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  1. This show often gets into my head like that. If it isn't Sheldon's bongos, it's a rendition of Soft Kitty (which was stuck in my head for 3 days at one point!)
  2. Definitely one of my favourite episodes. Sheldon & Amy's experiment was hilarious. I think the evolution of the show-and the nerds into relationships is quite realistic. Would the show also have continued for as longas it has if it hadn't evolved?
  3. Thank you for the great welcomes.
  4. This was actually the first episode of TBBT that I ever saw, so I would love it for that reason anyway.:) At the time I thought it was very funny. Having since seen the rest of the series to date and understanding a heck of a lot more about the characters, the episode still ranks as one of my favourites. I couldn't pick a favourite character or plot in this one because I think they're all great! I liked the way the show dealt with internet trolls and the girls' plot was hilarious. Having written (very bad) fanfiction about various shows in the past, Amy's plot did resonate with me a bit. I want a me-wow sticker! :D
  5. Hi Everyone. I'm Heidi from the UK (specifically England). I joined the forum a couple of weeks or so ago, having lurked for a while, and have been avidly reading. I had forgotten I hadn't actually posted anything yet! Anyway, a friend introduced me to TBBT in March, by getting me to watch The Troll Manifestation. I thoiught it was very funny, but of course knew nothing about the characters. By the middle of April, I'd got seasons 1-7 on DVD. I started at the beginning and was hooked instantly! I have since watched all 8 seasons through once. I am working my way through the seasons for a second time (currently at the beginning of season 8.) I may be slightly obsessed! I like all the characters very much. I have definitely become something of a Shamy shipper, though. When I watched Troll Manifestation for the first time, I was vaguely aware that Amy was Sheldon's girlfriend, but when I started watching it from the beginning, I was very much "Sheldoin gets a girlfriend? How??" I think the development of their relationship does make sense though, even at a snail's pace. It helps that Jim & Mayim have a great onscreen chemistry. Anyway, that is probably (more than) enough from me. It is great to be here.
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