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  1. One of Penny's outfits so I can dress up as her (I'm a guy, don't hate)
  2. Hi, I'm a 24 year old guy, and for a comic con, I was thinking of dressing up as Penny. What should I put on to make me look like her? What would be the most fitting outfit (what type of clothes, hair style, cup size,…)? I am familiar with the show, but it’s really hard to choose a good outfit, since she has so many clothes and hair styles to choose from. If you could give me some suggestions here or put some links to some of her outfits, that’d be really helpful! XAlso one more question, should I also wear lingerie underneath, even though no one there will get to see it? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that I posted some images on Deviantart involving Penny and crossdressing. I basically took some pictures of her and added captions about crossdressing as her. If that sounds unclear just check them out for yourself. Keep in mind these are aimed at crossdressers so they're not for everyone. And don't worry, none of them feature sexual content. I'll put the link down here. Tell me what you think and which one you like most sweeties. Also I'm looking for new ideas for future pics, so if you have any suggestions (meaning a pic of Penny and a caption to go with it) please let me know, there's a big chance I might make it into a new image. http://jessicabrink.deviantart.com/gallery/56135764/Penny-crossdress-fantasies
  4. True, but it's possible for sure. It doesn't have to be gender neutral, does it? Men can wear dresses too after all.
  5. And you don't think Penny would be doable?
  6. I was thinking, wouldn't it be fun if we one day we would see a group of people crossplaying as the big bang theory cast? FYI, crossplay is cosplay where you dress up as a character of the opposite sex. So, we would have girls acting as Leonard, Penny, Howard,... and guys dressed up as Penny, Bernadette,... I can't be the only person here who has thought of it. Maybe someone here has already done this before or knows someone who has. And what would they be wearing? This is the place to discuss this.
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