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  1. Don‘t tell me she was right???!!! I‘ll never hear the end of it... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. My 13 year old daughter had some predictions about the final last Monday after the VCR Illumination had aired here in Germany: She: „I betSheldon and Amy will win the Nobel prize in the final and Penny will be pregnant.“ Dad: „Ah, a Nobel for Sheldon and Amy would be too obvious, everybody is expecting that.“ She: „So why not use it?“ Mom: „And Penny said she didn‘t want kids.“ She: „So did Bernadette at one time and now she has two!“ What do we learn from this? Don‘t argue with a teenager, they outsmart you anytime... 😂
  3. A Lenny spin off? Interesting, never thought about that. I keep my fingers crossed for all Lennys who wish for it. As for a Shamy spin off - even as a Shamy I‘m not sad there won‘t be one. We got everything we ever dreamed of and more. And by asking for even more all the time we might end up like the fisherman‘s wife in the fairy tale. 😉 Have a great weekend guys, and spend some quality time with the people you love if you have a chance to. 😊
  4. Good idea! We just let whoever wants to enjoy it enjoy it, and let whoever doesn‘t want to see it not see it. Sounds like a good plan to me. 😊
  5. Happy new episode day - season 11 finale day - Shamy wedding day ... and I‘m pretty sure it‘s someone‘s birthday, too, so: Happy birthday! I think, I‘m a bit incoherent today...well, so be it, who can blame me? 🎈🎉😀❤️🎉
  6. Yes, she does. She looks beautiful and she looks like herself, that‘s what I love about this. ❤️
  7. Wow, she‘s so beautiful! And I‘m not talking about the dress, actually I didn‘t even notice it because I was so wrapped up in her face. And when I noticed it I just smiled and said to myself: She is beautiful, and she is Amy. 😉
  8. I actually cracked up when I read this part! Hamill crying at Shamy‘s wedding - hilarious! 🤣
  9. Thank you so much @brilliantfool !
  10. Interesting. The only Chandler Bing I know is a dog (a Podenco) who used to have a column in our local newspaper. Never knew it was based on someone else.
  11. Honestly? I don‘t know and I don‘t care.
  12. Just a short thought about George: I havn‘t seen YS so far, but I wasn‘t surprised at all that he‘s different from what we knew due to Sheldon‘s stories about him. We‘ve only ever heard Sheldon‘s side of the story on TBBT. And since we‘ve encountered Meemaw in person...well, let‘s just say I expected something like this even without YS. Thank you @brilliantfool for the great TR!
  13. IMC we apparently skipped spring this year and rushed from winter into summer within one week.
  14. As for the wedding date: Knowing Sheldon, it might well be something like -Stephen Hawking's birthday - Marie Curie's birthday - Marie and Pierre Curie's wedding date - Leonard Nimoy's birthday Mhmm, if it were to be anything like that, I would prefer the Curies' wedding date, but since this is 26th July, i.e. in the middle of the next hiatus, it won't work. So I vote for Marie Curie's birthday: 7th November. Please don't take this post too seriously, I just wanted to propose something other than the obvious dates.
  15. Happy taping day, fellow Shamies! So looking forward to (hopefully) hearing something about our favourite characters living together as an engaged couple tomorrow morning!
  16. Thank you so much! Love this, especially that Sheldon mentions it in front of Amy without even thinking it could hurt their relationship. And Amy hugging Ramona?? Never expected this! I'm really looking forward to the look on Ramona's face in this scene!
  17. Wouldn't worry about that, since Sheldon cannot keep a secret.
  18. Thank you Tensor, that sounds great! And I love that they included Melissa's pregnancy in the plot.
  19. Happy taping day, everyone! Back from hibernation (even if it was summer) and ready for great Shamy moments and TBBT fun!
  20. Normal people scare me! :shok:

  21. Thank you so much, @veejay! You are the best, and I mean it. To get such an amazing gift from a devoted Lenny shipper really means a lot, you invested your time to create this for us - call me sappy, but that made my day (even more than 10.24). Thank you!!
  22. I actually went "Aawwww!" when I read it. I mean, how cute is that? She - as Mayim - feels so protective of Shamy that it made her feel uncomfortable when Riki kissed Jim in the rehearsels? Plus (from Molaro's interview): Everybody was so touched by that final scene that they choked up? And Kaley couldn't stop crying? Now really guys, that's so sweet! Of course there is Ramona, but a little drama is apparently needed to make Sheldon realize: "No need to wait til Amy comes home!" I know it is not mentioned anywhere, but when Amy left for Princeton I thought Sheldon would surprise her on her return with a romantic welcome-home-dinner and an even more romantic proposal. Okay, I would have preferred the latter, but hey, this was so romantic, too! Will they talk? Of course! Amy will ask what happened, why he flew across the country all of a sudden. And Sheldon will tell her, why shouldn't he? Will Amy be mad at him? No, no reason for that. Will she be mad at Ramona? Hell, yes! After all: The kiss was imposed upon Sheldon by her! So she has every right to be mad at her. And immensely proud of Sheldon! But what does it mean for Shamy? IMHO it means that even a girl that is as smart as Amy and in addition tall, blond and an olympic swimmer is not capable of doing any damage to Shamy.
  23. Wasn't it Raj who suggested that Sheldon could move back to 4A and Leonard got rid of Raj immediately afterwards to talk to Sheldon alone? Or did I miss something? Excerpt from the TR: Raj suggest with him now gone, Sheldon could move back into his old room so Sheldon doesn't have to be alone. Leonard asks to speak to Raj out in the hallway for a moment and instead shuts the door behind Raj so he was out of the room. Leonard sits next to Sheldon to offer him advice on what to do with Amy. He tells him that he is not losing her and that Amy will only be gone a few months and he needs to show her how much of a supportive boyfriend he can be. Thanks again, @kazzie for providing all the details!
  24. Seeing Sheldon sit on the floor of 3A I suddenly thought: What if he and Amy moved in there? I still think 4B is a little small for two people.
  25. Yep, absolutely! And then Amy Terminator-like firing the final shot at Sheldon saying: "Hasta la vista, baby (or rather babe)!"
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