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  1. Well, we can speculate all we want but we won't truly know anything until August 11. Or September 21, for the unspoiled amongst us.
  2. I honestly don't mind what happens, just as long as they leave Shamy and Lenny alone this time. We've been through enough.
  3. 100% agree. In my opinion, this "break" is just a catalyst for bigger and better things. And I'm not too sure about Kripke as a third person. Amy still loves Sheldon and she is well aware of his rivalry with Kripke. Would she really start dating him? Surely it would have some sort of negative implication on her relationship with Sheldon (romantic or otherwise). Besides, using Jelly Shelly to bring about positive change for Shamy? Been there, done that. They'll find another way to solve the problem and bring Pasadena's favourite power couple back together once and for all. And yeah, I also don't want an entire season of will they/won't they. They've already done that with Lenny, we don't need to relive it with Shamy.
  4. Ahahaha same here, I only have one other TBBT fan in my social circle. Thank god for this forum (and Tumblr)!
  5. Regarding Shamy: This whole situation isn't just about sex. If it was, then yes, the writers would have her sleep with somebody else. Easy! Done! But it's more than that. Amy wants to have sex with her boyfriend of five years whom she is in love with, which is very understandable. However, she also wants to know that Sheldon wants the same things out of the relationship that she does. Essentially, she wants to know that he genuinely wants her, and isn't just going through the motions to make her happy. We know that Sheldon is committed to the relationship in the way Amy would like (hence the ring) however he hasn't properly expressed it. He might know what he wants, but Amy certainly doesn't know that. In a sense, this entire situation is one big misunderstanding and in order to be properly resolved, it requires effective, open communication between Amy and Sheldon. While this could easily be accomplished in the premiere, I have a feeling the writers will want to drag it out a bit longer than that, and rightly so. It's unlikely that Sheldon (or Amy, for that matter) will realise straight away what needs to be done, leaving a nice opportunity for a bit of angst and pining for each other.
  6. Yeah, I reckon Shamy will be fixed by Christmas at the absolute latest. I hope...
  7. 1. I don't want Lenny to actually get married in Vegas...not after the awkward situation they were left in during the finale. They've been endgame from Day 1 and so they deserve a bit more than just eloping in Vegas. In my opinion, Lenny will be the last couple to get married in the show. 2. Lenny will definitely now have some trust issues and I think that Leonard needs to do everything he can to win back Penny's trust and prove to her just how sorry he is. 3. A speedy but not-too-speedy recovery for Shamy. As happy as I would be if they did resolve things in the premiere, I think it’s ultimately quite unrealistic. This needs a bit of complexity and there is so much to be explored in this particular situation. That being said, I also don’t want them to drag it out too much. Get them back by Christmas at the absolute latest. 4. Once Shamy have reconciled, of course I'd like to see the engagement, coitus, etc. The usual. 5. Raj needs to work up the courage to break up with Emily. 6. Howard and Bernadette need a bit of tension in their relationship. It's been pretty smooth-sailing these past couple of seasons, they need something to shake things up. 7. More group episodes!!! 8. Some sort of Amy-Mary interaction. It's time. 9. Once Shamy have reconciled, I'd like another episode of Fun With Flags!!! 10. I'd like to see Stuart start dating somebody (but not Amy, for the love of god!)
  8. That's one of the best articles I've seen so far. Whether it's accurate or not, it's certainly very optimistic for Shamy which is what we all need during this hiatus... It's definitely better than the ones that say they won't get back together until late Season 9, or that Amy will date somebody else...
  9. If she wanted to be with another man (i.e. Stuart), she wouldn't have agreed to being Sheldon's girlfriend while on the date with Stuart. I also think we can potentially rule out Kripke as well. She's aware of Sheldon's rivalry with Kripke and frankly, if she were to date him, it would probably ruin her relationship with Sheldon (both platonic and romantic). She loves Sheldon so this most likely will not happen.
  10. Don't know if anyone's seen, but there are a few new articles floating around speculating that Shamy won't reconcile until late Season 9... Their accuracy is questionable (one of them referred to Bernie as "Beth") but it still gets me worried. What if this actually happens?! I don't want a season of angst... But then again, it seems as though the writers are intending for Season 10 to be the last so they don't have a lot of time to start wrapping things up. With this in mind, I predict the engagement to occur at some point in Season 9 and then marriage in Season 10. I want coitus to happen in Season 9 as well but then again, I wanted coitus to happen in Season 8 too... At the end of the day, we won't truly know anything until 11 August. Or 12 August if you live in Australia like me, and have to endure the time difference
  11. I think it's Raj's turn... Just as long as they leave Shamy and Lenny in peace this time...we've gone through enough after the rollercoaster that was the Season 8 finale. I don't know why Amy has the most votes so far...?
  12. Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. A bit late to the party but oh well, I'm here! I'm so excited for Season 9, I could cry. Not even kidding, I've got a countdown to the first taping on my whiteboard. At first I was absolutely devastated after the Season 8 finale however I now think it's really the only logical step if they are to have a healthy and strong relationship in the future; that they have some time apart (however brief it may be). I reckon they'll resolve the break quite early on. Ideally in the first episode...fifth at the absolute latest! Looking forward to a great season!
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