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  1. It wouldn't bother me either. It's his life and to be honest, IG's a little overrated anyway. But I will miss his selfies
  2. He made a pact with Howard that neither of them would hit on her. And yet he proceeded to hit on her anyway. In what universe is that not a betrayal?
  3. He also betrayed both Raj and Howard by getting with Priya...
  4. AMEN. This is exactly how the Shamy storyline needs to be in Season 9. The best way for them to solve this is simply to sit down and talk it out. There is absolutely no need for a third party, or for one to try and win over the other. The essence of their relationship issue is miscommunication and misunderstanding. IMO the only way to fix it is to have a chat and make sure they're both on the same page.
  5. Guys, as much as we all love Mayim, we need to remember that her opinions on Shamy are often way off. I wouldn't take her IG post to mean anything bad for Shamy...as an actress, it would be important for Mayim to truly understand her character's motivations in any situation. I think it's just a standard "preparing for the new season"-type post, that just so happens to coincide with something else she plans to launch (as per her previous post). And let's be honest, if Amy was planning to do something with another guy, her motivations wouldn't be that difficult to understand at all. I'm still in the camp that Amy won't actually act upon the "not ruling it out". I think if anything it will be a passing comment. She told Sheldon she loved him ("so much", to be precise) and used the present tense to speak about being his girlfriend, therefore they haven't broken up, and therefore there probably won't be another man. The "not ruling it out" is simply Amy being aware of her options, not necessarily acting on them. tl;dr We all need to calm the hell down. Even if it takes a little longer than expected, it's all going to be okay in the end.
  6. I've gotten so used to the change now that I've actually kinda sorta forgotten the old one! Hahahahaha OFF TOPIC!
  7. TBBT could at least be nominated next time My expectations are probably the lowest they've ever been for anything TBBT-related, but I'm going in with a positive mind. Even if it's bad now (for any storyline), it will hopefully get much better later on. Staying optimistic is obviously easier said than done but it's so important to not just focus on the negatives. Who knows, they might surprise us all and Season 9 will end up being the best season we've ever had!
  8. Literally though. It was all smooth-sailing and static...so they decided to leave everything for the finale! That single episode probably had more significant plot development than the rest of Season 8 altogether. Which is a little sad, tbh... The dynamics will definitely be a little different in Season 9, at least in the premiere. Hopefully this will lend itself to a change of pace...but who knows? I think we can all agree though that we want Season 9 to be funnier than Season 8 was! It should live up to its genre as a comedy. Maybe then it will be in the running for an Emmy in 2016
  9. Exactly! TBBT is definitely losing its impact. Me too. Come on "momentum"...
  10. I found that it wasn't as consistent in its humour as previous seasons. They were more continuously funny whereas Season 8 really just had a few laugh-out-loud moments (or at least attempts at them) interspersed here and there. I can count the number of funny moments in Season 8 on my hands (or even just a hand)...what does that tell you?! Stand out for me was probably the pigeon scene in 'Clean Room'.
  11. I also laughed in Season 8, just not as much as I have in previous seasons. Although to be fair, when I wasn't laughing I was usually having some sort of fangirl attack over Shamy... Bring on Season 9!!!
  12. I don't think it's necessarily going to last for a very long time. It might, sure, but it also might only take a couple of episodes. The "another guy" statement doesn't automatically mean there's actually going to be another guy, it might just be referencing a passing comment Amy might make in a conversation with Penny and/or Bernadette. Heck, it might not even be brought up in the show...Molaro might just be deliberately messing with us I wouldn't say I'm feeling "bad"...I think I'm feeling more nervous than anything. I think the key thing at this point (as someone else put in an earlier post somewhere) is to expect the best and prepare for the worst. I remember I got my hopes up way too much for the finale, and once I read the taping report, I was an absolute mess for the rest of the week
  13. Yeah, they keep trying to hint at some major plot development for Howardette in the most recent articles...they keep getting overshadowed by Shamy and Lenny, lol! Fingers crossed for Shamy!
  14. Me too, but dear god I hope we're wrong... At least when we get the taping report in one week (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) we'll have more of an idea of the direction they're going to head in this season. THIS TIME NEXT WEEK GUYS! WE CAN DO THIS.
  15. We've seen or heard at least one parent for everyone so far so I say it's about time we met someone from the Fowler family But seriously guys, one week to go. I am so, so excited but I'm also slowly dying inside...
  16. Actually, there's a growing consensus among some of us Shamy shippers (at least on Tumblr there is) that Gerard has been renamed "Sheldon".
  17. Yeah, but then there's the oh-so-torturous waiting period (i.e. now) where we all lose our minds. Classic Molaro.
  18. omg can they maybe not have molaro doing the interviews anymore?
  19. I also find the two year wait really OOC but remember that as soon as he confessed to Priya, she told him that she'd also been sleeping with her ex boyfriend. It's pretty far-fetched but maybe he was scared the same kind of thing would happen if he told Penny about the boat kiss...?
  20. Who knows what really happened in that fort... Hehe
  21. Yes, yes, 100% yes! Maybe the "another man" could be very, very loosely interpreted to mean another version of Sheldon, like a new, sappy, average joe version of him? Probably just wishful thinking tbh.
  22. I think he'd be intrigued I'm honestly not sure whether Amy will ever find out about what Sheldon told Kripke...on one hand, it happened almost three seasons ago and the writers have probably forgotten...but on the other hand, if they decide to use Kripke as a third party (in whatever way), I'd say it's a strong possibility. She'd definitely be pissed though.
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