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  1. I don't want to get my hopes up because it probably won't happen... BUT I can't help thinking that the whole "partial answer" thing doesn't rule out the possibility of a premiere proposal. It might not answer when he got the ring but it would answer when he planned on giving it to her...in a way... As I said though, this probably won't happen.
  2. Guys, I was just watching this year's Comic Con panel and something stood out to me when they were discussing the ring. Steve said that we will be getting a "partial answer" in the premiere to when Sheldon got it and when he planned to give it to Amy. Thoughts?
  3. If the angst starts to dominate the show and dictate the direction of its storylines, then the writers will really be playing fast and loose with the term "comedy"... I agree in that communication will be the best way for Shamy to resolve their issues. Once they sit down and openly discuss things, they'll be on track to a much healthier and stronger relationship. This shouldn't be too much of a problem because when compared to the other couples on the show, communication is where Shamy truly excel.
  4. I still don't think she'll take Sheldon's side in his situation with Amy. Leonard's revelation doesn't really have anything to do with that.
  5. Penny actually took Amy's side in 8x24 so I really don't think she'll be bonding with Sheldon.
  6. and unlike this scene, one that doesn't end with amy slamming the door in sheldon's face
  7. Hmm, I hope you're wrong because it would kill me not to see the Shamy wedding/Shamy married life.
  8. Guys, please know that I am not trying to denigrate the Lenny ship in order to feel better about my own. I like Lenny and want them to be happy but I like Shamy more, so naturally I don't want them to be overshadowed by Lenny in the premiere. That being said, I also don't want Lenny to be overshadowed by Shamy (even though I might not have said so yet on these forums). What is so wrong about that?! You're all attacking me for complaining about Lenny...but don't tell me that you wouldn't be doing the same if the premiere was Shamy-centric instead. Ideally I'd actually like a balance between both ships rather than one overshadowing the other. Would I be annoyed if the premiere was all about Shamy with hardly any Lenny? Shock horror, yes I would. I don't know if you actually read the entirety of my original post, but I did say that I would still be happy if Shamy was just a secondary storyline or if they only had one scene. I'm really, really sorry if I upset anyone with any of my posts! I'm not trying to be condescending towards any ship (or its shippers) and I truly apologise if it came off that way.
  9. hell yes! thank you so much, you have no idea how much we all appreciate it
  10. omg pls!!! But seriously dude, chill out. This isn't the Lenny thread so i'm sorry if all of my opinions aren't 100% supportive of that particular ship. Not everybody is a hardcore Lenny shipper like you appear to be (and yes, I know that not everybody is a hardcore Shamy shipper either). There are Shamy shippers that post on this particular thread, god forbid they start speculating about the Season 9 premiere...
  11. If the premiere is as bleak as the finale, then I'll seriously start to question whether the show is still a comedy.
  12. That video of him reading your poem was one of the best things to happen during this hiatus.
  13. Hmm, that both excites me and scares the hell out of me...
  14. Literally one of the best posts on this thread so far... I admit that I have been taking Molaro's "ripple effect" comment a little bit too seriously...after reading your post I agree that it should be taken with a grain of salt. It was said right at the beginning of hiatus, before he really started thinking about Season 9 and before he sat down at the writers table to pen the first episode. From what I've gathered, an early resolution may not be that far off after all. Here are some of the clue's I've picked up: - All our questions about the ring will apparently be answered in the premiere. While I don't want to get my hopes up, I don't see how this would happen other than in the context of a proposal (or a resolving discussion with Amy). - Lenny are still going to be in Vegas in the premiere, leaving a golden window of opportunity for Shamy interaction. I don't really picture Sheldon going to Howard or Raj, or Amy going to Bernadette. It's becoming a very real possibility that we'll have at least one Shamy scene in the premiere. - It's already been said that we'll learn more about Amy's family this season. More recently, there's been a rumour floating around that we'll meet them quite early on (like, in the first few episodes). Remember that the entire reason why Amy was introduced as a character on the show was to be a female version of Sheldon, or Sheldon's love interest. Amy also doesn't seem to be particularly close with her family either. Thus, it doesn't make much sense to be meeting Amy's family while Shamy are still taking a break... - I think one of the biggest clues of all is Sheldon himself - "when I have a feeling, I know it"
  15. Preaching to the choir. Ooh I never thought about the security guard relating to Raj/Emily...that's actually not a bad idea!!! I'm so intrigued by why the security guard is there which is hilarious because it's such a minor detail! No idea how the security guard could relate to Howardette/Stuart or Shamy so IMO it has to be either Lenny or Rajily. I hope the premiere isn't too Lenny-centric although from Comic Con I think we can expect to see a fair amount of Shamy-related material as well. Maybe not a lot of interaction (like maybe one scene at the most) but at least a secondary storyline relating to them? That's not too much to ask for Yeah I guess Season 6 did have a lot of meanness to it...one thing I really don't like about Season 6 is that Shamy's relationship seemed to go downhill, as you said. They both manipulated each other and Amy really did become a doormat. 'Love Spell' was a weird and wonderful anomaly which never seemed to be spoken of again. Season 7 wasn't as mean as Season 6 but it was just so boring. Probably the only episode that stands out to me is 7x15 but only because of the SIK. Meanness aside, Season 6 was way funnier than Season 7. I think the meanness in Season 6 was often intended as humour (and admittedly some of it, not all of it, was actually funny) whereas the bickering in Season 7 had no humorous intent and was meant as genuine bickering and nastiness. There wasn't really much momentum for anything in Season 7 and like you I preferred Season 8 for Shamy because that momentum was finally there. Hopefully it continues (in a good way) in Season 9!
  16. I reckon the security guard will have something to do with Vegas, if Lenny are still going to be there in the premiere. I'm not expecting any more spoilers...but it's less than three weeks now so it's not like we really need any more While Season 8 was not the funniest season by a longshot, I personally found it way funnier than Season 7. Season 7 seemed to swap much of its potential humour for bland, boring conversation and relationship stuff. It just wasn't really that funny and is my least favourite season. I actually don't mind Season 6, I'm not sure why but I just seem to prefer it over Season 7. Relationship-wise, obviously Season 8 has been the best for Shamy so far (minus the finale, although I actually think the break is a good thing). . As a whole, Season 8 just seemed a bit more light-hearted than Season 7 (except of course for the passing of Mrs Wolowitz). The funniest seasons in my opinion are 1, 2, 3 and 5. It slipped a little bit in Season 4 (especially with all the relationship drama associated with Priya) but picked right back up again for Season 5 (which is my all-time favourite season).
  17. Interestingly, nearly all the casual viewers I know actually want Shenny to happen. I highly doubt it though. They only have two seasons left (as far as we know) which is hardly enough time IMO to fully develop a new relationship. I think it's pretty obvious that Shamy and Lenny are endgame. Unless they do a rubbish ending like they did on HIMYM and bring Shenny together at the last minute...
  18. Hopefully! I forgot about the script covers...when does he normally post them? It's been a while.
  19. This honestly wouldn't surprise me. While I can see Sheldon recording 'The Flash' and watching it all in one go...I can also see him watching it live as well. Assuming TBBT is set in roughly real-time, if he was to start watching 'The Flash' at the time of 8x24, he'd be starting it in the middle of the series (from what I've gathered in this forum...I don't watch 'The Flash' myself)...making an awkward attempt at a proposal seem all the more likely The biggest question on my mind at the moment is how the break will affect the dynamics of the group which, according to Molaro, is something the writers would like to explore. While they've dropped a few clues that a reconciliation could in fact happen in the premiere, I don't know if they'd be able to explore the effects on the rest of the group in the space of one episode, especially if Lenny are still in Vegas. I don't think I'd complain if they did fix things up in the premiere, but I think this particular issue needs time. It's something that has built up for years and cannot just be swept under the rug. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'd like everything to be sorted out by Christmas (9x11). Anything longer than that will be unnecessarily dragging it out. Remember that this is only a break and not a full-on breakup so even if it does extend beyond the premiere (which it should), it probably won't last that long anyway. Then again...the writers apparently like to sweep things under the rug in season premieres, so we'll see what happens...
  20. I almost fainted just reading it on here...
  21. If it did happen then it obviously happened offscreen.
  22. This is exactly the kind of positive thinking we need!
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