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  1. The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 21, Recap: Amy and Sheldon Are One Step Closer to the Nobel glamour.com "Tonight's Big Bang Theory opens with a “Previously on…” which means only one thing: We’re about to get an entire episode focused on Sheldon and Amy and Nobel Watch 2019. I’m OK with it, as long as not too much time is spent on Drs. Pemberton and Campbell. With only three episodes left, I want as many scenes with the main cast members as possible."... ..."I’m going to get a migraine just from trying to follow this episode." (Jessica Radloff) LOL
  2. ...and I'm very grateful to Kaley for that delicate hint! 🙂
  3. Chuck looks impressed. 🙂
  4. It's gonna be a weird day today. The memories start to float past... 😯
  5. I think the memories of the most beautiful days and their intimate "loophole" were unforgettable.
  6. That's weird indeed. I was also irritated. But I refuse any interpretation...do I? 😮
  7. I'd sworn to stay out of this delicate subject, but a deep hope always raises its strange head. 😉
  8. Kwipke's facial expression signals to me a distinct sense of hilarity. 😁
  9. So we have to sit and wait. All right. 🙂
  10. That might be quite possible. If we continue to consider the holy kitchen island as a serious debating platform (after all its history, we could be able to do so), a result might be interesting.
  11. Let's spread the wings of imagination... (rank order highly subjective) 🙂 Taken from S12/E22 promo pix (click to enlarge) tvline.com
  12. Well said. This also was recognized early on a holy place.
  13. Penny has evolved in plenty of positive ways (maturity-wise, confidence-wise, being-able-to-go-toe-to-toe-with-Sheldon-in dealing-with-his-fussiness-wise), even though the character relied on her physical looks and didn't spend a lot of time developing much else in the early seasons. The never-ending string of jokes about Leonard’s unworthiness of Penny is the series' worst ongoing cliché, especially 12 seasons in. How's about we all just accept that Lenny are deserving each other and find humor in other areas of their coupledom? "Comedy is about things not being right. Things are running beautifully and everyone’s behaving appropriate and intelligent is not funny." (J. Cleese)
  14. @chucky A short but special summary for you. Hope you can watch it all soon. 😉 The beginning... ...the end!
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