here. I don't normally care, but seeing people over-reacting just pissed me off. Just to clarify, IMO
  5. I generally like the interaction of all the characters. It's not a competition....it's a brillant sitcom, period (I hope..)
  6. Dear old sailor, I think we need an i ? Isis
  7. I agree.... so.......strongly disagree. Or, I disagree strongly...my, uh disagreement is strong?....uh, it is , I mean, a strong disagreement...that I feel....strongly...um...... ...oh look, a squirrel...
  8. Thank you for making your case so articulately! Oh, wait...
  9. Yeah, church wedding. But only with a pink haired Penny! LOL ps: ''Your hair is different. You changed your hair. I can't take this. I'm out.'' Problem (Sheldon) solved....
  10. No Emily or Cinnamon yet?
  11. ...is there a purple leprechaun living in my butt?
  12. OMG, a lot of alcoholics around here (incl. me & Penny)
  13. ‚A couple of us got a backup plan and off to Mexico to meditate.‘ That’s what you call ‚a meditation‘? Sense, what sense? The writers are kidding us, that’s all. I’m pretty sure S9 will end up our beautiful summer-vacations and THAT’S the time to moan or……om! :-()
  14. 'a lot of margaritas'.....I prefer a good ol' german beer, but I'm in....
  15. Well, I still enjoy the show, I'm going to keep watching!
  16. 'Penny: Okay. That’s enough. Stop talking. Leonard: So…we’re still getting married. Penny: Yes. Leonard: Because we love each other. Penny: Yes.' oh, come on and trust the writers LOL
  17. ..........When you tell a story, especially when it starts getting really long (and so far it's an 8 year old story going on 9) it's a good idea to stay consistent and true to characters. If you start straying off the path of that consistency, people who were interested will slowly start to lose interest and stop reading (or watching in this case)........ .......Not only have they lost their sense of the show history, characters personalities and even the original theme of the show, they seem to be winging it each week, just trying to make Sheldon funny no matter what the cost is to the onther characters........ Well said! It's clear that the writers intend us to believe that Leonard and Penny are made for each other. That's been the premise from day one ('our babies will be smart and beautiful’). If people don't believe it, that just means the writers aren't doing as good a job as they should.
  18. what about: 'Penny: Okay. That’s enough. Stop talking. Leonard: So…we’re still getting married. Penny: Yes. Leonard: Because we love each other. Penny: Yes. Leonard: And today is the happiest day of our lives. Penny: (Laughs). Don’t push it.' ?
  19. I’m an old-time lurker on this amazing forum and like to be here as a newbe ;-) I love the TBBT since the 1st Season and I appreciate Penny (Kaley). Please apologize my ´special` behavior about the English language, because my school skills and practicing are a long time ago. So again hello…..
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