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  1. I’ve been offline on a much needed vacation and I’ve been stepping back from the show and the speculation because it wasn’t doing much good to my sanity. Needless to say, this Molaro interview is the last thing I wanted to come back to after this break, and it only reinforces my sad choice to step away from the show. 

    I know we’ve all said it tons of times, but any breakup that drags on past November to me is pretty much a dealbreaker. Not just because a prolonged breakup goes against anything I’ve ever known about these two characters and their relationship, but because I literally have no interest (and not in an angry “I refuse to watch this!” way but more in a “this is so boring” way) in watching a show with filler episodes where Shamy barely interact at all, and when they do it’s bitching and arguing, and where Lenny share their marriage with Sheldon.We have done the 3-way Lenny+Sheldon relationship since the beginning of time. It’s been 9 years, can we PLEASE move on?  What is fascinating and interesting in watching Sheldon once again be obnoxious while people (in this case Amy) slam the door in his face? I feel like I’m watching Wile E. Coyote chasing Road Runner at this stage. It’s the same stuff, over and over, just in slightly different forms. There’s nothing new, fresh or exciting here that makes it must watch tv to me. And while I can even stomach one or two episodes of this, I can’t summon the motivation to sit through 14 or cod forbid 24 episodes of this. 

    We are in the ninth season, it’s time to wrap things up and move on. Try new things. Instead, we seem to be back to S6, stuck in an endless stalling strategy with “no plans”. And not just no plans for Shamy, but apparently no plans for Lenny to live like a proper married couple, for Raj to make any decisions on Emily, for Stuart to move out, for Amy’s family, not even for how to include Star Wars in an episode!!! I mean, what are these writers currently doing in that writers room?? Twiddling their thumbs while they wait to be told by someone (*cough* Chuck *cough*) that they can continue on with the stories they were writing previously? What do they think is going to give them ratings during sweeps and when they move to Thursday again? They used up the wedding plot already, they are apparently not in a rush to get Shamy back together and interacting in a pleasant way, what do they think people are going to care about when you’ve pretty much written your four main characters into a corner? Howardette/Stuart antics? Four episodes with four different guest stars? 

    Logistically speaking too, this seems to make so little sense. They are admitting that they need to keep Amy to a minimum (way to go, keep your award-nominated actress to a minimum!) or separate boys and girls for the whole premise to work because you can’t have Shamy in the same room. How long do they seriously think people will care to watch this? People like to see the whole gang involved with each other, hanging out, having dinner, sharing life. The dinners at 4A are as iconic as Sheldon’s own spot! How can you have a show without all that? 

    Furthermore, it’s so damn clear this is a stalling tactic with no real creative purpose. EVERYONE knows this breakup is temporary. The audience knows it, the journalists know it, the writers themselves have no qualms admitting it. There’s no emotional impact for this breakup because we know it’s going to end, other than frustrating the hell out of people who have been asking “when are they going to reconcile?” since the finale aired! And for the love of cod, when even your actors openly hate it and are just waiting to go back to normal, you know things are not organic and feel forced. I’ve said it forever and I’ll say it again: a breakup just does not work for a couple like Shamy, especially not after FIVE years, and I feel like they’re bending over backwards to stick a square peg in a round hole. 

    The only thing that gives me a little bit of hope is thinking that this interview is pure PR stragegy. The premiere hasn’t yet aired, and telling the audience what they are going to have happen in November already would be silly. It might very well be Steve is talking about the events between the premiere and November sweeps and there’s nothing really to suggest that “the right time” isn’t indeed coming up (although the “no set plan” is not comforting at all). Like I said, sooner rather than later, they are going to run out of ideas to keep this going in a believable way for these characters and in a way that’s sustainable logistically for the show. 

    In any case, I’m going to keep distancing myself from the show and won’t watch any of S9 for the time being, because this blatantly business-driven, purposeless writing is just not something that interests me. I totally agree with Monique: in the ninth season, with so much fun stuff left to do, they’re wasting their time and ours.

    This is beautiful.

  2. Hi guys just saw on instragram a picture of jim and friend of his from college who is this weeks episode  what could this mean luv interest for amy i hope not please i just  want them back togeher its too long 

    Bit late but I'm going to give my two cents anyway...

    Not gonna lie, I immediately thought he'd be a new love interest for Amy when I saw this picture on Instagram. Whether it's true or whether it's just me being a paranoid Shamy shipper...it's the first thing that popped into my mind.

  3. Side note...

    Mayim's IG post of her and Jim (with Jim holding the box) has just been posted on the Sheldon Cooper Facebook page.

    Some poor soul thinks that Amy must be redeeming some Cooper Coupons.

    They are going to get the shock of their lives in September.

  4. You know what? In the good old times, that we all regret, TPTB were very subtle with their titles...Who would ever had imagined all the love and the magic hidden in, I don't know, "The 43 Peculiarity" or "The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition"? with these last two episodes we are all going crazy to understand to which couple the title fits better...Oh, good old times, how much I miss you!!!

    Yes! I've noticed that too, the titles have become so much more obvious recently. Kinda takes the fun out of guessing, I must admit. 

  5. But since the writers keep surprising us, both good and bad, we should expect the unexpected.

    After that nightmare of a premiere, I think we need to expect the worst instead. That way we won't get our hopes up, and we can be pleasantly surprised if things actually turn out good.

  6. Yesterday I went to work out with a friend who does not watch TBBT. Her gym has these really cool treadmills with TVs in them. While we were working out Locomotion came on. Right when Sheldon kissed Amy she said "Awww that is really sweet. I bet they are off to do the dirty now!" I died laughing and decided that is how the story ended for me. There was the perfect ending right there!

    Headcanon accepted.

  7. After last season finale, I was hoping for some sort of "passionate" make up, whether with their first time or with a finally uncut kissing scene, and my hopes went  as high as a proposal. But after reading the TR,  I don't think it will be a good idea: their fight in the premiere was so unpleasant, they both said (of course unintentionally) so bad things and both of them seem so hurt now that I really hope they clear everything up before going forward. Otherwise, it will remain the impression that whatever happens in the make up is not the fruit of love, but just an attempt to quickly resolve the situation and I don't know how I would like it.

    I'm still hoping for a passionate makeup, either with their first time or an uncut kissing scene...just after everything has cleared up between them and they're not as hostile and hurt.

    All in good time.

  8.  It isn't just about Shamy. I don't like how they have handled anyone in this episode to be frank.  The show is clearly having troubles figuring out how to tell story and unfold it without adding a lot of drama.  I don't mind a little drama...but they have set it up for a fair amount this season already.  So no, it isn't about the couples, it is more about how they are making unpleasant to watch for me.   It would be different if we had not already had 6 years of journey already behind us. I don't need to keep adding more and more journey so they can prolong things they know they have to eventually get to.   It is ridiculous.

    Agreed. It's not just Shamy for me either.


    So reading the reports is fine by me...I can use the extra time on Mondays to accomplish many other things.   Once they are back together, then I can tune back in.   For now...I definitely won't be watching live.  

    You know what? That sounds like an excellent idea. I think I'm going to join you in doing that.

  10. I actually feel physically sick. 

    I'm not sure I even want to watch the premiere now. It honestly sounds worse than the finale. At least then we had the make-out scene and the ring to make things slightly better. This episode is just a mess.

  11. Don't worry.  We know they won't stay broken up.  Didn't Molaro already say he had in mind when they'd be back together?

    He also said that in the premiere we'd find out about the ring but apparently we still know nothing.

  12. Seriously? Sheldon has more than budged for Amy. And you say Sheldon has a funny way of showing he loves Amy... I think overall season 8 proved he loves her Only for her: -only her would he be so venerable to admit he didn't want to fail for her -only her would he consult with on a future risky financial decision -only her would he consider getting a pet with and treat as a child -only her would he go along with a sleepover and canx his routine -only her would he buy a gift intended to make her feel small and worthless when really we all knew he knew she would love it -only her was he ultimately willing to go along with all the hijinxs associated with a prom And thats just season 8... Which are all acts of love Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    ^ this post almost made me cry. i wish i could like it more than once.

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