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  1. I'm italian and I loved the movie "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", which is a very beautiful and meaningful verse of poetry. You know how this movie arrived in Italy??? "If you leave me, I'll remove/delete you" which is a ridicolous title... oh, Italy... how much you shine for your poor sense of translation... Or when in tv spots they have to say the names of celebrities... No comment.
  2. People are so mean and exagerated sometimes... they comment and say to pray for Paris but, for me, it is only an excuse to spam or insult him...
  3. Can I come with you??? (Sono italiana anch'io!!!)
  4. I'm very happy that he's verified now and also I noticed that they verified quite everyone now... and I hope that there will be some photos since I'm suffering from a lack of Jim's photos...
  5. I will watch it like I watch horror movies: with curiosity but at the same time covering my eyes with my hand
  6. I hope so! I think that the writers want to show us this possible new side of Sheldon... what I just don't understand is why they decided to do this kind of thing now and not when Shamy were not so "real" as a couple... season 8 has been a dream and now the situasition seems to regress... I'm positive but I'm also afraid...
  7. From what I've read the kiss it's pretty passionate... but I agree with you! It will be strange to watch but it's not made on purpose by the characters...
  8. This taping is so confusing that I can't even express how I feel about it... On one hand I think that Amy has all the rights to stand up for herself, and the fact that after the webcam call she is sad and is afraid of her decision because she said her words out of anger is a little bit reassuring, but what I don't like and that I'm afraid of is how Sheldon's charachter will act... The writers can't turn him into a dog that goes after Amy and seriously that would take away all the spark that Shamy had for me. Sheldon is quirky and has to stay just like that even if he has to become a little better towards Amy, but he can't change totally. Shamy were so special because of their mutual understanding and even for the fact that romance was a problem for Sheldon. We can probably not see this in the first episodes but if the thing won't be resolved within the season I don't know what will be the Shamy/ Big Bang Theory future.
  9. MadFede

    Breaking Bad

    Me! I watched the whole show and all I can say is that Breaking Bad is perfect! Brayn was a terrific actor and the relationship between Walter White and Jesse was soooo complex and passed through so many stages: first friends, then rivals, then it was like walter was a father and Jesse the son... their chemistry was amazing! One of the best series for me!
  10. Like many of you said, I think that there has to be certain boundaries that should not be crossed... I'm 20 so I'm still young but I have learned a thing or two: like we say in Italy "si guarda ma non si tocca" which means that one can enjoy a thing but has not the right to touch it or to get involved with it... with this I'm saying that personally I'm a Majim shipper because I enjoy their friendship so much but I'm also a Jodd shipper because I find Jim and Todd a special couple, but I would never have the courage or the guts to write on IG or in any other public social media or even place or situation certain things that belong only to their very private life... I'm a fan but I think I know what's the "right" way to be one... even certain edits of Jim and Todd that I've seen: they are ridicoulous, and I can't understand how some fans may find them amazing or perfect... this is a personal opinion of course, but what I've seen is simply creepy and strange, and the only thing that one can do is to block or report them when we see things that we don't like. On another hand we are just fans: we can't really know what are the real reasons why Jim abadoned IG in this way; and on a more important level we can't stand up for him when certain things happen... Jim is 41 and obviously knows better than everyone how to handle things in the world of entertainment... Sorry if I repeated the things that you said, but I wanted to say my opinion too, and sorry If the grammar is not perfect...I try!
  11. Finally this is getting real again... Now I want a IG post from Jim and I can go to bed happy!!!
  12. I agreed with you at first, but I agree with all the others when they say that it is unacceptable to see certain behavoirs... In my opinion it just creepy knowing that there are people who stalks Jim, but in general every celebrity(and for me is more wrong when these people are not crazy teens that maybe can be understood because of their young age, but they are adults with families themselves..) but sadly it is true what you said... there will always be these people, and no matter what can happen to them - if the celebrity takes some kind of measure against them (I don't know if it's right this phrase grammatically...)- they will be always trying to approch Jim or whoever in this very wrong and creepy way... why are there this kind people??? I always ask myself what kind of problems they have...if they have something more intellingent to do in their lives... a photo is ok... but staying under his house and waiting is just wrong...
  13. I totally agree with you! Probably they just wanted to give an opportunity to win to somebody else and to other shows... it's unfair, but I think that we know that his talent is incredible and he did great with everything he worked for this year, and not a single award can repay for this... (But thinking at all the photos and videos that we won't get is pretty sad...)
  14. It's just unfair that Jim isn't nominated... and, in my opinion totally absurd that the whole show isn't neither...
  15. You just made me die from all the feels that the only thinking about it causes to my heart... ( In my dialect I'm saying "Maronn mia"...) I always imagine whether they will get married, If they will eventually have babies... The imagine of father Jim (and also Todd) kills me... And thinking about at all the photos that we could get (even a little kiss...)
  16. so you think that the episode wil be available somewhere?
  17. You are very lucky that you got to see the ITAS... It's not online in their website and I think that it will never be... it is impossible to find a streaming or something... on Youtube there are some videos but it's the classic trick, they will give you a link and you always find yourself on lilplay that is a froud and scam site... It sucks to not be in America
  18. I've been checking since yesterday but I think that we will have to wait also today... the clips are fine but the whole interview is a totally different thing.... Luckily I've found a way to see the clips although I'm not in the Usa
  19. Probably this doesn't fit this thread but I want to tell these words because I study linguistic mediation at the university (today I had my first oral exam in arabics... It's fantastic to see how much acceptance you all have towards non english speakers ( I'm a southern italian and even talking my own language can be pretty hard sometimes... ) and of course this is very encouraging for me... this is also a reason why I took all the courage to sign up in this forum... it's fantastic to see that mistakes count very little among people that share something together... and sadly this doesn't happen everywhere... It's very senseless but I wanted to tell this
  20. I'm speechless after this smirk... My only words are : "He's fantastic" ..........
  21. I really envy you so much... you have seen Jim for this play, or have seen soma taping... I live in the other side of the world... How much I would like to be an American...
  22. Hi to all of you... I'm new in this forum (even if probably I didn't understund how it works so much!! ) I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy this thread because I love Jim so much!!! He is fantastic!
  23. Hi, I'm Federica and I'm from Italy. I've followed this forum since my big bang theory fever began, almost two years ago and I decided to create this account. I love the series, I've started to watch it six years ago but probably I was too young to understand it. I rewatched it two years ago during the summer rerun and fell in love for it. I love all the carachters, they are perfect! I love all the actors, they are fantastic but I have a special love for Jim. He is fantastic as Sheldon, and also in all the other things he did/ does. I hope to have a great exeperience in this forum during this summer and in the future (and I hope to not make mistakes since English is not my native language but I study it at the university!)
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