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  1. Penny and Leonard wedding in the 200th episode is the great idea but in the series finale is one of my nightmares. I just would like to see them as a married couple, to hear as Penny says “My name is Penny Hofstadter” – for example. I agree with the rest of your post.
  2. 1. About halfway between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck. 2. “The Disappointing Child” 3. Hulk gloves signed by Stan Lee. 4. George Lucas. 5. “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”. 6. Not good - in Sheldon words - if cats could sing...they'd hate it, too. (“The Loobenfeld Decay” episode). 7. Queen Penelope – Age of Conan game. 8. The blue jay. 9. Chocolate. 10. Leonard.
  3. 28870 Thanks, it's good to be here.
  4. Leonard admitted that he kissed other girl. Penny was devastated when she knew about that. True, we know not much about this kiss but until we will not find out more details, many scenarios are possible. A presence of Penny’s mom in the show would help Lenny to solve their problem, help to understand that they belong together and they should get married. These are just assumptions, if it will be different I will have no problem to admit that. I wish you were right - Leonard never, but never, cheated on Penny.
  5. I think we should finally meet Penny’s mom. Now is the right moment, Penny need someone to talk about Leonard’s infidelity and her mom is the right person to do that. They should talk heart – to – heart, she would help Penny to deal with her and Leonard problem. Motherly advice is what Penny needs the most in this situation. It would be very heart – warming scene in Penny’s apartment, of course with glasses of wine. First they would complain about Leonard, Penny would say that she already forgave him but still is mad about him and she appreciate his attempts of redemption. Later she would admit that he is the best boyfriend she ever had, the best fiancé and still want to marry him, no matter what. Next scene would be the three of them – with Leonard – and they would plan the wedding, maybe.
  6. Definitely no, their scenes are not funny anymore. That would be awesome, Raj and Ivette should be together. Yes, Stuart should find a girl, even if that girl is Emily - I think it would be interesting, not mention funny.
  7. The whole case with scenario of shotgun and punch it’s just a banter. Of course Leonard is still the best friend, boyfriend and fiancé for Penny, even after this boat trip kiss issue. No one wants Leonard to be hurt. Like Tonstar 17 said : “But the scenerio will be so funny if it happens in the show. Just seeing leonard face will be hilarious when Wyatt turns up”. That’s all.
  8. I like that scenario - good old shotgun, or classical way he could punch him in the face. Let’s be honest, Leonard deserved this. It would be great if Penny would help Leonard with his wounds. Maybe scene like in “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, when Marion Ravenwood helping Indy with his wounds, a scene "Where doesn't it hurt?" - I think it was in cabin.
  9. What about Joe and Helen from tv show "Wings"
  10. I agree with you, but still want more Lenny story in the show, as a couple, maybre married couple - not drunken kiss case. Dharma and Greg is about two people who met, felt in love at the first sight and get married. All this show is about differences between them, how they resolve problems. Jim and Cheryl are from tv show "According to Jim", is about long-time marriage couple with kids. I gave these examples of couples to show that there are interesting and funny tv shows of married couples. To be married doesn't mean be boring, that's all.
  11. Hello ATOB And yes, the relationship is a romantic with a sexual component. I don’t think that Penny loves Sheldon, she loves Leonard, between Penny and Sheldon, like between Leonard an Sheldon, is a friendship – some people can call it love of course but is platonic. I can agree that writer's are floundering with Lenny but don’t understand why this is happening. Why they have to take step back their relationship to make it interesting? I think looking forward would be more interesting and funny. Writers could create story about Penny and Leonard as a married couple, maybe with children, looking for a bigger apartment or something like that. Why they must have such foolish problems – like that boat kiss? Of course writing about problems is - in creators estimation – is better than writing about something good IMO. I will use “lazy writing” because I don’t like where the story is going (most of season 8 episodes and especially season 8 finale). But this is only my personal opinion as a Lenny’s fan. Show will have high viewing ratings, I think some Lenny’s fans (like me) still watching it, and still will be watching, even if the story will be different than we want to be. Because we still have hopes. High ratings don’t mean that I can’t criticize the writers, and say it “lazy writing”. What about Dharma and Greg, Jim and Cheryl (According to Jim).
  12. The idea about Lenny get married in the hallway is fantastic, an amazing trio: Penny, Leonard and Hallway. In the hallway Penny said that she loves Leonard, it's a great place for them - wedding , certainly I'm in.
  13. kelliluvtbbt and old sailor, you are really sharing my concerns about characters and the show. All characters deserve for the attention, I think Leonard will be no longer minimize, because he is a huge part of the biggest cliffhanger IMO, but who know what writers do. As to Howard and Bernie I'm not sure.
  14. I mean "stupid" problem - stupid reason to deley Penny and Leonard wedding. I blame the writers.
  15. Of course that would be an amazing. We all Lenny's fans would have tears in our eyes. So all hands to the pumps writers!
  16. I just think that Lenny has too much problems, very "stupid" problems - the engagement ring issue or drunken kiss for example. We waiting definitely too long for their wedding IMO.
  17. Regarding songs, maybe something like this: From Leonard to Penny: Richard Marx - Now And Forever
  18. You are right, that will be the easiast and best way to go. But I think it's too good to be true. Writers like when characters have problems and especially Lenny.
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