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  1. It seems to me little was developed about Alfred over the years. Just a few perceptions from a betrayed wife and a one time self proclaimed neglected son. Certainly Leonard and Beverly have different perceptions of Leonard's childhood so I would think Alfred's actual personality has been a mater of speculation.

    Yeah we knew nothing about him really, only that he wasn't around much when Leonard was growing up (probably partly to do with the relationship with his wife but his chosen field must have had him going around the world a lot). When we first heard he was going to show up there was a lot of talk on here that his arrival was going to have a major shake up perhaps to the Lenny marriage itself or cause a change in the living arrangements. But that was just speculation as knew nothing about him really.

    I liked the character and loved the interaction between himself and Lenny. Would definitely like to see more of him if it's possible in the future.

    I did feel a bit sorry for Beverly honestly, I think deep down under that cold as ice exterior she strikes me as someone who is a lot more vulnerable than people believe. I do wonder if they will get back together again at some point, there must have been some spark between them in the first place. Maybe at the wedding re-do it turns out that Alfred and Mary didn't hook up and he and Beverly have a heart to heart and try again. I think Beverly will have to exhibit a pretty dramatic change for that to happen though.

    Even if Beverly is vulnerable, I really don't care.

    She is mean and abusive towards Leonard.

    She is insulting and hurting people around her all the time.

    I think she has no rights to complain about anyone beeing rude. Seriously.

    She is a psycho.

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  2. In my case it would have more to do with my general lack of interest in jewelry and adornments.

    It's not as much about the jewelry as it's about what it symbolizes as a gift to the Beloved. Like Howard giving the star necklace to Bernie before he went to space, Leonard gave Penny the heart locket before he went to sea. Women love that stuff.:tender:It's romantic. Lenny shippers love the heart almost as much as the snowflake.

    On the other hand does the fact that he cheated on her on that trip decreases the romance a bit.

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  3. pennysmile.gifOne of Penny's best episodes ever.  And look! There it is again! The heart-shaped locket! 

    What's the issue with that locket?

    And what about Sheldon evoking Rosa Parks, and Leonard turning to Raj and asking: "Is this a time we can pretend you're black to avoid getting beat up?" Wow. And Kunal has to sit there and grin through that one? That was uncomfortable.


    Wow..I didn't get that, because sometimes they speak to fast and I'm not a native speaker.

    That's clearly not ok.

  4. "Well, then you should do your homework a bit better, because marijuana is a lot better than those pain pills you can buy. Oxycodon and its derivatives are basically legal heroin and they are chemical compounds which can quickly make you addicted to them whereas pot is a plant, completely natural.

    And the exploitation thing: EVERYTHING is exploited. People addicted to pain pills go through dozens of doctors sometimes until they come home with a big bag of pills. It's especially bad in Florida. And even then, certain doctors proscibe pain pills way too often because they make money doing it.

    A little tip. Search "The Oxycodin Express" and watch that documentary, it's on Youtube.

    But yes, pot should be treated like alcohol. No use if you're under 18/21 (whichever age the state has allowed for drinking alcohol legally) and no driving afterwards.

    Now, this off-topic is over, otherwise Tensor will rap on our knuckles ^^"

    Sorry...but: are you serious?

    Why is "completely natural" a synonym for harmless?

    Morphine is natural, to stick with your example.

    if you acetylate it, you've got heroine.

    Botulinum toxin is and atropine, colchicine, nicotine, bufotoxine..

    See where we are going? The most potent poisons are completely natural.

    Side note: I don't want to tell tensor his marijuana use is bad.

    It sounds very good!

    I'm interested if an how it will be handled as medicine in Germany.

  5. She has a boyfriend now, I'm sure there are one or two more "interruptions" from her daily routine, though they also could be "doggy" or "riding" :icon_cheesygrin::icon_cheesygrin:

    Ugh...that's disgusting.

  6. I'm glad karma got Rajerk at least a little bit.

    I don't see what Claire likes in him...he's been a total idiot in front of her.

    Its sad, that Amy and Howard didn't pick up their common interests since they had a great time at the quiz...weird.

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  7. Raj did come off like a jerk but if Emily and Claire know about each other, he's not technically doing anything wrong.  I think we know that Claire knows about Emily, but who knows if Emily knows about Claire.  What either of these women want to do with the Raj we saw in this episode is the biggest mystery.


    I bet Emily does NOT know about Claire.

    He is probably lying to Claire about Emily, just my thoughts...

  8. Haha, always! After 3 times I usually do it myself. Some doctor assistants refuse to take blood and call for help.

    HYE kneeled down so long that your knees and legs hurted?

    Are you a med-(student)?

    And yes.

    Hye sewed your own clothes?

  9.  In my country, MANY people are learning things they never knew about voting for a president they never knew.

    I don't understand..

    Could you explain what you said in other words?

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