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  1. id never go spoiler free but ill talk to u unspoiled
  2. it would be cool to see amy going on a date with someone leading sheldon to jelousy and then we will see his TRUE feelings come out
  3. i like how impatient i get when shamy dosent end up in bed together...i just really love the couple oh btw do not think i like tbbt because of the coitus
  4. hi im anja and im new to this site and i really would like to be allowed in chatrooms and to reply to forums or topics ya know... just going to say im OBSESSED with shamy only... i like the others but they are the main reason i love tbbt soooo much, i watch it also because its funny , thanks to jim parsons the actor who portraits sheldon cooper....so approve my posts and this is a greeting to all of u x
  5. i reaally wanna go to comic con...looks fun
  6. hi im new just to let ya know but....i really need a time machine to go forward in time to see WHAT FRIGGIN HAPPENS TO SHAMY!!!
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