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  1. I think he'd be intrigued I'm honestly not sure whether Amy will ever find out about what Sheldon told Kripke...on one hand, it happened almost three seasons ago and the writers have probably forgotten...but on the other hand, if they decide to use Kripke as a third party (in whatever way), I'd say it's a strong possibility. She'd definitely be pissed though.
  2. Oh my goodness I could not agree more. It's literally like half a sentence and we're all going nuts It's unsettling, yes, but let's all try to relax and wait to see what happens in the taping report. Happy thoughts, people! Happy thoughts.
  3. Interesting article...it's not really negative but not really that positive either. While Sheldon definitely needs to step up his game and work to win her back, Amy also has some work to do as well. This "break" is primarily the result of misunderstanding and miscommunication on the part of both Sheldon and Amy, and to an extent they are both at fault. Sheldon is unable to communicate to Amy that he desires her and is committed to her, while Amy tends to romanticise things a little too much, to the point where she can't see what is right in front of her. The key to resolving this situation is not necessarily one person having to win over the other, but rather for the two of them to sit down and have a mutually open discussion.
  4. That actually helps, thank you!!! While Lenny weren't taking a break in those first few episodes of Season 6, there was that similar sense of uncertainty as to whether or not they'd break up. Knowing that Lenny got through that in only a few episodes, and went on to get engaged, is quite reassuring! The writers haven't let us down yet, so I'm sure they won't disappoint us. It might take a few episodes but I'm sure everything will eventually be ok
  5. I don't know...I've read a few fanfics where it's certainly not unstimulating...
  6. His relationship with Priya technically wasn't yet "over" when he made out with Alice. They were long-distance but they hadn't yet officially broken up. I think we certainly do have different ideas of what constitutes cheating, and I respect that. I am of the opinion that cheating is cheating, regardless of the circumstances. I said it before but I think the fact that Leonard saw the boat kiss as something he needed to confess says quite a lot.
  7. It could be like an amended version of the Relationship Agreement, to include things like "obligatory affection displays", "scheduled coitus" and even elements of the Roommate Agreement.
  8. 'The Marriage Agreement', anyone?
  9. He may not have cheated on Penny before but he has cheated while he was in a previous relationship (Alice, while he was with Priya). In fact, if I recall correctly, he actually wanted to be with both women (Alice and Priya) at the same time.
  10. It would be a buzz kill if it didn't work out for either couple but let's remember that the show has survived both with and without Shamy and Lenny. For example: 1. Shamy didn't even exist in Seasons 1-3 and the show was still pretty successful. Even though I'm a Shamy shipper, those early seasons are some of my favourites to watch. 2. Despite some pretty obvious hints from the writers, Lenny weren't actually a couple in Seasons 1 and 2 and again, the show still survived. They weren't together in Season 4 either. While the dynamics would certainly change, I don't think a breakup of either couple would necessarily spell disaster for the show. It would be a little weird (and soul-crushing, for most of us on here) but the show wouldn't necessarily be ruined. Kidding, kidding. I think... Let's be honest though, the writing for Lenny in Season 8 was pretty slack. They barely got a mention at Comic Con so I think it's fair to say that the writers have lost a bit of interest, which is really sad...
  11. I'm sorry but that has to be one of the funniest things I have ever read on these forums I may or may not have choked on my hot chocolate... I think the fact that Leonard did in fact feel guilty about what happened on the boat and saw it as something he needed to confess tells us a lot about whether or not it can be considered cheating.
  12. Exactly! Cheating is cheating, regardless of how comparatively better or worse it might be.
  13. If the writers want to stay true to the genre, then they won't drag on the angst for too long. Nor will they introduce too much additional drama. I also have absolute faith in the writers. This seems to me like it's just a small bump in the road. I have no doubts that everything will eventually be fine. It's just a matter of how long it takes to get there, and how the writers choose to handle it. Agree with this 110%. So far, the writers have handled all of the key moments in the relationship beautifully. There's been considerable development in the relationship, but it's never strayed too far out of character. I feel like when we all look back on Season 9 in like a year's time, we'll be able to see the bigger picture, and will see the break as just another plot development in Shamy's love story.
  14. Yeah, for what it's worth, engaged people can look around too. Lotta options out there... Them being engaged isn't any sort of guarantee...
  15. Kinda like the writers with Lenny... who said that
  16. Since when were those two things mutually exclusive?
  17. Flashbacks to 'The Nowitzki Theorem', anyone? But yeah, I think pretty much any interview at this point will have a promotional aspect to it. TPTB will want to draw in as many viewers as possible for the premiere (mo' viewers, mo' money). As such, they need to say things in these interviews that will compel people to tune in on September 21. I know a lot of casual viewers would be intrigued to see Amy try dating somebody else. I know none of us here want to see that, but remember that the die-hard Shamy shippers make up quite a small minority of the overall viewership of the show. Couldn't have said it better myself This is a comedy, not a drama, so by the very nature of the genre, they shouldn't drag on the angst for too long. I'm fine if they want to take it beyond the premiere, in fact I'm expecting that, but I really don't want them to wait until the season finale to fix things up. I agree in that these comments are inconsistent with pretty much everything Molaro has said up to this point. We won't know anything for sure until we read that first taping report on August 11 (or August 12, for the antipodeans amongst us).
  18. Hmm, no, I could actually see that happening. The two are not mutually exclusive. He might talk about the ring with one of the guys, whereas Amy talks with the girls about the possibility of dating somebody else. Whether Lenny are still in Vegas is irrelevant. They still have Howard, Raj and Bernadette (maybe also Emily but I doubt it). I really hope he's just screwing with us a few days before the first taping report. He obviously can't say that everything will be fine because that would ruin the cliffhanger. He's said a lot of things during the hiatus, this is really the first one to be somewhat worrying. I think we need to prepare ourselves for the worst, and expect quite a few episodes of angst. Firstly, so we don't get our hopes up and are not disappointed with the premiere...and secondly, because it might actually happen. We know that Shamy are endgame, this is just a bump in the road.
  19. I don't care if it's stirring the pot or not, this is not what I needed to see ten days before the taping report! Bloody hell Molaro... Hopefully we find out that Amy "hasn't ruled out" dating other guys in the context of a girls-night discussion. Even though he still has a fair way to go, Sheldon has put in a considerable amount of effort in being a better boyfriend. Shamy have come a long way and if Amy started dating someone else, I would see that as a slap in the face to their relationship. And I would feel physically sick watching Amy make out with another man on screen. Heck, I feel physically sick just thinking about it now...
  20. Good luck guys! I could never go spoiler free so I have the utmost respect for those who can
  21. Please, please, please let this be true... may or may not have just had a fan girl attack as well
  22. hmmm i feel like he's doing that on purpose so he doesn't give anything away for casual viewers (who are not going to be looking up 9x1 on imdb this early on...).
  23. I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but Sheldon did in fact use the word "coitus" in Season 7. Bear in mind though that neither of these instances are in relation to Shamy. 7x1 'The Hofstadter Insufficiency' - (to Penny) "Perhaps you're obsessively picturing him engaged in drunken coitus with another woman". 7x18 'The Mommy Observation' - (to Mary) "Can you recommend a surface you haven't had coitus on?" And he also uses it twice in Season 8. 8x1 'The Locomotion Interruption' - (to Leonard) "Leonard, as soon as we get home, I wanna have coitus with Amy" 8x13 'The Anxiety Optimization' - (to Penny) "I was worried something unpleasant was happening to you, like a murder, or spontaneous coitus with Leonard" SORRY GUYS!!! But on the bright side...even though he still says "coitus" every now and then, he is using the word "sex" a lot more frequently than he used to.
  24. Definitely a hint of something more, but they weren't yet boyfriend and girlfriend. Well, not officially anyway. #coitusiscoming
  25. They had a relationship but it wasn't boyfriend-girlfriend. They were friends.
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