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  1. Oh yeah! Completely forgot. Well that's a pleasant surprise then!
  2. Bit late but I'm going to give my two cents anyway... Not gonna lie, I immediately thought he'd be a new love interest for Amy when I saw this picture on Instagram. Whether it's true or whether it's just me being a paranoid Shamy shipper...it's the first thing that popped into my mind.
  3. Get the Mad Hatter on the horn, we're having a tea party!
  4. Side note... Mayim's IG post of her and Jim (with Jim holding the box) has just been posted on the Sheldon Cooper Facebook page. Some poor soul thinks that Amy must be redeeming some Cooper Coupons. They are going to get the shock of their lives in September.
  5. Yes! I've noticed that too, the titles have become so much more obvious recently. Kinda takes the fun out of guessing, I must admit.
  6. Is this topic really coming up again...?
  7. After that nightmare of a premiere, I think we need to expect the worst instead. That way we won't get our hopes up, and we can be pleasantly surprised if things actually turn out good.
  8. Oh good! Thank you so much! Although I'm not too sure how reputable Gospel Herald would be as a source...
  9. I've been away from the forums for a few days, may I ask where this accident rumour has come from?
  10. I'm still hoping for a passionate makeup, either with their first time or an uncut kissing scene...just after everything has cleared up between them and they're not as hostile and hurt. All in good time.
  11. Would not surprise me at all if this happened.
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