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  1. I'm very happy with the way Lenny is being handled too. It's about damn time. LOL. That's why I have faith that Shamy will be just fine too. Well, honestly, I got exactly what I wanted for Shamy in this episode: for them to be talking and getting along.

    Thanks so much for the TR. How you remembered so much is fantastic!

  2. Fair or average. Found the Leonard/Sheldon part mostly amusing. The Helium guy really played them for suckers. The dating app for Amy part made me feel really bad for Amy. You could see she was really uneasy with this dating thing even when she admitted she already had dated. Please just put Shamy back together again for Amy ,Sheldon, and Lennys happiness. Happy characters are easier to laugh at. Again, it is a sitcom!

    Also dropped it a letter grade for NO Lenny!


    i define this moment as the turning point of lenny. I think its where we see that penny loves leonard. 

    I definitely agree, The Holographic Excitation was the turning point for them. This might be when Penny realized she really loved him. Plus they did IT 4 times in that episode including twice in the Tardis with handcuffs. Hottest Lenny episode, imo. Imagination in overdrive today, working too much. :icon_cheesygrin:

  4. I hope there is no pregnancy drama, real or just a scare. Lenny has been a threesome as they have been taking care of a big, giant very annoying baby for some time now. And now the ridiculous Season 9 development that we were handed in The 2003 Approximation, the newlywed couple won't really be living alone together, is stretching it to nearly absurd lengths of unbelievably.   

     I just want them alone, celebrating their lives, while having plenty of happy, bouncy, naked yum-yum time. 

    Happy, bouncy, naked yum-yum time.......C'mon imagination!!!:icon_cheesygrin:

  5. I work 7 hours a day. Wow that's long. End of time is just the right words. Their love holds no bounds. In any universe their love will be true and they will remember all the details about each other because they are meant to be together and the gods have spoken 14 billion years ago, there are evil forces that tried to break them but the beautiful love that is lenny. :) and the magnetic force just kept pulling them together and forever this love will shine like a burning star. ;) Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk

    Scheduled shut down at the powerhouse I work at, that's why the long hours. Normally work 8. Great post.

    I meant in their own apt without Sheldon Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk

    I think so, after Amy and Sheldon are reunited.

  6. Does any one here really think lenny will ever together alone without Sheldon Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk

    They ARE together alone... every night. That's why it's so great they got married. Once The Shamy is back together again, maybe Amy can teach Sheldon the social convention that married couples live alone, without a Sheldon.

  7. The guys fencing had me laughing so hard I probably missed most of the dialogue. That's what dvrs are for. Stuart is getting creepier by the episode. It was uncomfortable watching Sheldon and Amy in last scene. They need to get back together soon. The comedy parts this season has been great. Now its time to end the angst for everyone. Even the best relationships are funny. Let the couples live mostly happy ever after, and let all the fans relax and LOL!

  8. Really love how Penny's character has matured, probably more than any of the others. She knows the Sheldon/Leonard 'breakup' is hard almost as hard on Leonard as it is on the dysfunctional Sheldon. Love the way she tries to lovingly explain to her Husband that it doesn't have to be Thai night, and that these living arrangements Are Not forever. Marriage seems to suit Penny............Hofstadter well!

  9. Good... Didn't get upset about Sheldon, mostly because he didn't seem to dominate the show. Leonard and Penny, both care about Sheldon a lot, despite him being a pain. Still enough of Married Hofstadter Goodness! WHEN the Shamy reunite, hopefully soon, Dr and Mrs H can live separately. To me it doesn't matter where or how they supposedly live and interact with Sheldon during the day, they share a Married Bed at night. That makes me happy, really Happy!

  10. Not sure where to ask this, but when will Season 8 be shown in syndication? TBS is showing the last 6 episodes of Season 7 tonight, then going back to the Pilot episode. The local Fox channel here in the Pittsburgh area did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I seem to remember that in past seasons; once the new season started, the previous season was thrown into the rerun rotation. Might have something to do with the new contract signed by the Big 3 last year, which I believe increased syndication money. Just wondering...

  11. Looks like I worked through a Lenny LoveFest today. Great job, all of you! Their special wedding vows and that perfectly Lenny reconciliation scene in ep 9.2 made all the anxiety of last summer go away just like that. When the writers put Kaley and Johnny on screen alone as Penny and Leonard, magic occurs. It's been true since that Perfect Halloween kiss in Season 1. 

  12. I'm all for Lenny babies, especially if they are going past Season 10. They are just a natural extension of their love for each other. The writers have already 'jumped the shark' by letting them get married. Babies are funny. The other alternative to writing 'OUR' couple is constantly putting them and us through HELL, which is unneeded AND not funny. If Smart and Beautiful babies do come to Dr and Mrs H, my only wish is that they keep him or her away from Gramma Bev. The damage she's done to Penny's Pop Tart does not need to be repeated!

  13. Initial reaction... Good! Laughed out loud at the guys starring at the burning van. Thought Sheldon breaking into a Freddie Mercury impression of we Will Rock you  was also good. Pigs must live a long time because Penny has been in LA for over 12 years, but that's nitpicking. Of course I liked the lines Penny had about married life and Leonard being great!


    I'm a hot air balloon, I could go to space


    With the air, like I don't care baby by the way


    Because I'm happy


    Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof


    Because I'm happy …







    Oh! Hey everybody! [Karen fans her hands, pushing the white fluffy cloud away, waving at the crowd below] Look at me! I’m way up here on Cloud 9! Oops! Sorry! Let me turn the music down! [Karen reaches over and clicks off the music. Happy by Pharrell Williams suddenly stops]. Wow! [Karen puts her hand to her brow, scanning the ground below] Look at all of you down there! You look like little ants!




    Well, I guess you’re wondering what I doing, just floating up here on Cloud 9.




    I just wanted to give you my thoughts on TBBT that aired last night The Strawberry Pop Tart Redemption! Wait … what? [Karen puts a hand to her ear as Strawberry yells up from the ground].  Oh, yes! That’s right! My bad! The Separation Oscillation! I just wanted to give you my thoughts on The Separation Oscillation!







    One word:




    YES! YES! FINALLY! Can I get a fucking ‘Hells yeah’! FINALLY!








    I agree. That’s more than one word.




    OH MY GOD! I loved it!




    To understand my absolute joy, let’s just go and take a step backwards in time. We are now back in November, 2014, Season 8 of TBBT. Lenny has been a trickle in Season 8 thus far, and now they begin to slowly disappear. We wait for Lenny’s return. It is a bad time [IMO]. The Lenny’s are a tad divided, some of us can wait patiently, some of us cannot and we squabble amongst ourselves. Adding to this, some Shamys tell us in effect, even though Leonard and Penny have very little on screen time, ‘they’re together and not fighting, you should be happy’. Grrrr. These are dark times [IMO]. Then in March, we finally get some Lenny loveliness, in Colonization and Thermalization. We have absolute glory in Graduation [IMO] and then … Nograv’s ‘Acme Anvil’ drops. Ka-Pow! Leonard cheated. And then we have all summer to squabble amongst ourselves, with crucifying cries of ‘Leonard’s a cheater’ from all sides. And now we have the long summer to wait from May to August to see how, or if, it resolves. As a rule, I usually don’t enjoy the freshman episode of TBBT. For me, the first show is usually not that good. I was convinced, and hoping, there would be no marriage. When we got the TR in August that they married, it sounded very ugly, minimized, and dismissive. But I reserved judgment.  And [IMO] it was as ugly and as denigrating as it sounded.  I read the fan response on social media sites and although some folks were happily sewing, trying to turn that sow’s ear into a silk purse [IMO], I was gratified to see the overwhelming condemnation of that horrible wedding [IMO]. I wasn’t alone.  [IMO] From November 2014 to August 2015, with the exception of a few episodes, we had very little satisfying, beautiful, heartfelt, vintage Lenny.




    That is, until last night.




    Oh my goodness! That was an absolutely wonderful episode!




    The Shenny Kiss. [IMO] and I commented on this earlier, I too agree with some that kiss was just pandering to the Shenny. I fully believe that if Leonard was having an anxiety dream about someone kissing Penny, he’d imagine Kurt or an amalgam of all the tall, strong, handsome men who we have seen previously at Penny’s door. The Shenny kiss was pandering [IMO]. BUT, for me, the kiss was completely neutralized by Sheldon’s comment about ‘saving my best friend’s marriage’.  For me, that made it a very non-Shenny, pro-Lenny moment.




    I had several LOL moments:




    ‘If you want to see less of me, we should go out again.’




    ‘If you think it’s hard having one wife, try having two’, as Howard gives a small nod in Raj’s direction.




    Leonard’s ‘Wake up, wake up, wake up!’




    Leonard: ‘Am I being weird?’


    Sheldon: ‘Yes. And that’s coming from me.’




    Sheldon’s mini-meltdown and manic disintegration during the solo ‘Fun with Flags’ episode.


    ‘Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler has chosen to end her relationship with me. I’m going to pause here and let that sink in.’


    His right hand comment and the Czech Republic comparative. Oh no he didn’t!




    Leonard: ‘I got married recently!’


    Mandy: ‘Congratulations! To Sheldon?’




    Mandy: ‘You should talk to a therapist about that.’


    Leonard ‘Too expensive.’




    Leonard: ‘Mother never took an interest in me.’


    Mandy: ‘Imagine that’ [with an accompanying eye roll]




    Leonard: ‘In a cave nursing a baby and the baby had Sheldon’s head.’


    Mandy: ‘And your wife is worried about me?’




    A few Revelations:


    Mandy. I liked her quite a lot! She really seems to be quite the party girl. Her surprised, ‘Oh no! Did I sleep with you too?’ makes me think, although we still lack the full details [and please know that I am desperately trying to preserve pristine Leonard] that maybe Mandy was the instigator to the event. Don’t know but maybe that could be argued. 




    Penny had a very interesting reveal last night. When she was talking with the girls, her comment when she was talking about her previous boyfriends ‘I knew those guys weren’t above cheating because … usually that’s how we met.’ Hmmm. Very interesting. Seems like Penny could have been ‘the other woman’ in a few situations. Again, we don’t know but her comment makes me think we just had a glimpse at some of the squirmy things under Penny’s rock. 




    Leonard’s head space is really … rather … complicated. Nursing a baby in a cave with Sheldon’s face? Shit like that comes from a very weird place. Good job Bev!




    Leonard! Wow! You truly are the ‘Mac Daddy’! He’s had so many beautiful women! Mandy was gorgeous!




    OK – now to the best part.




    The wonderful, tender, sweet, glorious Lenny! Truly there was Strawberry Pop Tart Redemption last night! I got filled up several times during Leonard’s and Penny’s conversation on her couch. Leonard’s heartbreaking ‘I don’t even understand why you’re with someone like me!’ [Sob!]




    ‘I loved you since the moment we met and I will keep loving you until the end of time.’ [Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!]




    I LOL when Leonard tried to push his luck, with his ‘your beauty fills my heart with song’ or some such Hallmark card nonsense! But then:




    ‘Penny Hofstadter. Will you please stay married to me?’ [Sob! Sob! Sob!]




    As a ‘Glass Half Empty-ist’, I know the writers, who I will never fully trust, will be giving us some nonsense down the road that will enrage me once again. But just for right now, after months of aching and searing disappointment, I have gotten Lenny bliss once again and am happily floating on Cloud 9!




    [Karen reaches over and turns up the music]




    Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth


    Because I'm happy


    Clap along if you know what happiness is to you


    Because I'm happy


    Clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do









    Brilliantly written. My eyes were tearing up on that scene. Happiness and joy has returned to Lenny Land! And there was much rejoicing...

  15. I come away with two thoughts from the cold open

    1. I know what TPTB say and I have heard all you guys but to me after seeing the episode, it was total Shenny pandering, purely for shock value there was nothing it brings to the episode they couldn't have easily done another way or omitted entirely

    2. Kaley has Awesome legs.



    'Perfect' legs!:icon_cheesygrin:

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