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  1. @NotWonderland thank you so much, this is just amazing - hope you had a fabulous time !!
  2. @NotWonderland thanks so much for all the details, so excited to see this one !
  3. Hello my fellow Shamy shippers !! Hope you all had an amazing summer - wow what a start back for us with those fabulous spoilers, this episode sounds amazing ! As always so grateful for the info @NotWonderland - thanks so very much ! Exciting start to season 12 for us - end of annual coitus jokes - yay !! Sheldon still needing a schedule - of course , wouldn't have him any other way ! - but bonus, all the more adorable it's so he won't mess up & forget about sexy time & be a "bad" husband (as if ) lol cute & funny too - well done writers !! THEN....... being turned on by Amy's science chat , -and having to head to the hotel, horny Sheldon - PERFECTION !!!! lucky lucky us !!!!
  4. Thanks so much @NotWonderland for the spoilers, very much appreciated. I hope you had an amazing time
  5. Looks like he has indeed fractured his foot - poor Jim ! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.broadwayworld.com/amp/c.php%3furl=Jim-Parsons-Out-of-THE-BOYS-IN-THE-BAND-Due-to-Foot-Injury-Expected-to-Return-Later-This-Week-20180515
  6. Did you guys get to watch the today show ? I'm in Scotland so obviously can't watch ! Just wondered if Jim was there or if they mentioned his injury ? I read on IG he apparently has a small fracture - but can't find anything about that online myself so I'm not sure whether or not that's correct - poor Jim !
  7. I love your wee kissing profile pic thingy - so cute & adorable in slow mo like that !!!
  8. Oooh I hadn't read this yet - fabulous and more of #teamshamy #forscience - perfection !!! Thanks for posting ! I guessing we've now all watched the wedding how many times ?!!!!!......huge smiles all round - it really was perfect I not on here too much anymore but do keep popping in and out to see what you guys are all saying and of course I keep up with all things Tbbt & Shamy related outside the forum ! Hope you all have amazing summers and I can't wait for season 12 ! btw a special thanks to @veejay for the amazing gifs all season and great sense of humour too !
  9. It was absolutely perfect !!!!! The writers did the most amazing job, Jim &Mayim were perfect along with the rest of the cast - I LOVED it - best TV wedding ever !!! Im so happy !!!!!
  10. HAPPY WEDDING DAY !!!! Can you believe it - our adorable adorkable babies are getting married !!!!!! Woooohooooo - this is so exciting - enjoy everyone x
  11. Thanks so much @lam156 - great TR - much appreciated . Hope you had an amazing time
  12. Big hugs to you ! Aren't you a sweetheart ! I'm sure by he Wedding we'll all be so excited the dress will be the least of our concerns lol ! How exciting for us - we've waited so long for this !!!! Ok back to my housework ! X
  13. I just popped on to have a fan girl with you all over that amazing scene last night squeeeee !!!! I wasn't even sure we would ever get Sheldon telling Amy he thinks she looks beautiful - and him being "knocked sideways" as he came in to the apartment - wow indeed - I thought that scene was so perfect & so Shamy - I loved it !! I can see some of you guys don't like the dress or wanted a fabulous on point dress for Amy - but honestly ( and no offence to those who don't agree ) I am so glad they went with the dress they did - it's so very Amy and look at how delighted she is !!! I said all along I didn't care what dress they chose as long as Amy loves it & Sheldon does too - and boy did they deliver !!! It's so #teamshamy . Honestly a conventional dress wouldn't have worked for that scene at all, it would have been to "normal" and "normal" really isn't the Shamy we all love and route for IMO ! Unique Shamy is there appeal to me and wow that dress is certainly unique lol - but perfect !!! Yes !!! Exactly - 100 "likes" from me for this post !!
  14. Yes ! We were married in a hotel. I chose my Mum to give me away as my Dad left us when I was 8 and re married, we invited him to our wedding but in my eyes my Mum brought me up so I wanted her to give me away
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