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  1. Does it help that I'm not that much into soccer? Though I went to the same school and was born in the same hospital as Thomas Müller. Did you knew him? Yes, that's exactly how it works. I hate it, but people don't seem to care for unwealthy countries.
  2. I do hope it's a crime in every country. Because you're injuring someone on purpose.
  3. Yes, but Sheldon is also inexperienced. I hope it's just her way to deal with it and that we just aren't introduced to her private struggling with this situation. Can't wait[emoji13] Maybe it's so personal to me, because I'm waiting for my boyfriend (who sometimes remind me of Sheldon) to propose[emoji85]
  4. That's tough. So.. kids use protection and test if there is a doubt.
  5. I can't wait to see the next episode! Damn it, they changed the day from Monday to Thursday [emoji21] I just got used to the weekly rhythm.[emoji13]
  6. You are so right! I don't like Amys behavior, too. It really looks like she don't give a damn. But I can't believe that. And I don't want to. She can't just forget all her feelings for Sheldon. That's just cruel.
  7. Oh my gosh, this David is such an giant weirdo idiot!
  8. Is the tread "season 9 finale predictions.." a spoiler-free one?
  9. I didn't like Bernadettes behavior in this episode. It was mean and weak all the time..I mean she was selfish, making her point by hurting Howard and she lied.. Yes it's a comedy, and supposed to be funny. But I don't like someone beeing so rude.
  10. Okay...didn't understand the "it":lol:
  11. Should it mean "she [Amy] is a brain tumor"?
  12. Wtf? Penny is looking worse than the other characters? Because of her hair?
  13. lennyx3

    SO for Raj

    Wooow that's a spoiler! Not cool, buddy!
  14. Poor Sheldon...starting to really dislike Amy for that. Hopefully seeing the documentary will open her eyes!:(
  15. Yeah..didn't experienced it that way. My parents are kinda awesome :lol:
  16. We always wanted to dress up as the gang, unfortunately we've got no-one who could be a believable Penny or Raj.
  17. Why does gay sound like a bad thing?
  18. @Chelle why do you believe being vegetarian is good for your hair? Usually it's pretty bad.
  19. I liked that episode because it's funny. But I don't like Amy dating around! Starting to be on Sheldons side now...
  20. No, simply not. At all. Why would you do that?:lol:
  21. That's true..everybody acts like if Sheldon could never ever win her back. I mean...come on Leonard you crawled after Penny for years!
  22. You're kinda like penny :lol:
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