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  1. Only funny lines in episode were Lenny discussing Sheldon's alien parents. Time for Lenny spin-off! Would love the removal of the the kitchen island in 4A.
  2. Not a good episode. All of the sudden forgotten and dreadfully pathetic Raj gets major scene time. And unfunny screen time. And Sheldon goes from grudgingly having sex once a year to trying to seduce Amy in very creepy ways. Sorry...not funny.
  3. My ever changing work schedule, construction business is like that, has made it hard for me to continually express here how much I'm loving Lenny this season. Of course, I want longer scenes for them, but they've been overall so sweet and so funny. Seems TPTB has found a balance between mature Penny and fun, sweet Penny that has been missing the last few season. Love her this season. Hope they continue with this pattern.
  4. Loved the episode. Had to rewatch several times, because I couldn't stop laughing when the guys were talking Klingon and the girls were talking Amy's made-up language. Very funny. Show is showing a lot more balance between great couples moments and lol moments this season. And then theres the Lenny Sex Dungeon... Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!!
  5. The Lenny Sex Dungeon... OH MY GOD YES!!!!!
  6. Ya, we get it, Leonard got an out of his league hot girl by wearing her down. So, BAZINGA, we get you're in love with this joke....but it's getting really really old. How about more the hot girl was looking for love in all the wrong places. And happened to stumble across this kind, considerate King of the Nerds; who eventually became her best friend and the love of her life. More of this please. What I did like was them having their own plot.
  7. Should bother both ships that Sheldon's major reveal is to his friend's wife and not Amy. Also a little upset that TPTB reverted to Penny bitching about Leonard to Sheldon. Just can't deal with their pseudo-sibling relationship any more. Ruined the episode for me.
  8. Was busy last night, so I missed a new episode for the 1st time in at least 5 years. Just finished watching and I was a little upset with Penny's bitching about Leonard. No 2 people are going to live together for a while, and not have some complaints. But at the same time, TPTB let Penny get very animated about them, instead of just calmly showing Sheldon that every couple has minor differences. Didn't like the tone of that scene one bit. Doesn't mean there's a problem, but sometimes Penny needs to not take her problems to her strange, pseudo-sibling. I find any Penny/ Sheldon one on one scenes very uncomfortable and unneeded these days. Seems the writers just like thumbing there noses at the Lenny and Shamy crowds every once in a while. The one thing I did like was they are united in keeping Shamy living together, thus finally living alone as a married couple.
  9. Love the way Penny/Kaley's....uhh...hair is bouncing!
  10. Happy Lenny episode, loved the dancing! Of course, they were trapped on Lenny Island in the close, but they had some funny lines. Penny's faces when Leonard started dancing were priceless!
  11. Funny episode. Busted a gut while Leonard busted a move. Never thought I'd describe a couple sleeping together as laugh out loud funny, but Sheldon and Amy were. Poor Amy! Going around to all 4 'couples' added to the humor. Cinnamon lives. Thought she met her maker via Emily. Just kidding,...sort of.
  12. Lenny screams of ecstasy, Sheldon's gone!
  13. Thinking about last night's he wore me down comment by Penny. This time it seemed she was very happy that Leonard never gave up in his pursuit of the girl of his dreams. And she seemed proud that she was what made Leonard noticed at the university. In other words, she was happy to be Mrs Hofstadter. So instead of upsetting me with this line, as it has in the past, it sort of made me smile.
  14. Loved the episode... The guys were very funny. Old school, crazy Sheldon is the best Sheldon. Amy, Penny, Bert...I like Bert's character. Amy, the trend setter, interesting development. Angry, hormonal Bernie was funny and scary at the same time. Raj's dad is always good. Wasn't expecting much, but was very pleasantly surprised.
  15. Laughed out loud on several occasions. With only 2 plots, didn't seem rushed. No shipper stress. Good episode.
  16. Just watched the episode again, after work. And just read the last 3 pages of this thread. And now I am wiping my eyes. We've all begged for this for so long, and it was Pure Lenny Magic. And our stunning Queen of Lenny shippers, Ms. Cuoco, showed her approval with an incredible, emotional performance for the ages. OMG Yes! What a great day to be a Lenny!!!!!
  17. Leonard makes Penny so very happy!!! Now if TPTB would show us these moments when they are happy together just a little more. Loved tonight's episode even with the mandatory Sheldon intrusion.
  18. I've never seen Penny so happy, and so beautiful if I may add! So excited for tonight's episode!
  19. Lenny dancing, and living on their own, without a Sheldon. Pinch me, I'm dreaming. Love the reports for the start of S10. Monday's almost here!!!!
  20. Again, to Dr and Mrs Hofstadter!!!
  21. Thanks for the very detailed TR @heres2u! Great job!
  22. Very happy with the this TR. More than I expected. I expected Sheldon to interject himself, guess he always will. At least until Amy ties him to her bed. What's very welcome are the sweet Lenny scenes described. Hope they stay in the final edit. Very excited for season 10 now.
  23. Thanks for the very detailed reports. Sounds like a funny, drama-free episode.
  24. Great choice as #1, not my #1 but 1A for sure. It's just so raw and genuine, with both actors absolutely nailing the scene. Maybe the best writing of the entire series. After the long wait for those words; every time I watch it I say to myself, yes that's is exactly how it should have happened between these two. Very powerful and emotional.
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