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  1. On the other hand, if writers could make such a mess in one scene, they can fix it in one scene as well (they can do whatever they want to). But I share your concerns, it's too serious case to sweep it under a rug.
  2. It seems to me that wondering, when Leonard could kiss that girl on a ship in the North Sea is actually pointless. The writers created "that kiss" for the purposes of the finale of the season 8 - only then. When they wrote the season 7 did not take this possibility into account, there was no such idea like this, IMO.
  3. I miss Lenny’s bedtime talking, the scenes like this: Penny and Leonard are delightful, not to mention, cute as a button in these scenes. They, especially as a couple, definitely need this. There should be more such scenes in the show, who knows maybe in season 9 writers positively surprise as, hopefully.
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