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  1. Th The ignore feature is my friend. If someone riles me up, again and again,to the point that I have the uncontrollable urge to argue with them, I use that feature. It reduces my stress, increases my enjoyment of the forum and saves others from having to become spectators in a pointless argument.
  2. I don't feel that anyone has been telling people they are wrong for being disappointed in the episode. It seems to me that they are giving their opinion on why they aren't worried. It goes both ways. People should be free to express dissatisfaction. However, people who express some positivity shouldn't be made to feel that they are attacking or slamming anyone who doesn't share their opinion (I am not referring to you personally. Rather, it seems to be the general tone around here right now).
  3. Thanks so much for creating this thread! I am not really a shipper. I just enjoy the show and all its' characters. I just didn't feel comfortable posting in the Season 9 discussion thread because of the animosity.
  4. So lovely Stephen. Thank you.
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