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  1. As a big fan of hers, I just hope just wish her happiness. Hollywood seems to be a tough place to find that for some. And happiness is something all the fame and money that comes with being a star can't buy.

  2. Strawberry and IWD great posts. It wasn't the wedding of the year as CBS advertised, but it was the perfect Lenny wedding. Spontaneous and unexpected just like most of their best moments. During last season, while they were forgotten,  I would go watch the Penny box of Leonard scene from Season 6 or the Pop tart Proposal scene from Season 7 to brighten my mood. I now have their Lenny perfect vows to add to my list of go to moments. They were perfectly Lenny!

  3. I watched the episode for the forth time today. I like this part maybe the best. After Leonard says it's ok Penny didn't write vows,he doesn't have to read his.

    Penny says, "I'll come up with something mushy:girlinlove:You'll cry :cry:   We got this.":friends:

    Leonard reads his vows. They are thoughtful, romantic and touching. Penny is  deeply moved. Leonard is still the Romance Ninja.

    Penny wings it.She's not the romantic one. But its from her heart. She's marrying her best friend. Then because she knows her man so well she continues with the "Toy Story " song.

    He cries.

    They got it.

    They've been working on it for 8 years.

    They're very different, but they are so in sync. They know each other so well. They make fun of each other so well.("Look at you in your little suit." : "I have a friend in you. You said so") In the end (imo), they love each other.





    beautifully written!

  4. A Belated Wedding Toast to Dr and Mrs Hofstadter...May they have a long and happy life together. May their son\sibling Sheldon learn to respect their marriage and see that they can still be close friends while living across the hall. May their love life stay filled with broken beds, body paints, and new uses for Tardis', handcuffs, and rocking chairs! And most of all may they still give us many more magical Lenny moments that only they can deliver!!!!!

    To Leonard and Penny HOFSTADTER :drinks::drinks::drinks:

    Live Long and Prosper!

  5. Over all a good episode. Celebrating and  will continue to celebrate Dr and Mrs Hofstadter! Johnny and Kaley were as usual magic together in their one on one scenes creating yet another special Lenny moment.

    Still don't like all the heavy drama for Shamy and Lenny when minor obstacles would tell the story just as well. It is a sitcom. The drama hanging over the characters made it hard to laugh. A fight on their wedding night? After a Shamy fight during the wedding! Wish TPTB would just let people be happy once in a while. How is an in character Sheldon supposed to handle this when he has problems with every day events. Worst part was Stuart, he was just creepy. He already dated both Amy and Penny. Unneeded!



  6. OMG that was my wedding song too. I got married to my wife on 1992. I cannot believe the coincidence!

    this is crazy. That was our wedding song also. My wife and I were married July 4, 1992! Great song. Totally agree it applies to Penny looking at Leonard!

  7. Actually I liked the wedding, but I can't imagine why the writers continued with the angst of the kiss, it was so not funny on any level.  I'm so glad I'm spoiled so I know the whole thing just fades away and Penny is happy being married to Leonard.  They were cute together when they got married and their friends can watch a rerun of the wedding.

    that would have been hard to watch unspoiled. What a rollercoaster. They were so cute togher though. When they said I Love you to each other, Lenny Magic!

  8. Ioan't helth had to get busy and make some special Art pics of Dr and Mrs Hostadter. %7Boption%7Dht tp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/21/4d746947bbccba53fe87aa26f5222b4f.jpg 0387050fbe5c86f4da49d922d88b8778.jpg :) Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk

    A Wedding Album for the Hofstadters. Perfect!


  9. There were all over each other in that episode at it like bunnies everywhere and anywhere.


    Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk

    IMO this is the episode that changed eveything for the better for Lenny2.0! Just 2 episodes earlier, Penny was within a very sad puppy dog look of breaking up again. Then Leonard seduces her with science, and their romance just takes off; climaxing in marriage which we anxiously await to see tomorrow night.

    By the way, bravo on the Lenny slideshow again today. Love the pasision you all show for my favorite couple. I share your passion and am so glad I joined this site after lurking here for a very long time afraid to join. Finally have a place to share my obsession for The Hofstadters and TBBT.

  10. Also a perfect fall day here in western PA. Very excited for tomorrow! Although there's more unneeded angst at the end, knowing things work out in episode 2 should allow us to enjoy the wedding we've been waiting for. Looks like the vows are going to be another very special Lenny moment which we can store away in our box of Lenny memories! Can't wait!

  11. Well tonight NFL football debuts on CBS in TBBT's slot, so it won't be long to the Season 9 premiere of our favorite sitcom! The 14 billion year wait for the particles that compose Leonard and Penny to fulfill their destiny and become ONE is almost over! IS IT MONDAY YET????????

  12. those are all things they could easily attach to scenes, Sheldon walking in the apartment to find them dancing together in the beginning of a scene, or knocking on Penny's door when the are kissing on the couch having some alone time, or knocking on Leonard's bedroom door while the are going to sleep to ask or tell them something, then they make comments to each other about him after he leaves. None of those require a separate scene or plot, but could just be weaved into a scene.

    Love this idea, sprinkles of Lenny Goodness throughout each episode. Even in background stories, show them touching, hugging, kissing...  Not talking about all Rainbows and Unicorns, let them have normal problems that all newlyweds have and let them struggle to work through them like all of us who are married have. Lots of comic potential.

  13. I'll vote for the red Valentine's Day dress! :icon_redface: Great pictures guys and gals! So many great Lenny moments! They just light up the screen together.

    Sexy cop from 6.4 isn't too shabby either!


  14. As all of you say, it's more palatable now that we know it has a happy ending, but in re watching S8 finale, I was amazed at how well acted the Lenny scenes were. Amazing performance by Kaley , you can see the happiness, playfulness, astonishment, sadness, rage and acceptance. in such specific measures that it amazes me what a great balancing act she was able to achieve.

    She was tremendous in that episode. I think she's a great actress, deserving of more awards.

  15. yeah, but knowing they do get married and Penny telling her father that she is happy sort of softens the blow.

    oh yes, definitely! Just watched the car scene. It's amazing how well Penny handled such devastating news. Penny has come a long way from that bowling alley in Season 3. Mature, deeply  in love ,and ready to become Mrs. Hofstadter!

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