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  1. Funny picture [emoji1] Would like to see an analogue for Lennart.
  2. Yeah..I don't know..sometimes I get things the wrong way because I don't understand every single word[emoji85]
  3. Oh..sorry. I thought it was a spoiler about the 200. episode. I'm kinda paranoid about beeing spoilert.[emoji87] [emoji85] [emoji86]
  4. If she thinks its been awesome, it was awesome. That's the only thing that matters[emoji5]
  5. Interesting, in my country no-one has more than one Christmas tree. I only have a small one.[emoji319]
  6. I'm sorry but can you tell me what "in sweeps" means? I only find translations about cleaning with a broom [emoji53]
  7. Is it true, that you guys in the USA have two or more Christmas trees in your houses?
  8. Okay now we know they are having coitus at first. Wonder what's next on our list[emoji1] [emoji85]
  9. Oh my god..this was amazing. Didn't expect it that soon! I laughed so hard. And I've been alone[emoji23] Episode was super funny, good, beautiful and romantic. Just awesome[emoji7]
  10. Too bad...but maybe more than nothing[emoji5]
  11. Isn't it possible to watch it on the homepage of CBS?
  12. Oh..I thought there is someone really "star-like" Like Stephen Hawking or Madonna [emoji23] [emoji85] sorry
  13. Yes, you are right[emoji5] but this time she didn't let him go[emoji7]
  14. Pease Don't tell about anything of an upcoming episode. Even the fact, that a guest star is appearing is a spoiler to me.
  15. I'd like Raj to meet Vanessa coincidentally, they could talk and laugh about Sheldon first and meet again another time...develop a friendship ans discover there is more between them. She would be the perfect girlfriend for him. And she fits in the gang perfectly. Rajessa![emoji1] [emoji180]
  16. I loved the episode! So happy they are back together. It was beautiful[emoji173] But I don't agree with Dave. I really don't like him, hopefully he's out from now on... Probably he's not.. I will rewatch it tonight with my sheldonian boyfriend. It's gonna be tricky not to spoiler him[emoji1]
  17. Oh myyyy... Yes! I'm so happy![emoji7] [emoji173] [emoji180]
  18. Agree with most of you, I avoid most threads because of spoilers. I am really waiting for the next episode, but it's truly easier if I don't think about it to much [emoji1]
  19. I've seen a colored picture of her cover up tattoo. I really dislike it. I think it's too big, you could have cover up her old tattoo with a smaller one... But I'm generally not a big fan of tattoos.
  20. I'm glad, I'm spoiler free, I think I will stick on the two spoiler free threads. Don't want to risk my "spoilerfreeness" on the other threads [emoji1]
  21. What did Amy think? She could just call to get Sheldon back? Like nothing happened, like she didn't hurt him badly, like she didn't kiss Dave? Very romantic by the way.. a call from her car. Seriously? Emily did hardly say anything, she really was just physically present...don't like her part in the show. Penny was funny [emoji1]
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