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  1. Well, he bought 25 cats in 'The Zazzy Substitution'...and that's before they were even in a relationship. But yeah, I think because Amy is the one that asked for the break, she'll cope with it better than Sheldon. Sheldon doesn't seem to fully understand why Amy has taken a break and so I think he'll struggle a lot more than she will. I'm looking forward to seeing them pining for each other, even if it's only for a couple of scenes.
  2. I know a few people on Tumblr that are "attempting" to go spoiler free (key word "attempting"). I myself could never go spoiler free, not even if my life depended on it. Spoiler free people essentially have an extra six weeks of hiatus...I would literally go insane.
  3. They've confirmed Season 9 and 10...they haven't confirmed Season 11. Thus I, along with many on this forum, am operating under the assumption that there are only two more seasons left. I agree. Coitus is their cash cow, even more so than an engagement, marriage or cohabitation. I think we'll have to wait but hopefully not too long because as you said, there is so much post-coital comedy to be explored with Shamy. I agree with this too. Michy asked the question in two parts - when he got the ring and when he was planning to propose. A partial answer would mean that only one of those is answered in the premiere. I'm really interested to see how we get this "partial answer" in the premiere though...like, will it be revealed through a discussion with Leonard/Penny/Howard/Raj...or will it come up in a discussion with Amy? Only time will tell, I guess... I don't mind what answer we get...as long as a proposal actually happens at some stage in the remaining two seasons (preferably Season 9).
  4. We've already had a few Asian characters on the show, although none of them were really recurring. Just off the top of my head: - Dennis Kim (1x12, 'The Jerusalem Duality') - Joyce Kim (3x22, 'The Staircase Implementation') - Sheldon's previous roommate (3x22, 'The Staircase Implementation') - Chinese restaurant manager (1x7, 'The Dumpling Paradox' and 1x17, 'The Tangerine Factor'). It's too late to introduce any more main characters. At best, we'd get a new recurring although even that's leaving it a bit late...
  5. YES TO ALL! Actually maybe not number 8...I can't resist a bit of Shamy But hell yes to everything else!
  6. CinnaRaj is long overdue. I also like Amy and Raj, or "Koothrapamy", if you will...but only platonically I find it really sweet how Amy calls him "Rajesh", while everyone else simply calls him "Raj". I'd also love to see Stuart get a girl, even if it only ends up being temporary.
  7. I don't know...I could see it going either way. They might resolve some of their issues and then progress slowly or, on the other hand, this could be like a kick in the pants for Sheldon to speed things up. Shamy are so unconventional as a couple and because of that, we never know what will happen next. Anything can happen and that's one of my favourite things about them As long as they don't break up Shamy for good, then I'm fine with whatever the writers decide to do! It was really quite strange, wasn't it?! I watched the panel the day it came out and I didn't even notice the "partial answer" comment but then I watched it again and it really stood out...I couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the video! The way I see it, a "partial answer" could mean one of a number of things: 1. The premiere will be a Lenny-focused episode so Shamy won't get enough attention to give a full answer. 2. They want to drag things out and are planning to give a more complete answer later on. 3. Sheldon reveals to somebody that he had a ring (or possibly even that he was planning to propose on their anniversary). This somebody could be Amy or it could simply just be one of the gang. 4. I only say this for the sake of covering absolutely all bases...there's going to be a premiere proposal. Sure, it doesn't necessarily tell us when he got the ring, but it does tell us when he planned on giving it to Amy...in a way. I know a few of you don't want this to happen but that doesn't mean it's not a possibility (however remote). 5. Or, they simply don't want us to know everything! They cut out like more than half of the makeout scene, so they can leave a few unanswered questions about an engagement ring... I agree with your point about expectation too. Because Shamy's relationship moves so slowly, there's a certain sense of anticipation that comes with being a part of this ship, whether that's anticipation of coitus, marriage, cohabitation, etc.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they used a mulligan for 9x1. Not one bit. As Cereal Apist pointed out, they've done it in 5x1 and 8x1 so what's stopping them from doing it in 9x1 as well? I don't necessarily want that to happen, I want to see how the writers progress from the cliffhangers without having to resort to a mulligan. It's a pretty sticky situation they've gotten into (particularly for Lenny) so I'm interested to see how they work out of it.
  9. Platonically, yes. Anything else...hell no!
  10. Sheldon having a fantasy about Amy would not be OOC. If he could do it in Season 5, he can do it now. Sheldon picking Amy up and carrying her in his fantasy...now that would be OOC!
  11. I'd probably only be happy with kids on TBBT if it happened right at the end, like in the series finale or a few episodes beforehand.
  12. I'm not worried at all. Even if we do have a few episodes of angst, it's pretty clear that everything will work itself out eventually and Shamy will be happy Also, there's the fact that this is only a break and is essentially a pause in their relationship. It's not an official termination and as far as we know, they are technically still together. It's only temporary and they'll eventually be fine! All in good time
  13. True, and that's awesome. But I just find it amusing how even though they are in the same week, Australia is still last, as per usual haha
  14. IMO that's one of the only times a dream sequence is acceptable. I really hope they don't use a dream sequence to resolve either of the cliffhangers from the finale. There is so much potential as to how they can unfold in Season 9, a dream sequence would kinda be throwing everything under the rug.
  15. Absolutely! There was nothing good about that cliffhanger. The entire thing reeks of lazy writing.
  16. Thank goodness it's not until 3 or 4pm for me...I wouldn't get any sleep at all if it was in the early hours of the morning! Actually, I probably won't be getting any sleep anyway, I'll be that excited...
  17. Granted, it can be funny sometimes. But I think it's pretty lazy if it's used to resolve a major cliffhanger.
  18. IMO the only reason they had the Sheldon and Penny stuff in 'Intimacy' was to send a message once and for all that Shenny will never happen. It couldn't have been made any clearer so mission accomplished! That entire car scene is one of my favourite scenes in the whole series. Probably the only thing I don't like about 'Cruciferous Vegetable' is how uncomfortably skinny Jim is!
  19. If Sheldon's the one having the dream then I highly doubt he'll be imagining himself carrying Amy. But you never know
  20. I was just rewatching this year's Comic Con panel and Steve said we'll be getting a "partial answer" as to when/where he got the ring and when he plans to give it to Amy. I think it would be adorable if he got it from his mother/Meemaw but at the same time, I also love the idea of him going to a jewellery shop and picking one out himself
  21. Finally saw 'Home' for the first time last night! What a movie. I can see why it's grossed over $350 million...
  22. Agreed. I'm always a little sceptical whenever a writer decides to go down the road of "it was all a dream". It's a pretty lazy plot device, not gonna lie.
  23. I'll be at uni on that day (and during the time the taping reports usually come out). I'll probably end up screaming (or fainting...) in the middle of a lecture or something but it will be so worth it. I am so excited I could actually cry...
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