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  1. Love this idea, sprinkles of Lenny Goodness throughout each episode. Even in background stories, show them touching, hugging, kissing... Not talking about all Rainbows and Unicorns, let them have normal problems that all newlyweds have and let them struggle to work through them like all of us who are married have. Lots of comic potential.
  2. No angst here! Dr and Mrs Hofstadter are in a very very good place. Guys and girls and group episodes are fine at this point. We know where and with who they spend their nights.
  3. I'll vote for the red Valentine's Day dress! Great pictures guys and gals! So many great Lenny moments! They just light up the screen together. Sexy cop from 6.4 isn't too shabby either!
  4. Great pictures. Both of them missing each other and realizing their love was worth another try. Classic Lenny moment.
  5. She was tremendous in that episode. I think she's a great actress, deserving of more awards.
  6. oh yes, definitely! Just watched the car scene. It's amazing how well Penny handled such devastating news. Penny has come a long way from that bowling alley in Season 3. Mature, deeply in love ,and ready to become Mrs. Hofstadter!
  7. Watching the Season 8 finale rerun, right now. Even knowing what happens next, still hard to watch!
  8. thus she's on the cover of SHAPE. Showed that cover pic to the guys at work and they jokingly called me a dirty old man. I work construction, what can I say. I still do have a pulse. Kaley is smoking hot.
  9. That I would love to see! I can't watch that episode, too sad. Wil is too evil! Wheeeeeeeaton!!!!!!
  10. Thanks so much mjc45 for the info! Season Fine is off to a pretty good start for Team Hofstadter!(IMO)
  11. Really like to see them cut down on showing Penny drinking...the joke is old!
  12. Here You Go... http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_bang_theory/video/A4470D23-E683-D39E-E4A8-B41E858E8237/the-big-bang-theory-the-matrimonial-momentum-season-premiere-preview-/
  13. Happiness is watching the CBS Lenny Wedding Promo over and over and over...while waiting for my Steelers to open their season tonight! Go Team Hofstadter!!!!!!
  14. Thanks to all who provided tidbits from last night's taping. Hope you all had an incredible time! The living arrangements, although not perfect by any means, are about what I expected. The Hofstadters are not going to just abandon their dear friend, especially in his present state, no matter how annoying these arrangements might be. Hopefully some comedy will come from this. I am not going to let this stop my elation for Leonard and Penny. They are together as one, and that's a lot more than I expected after Season 8. I have a feeling they are going to have a big role in helping Sheldon and Amy reunite, which I hope happens soon. Hard to have just 'Rolling On The Floor, Laughing' episodes with all the heavy drama still hanging over the show. Surprised they didn't have more on Raj and Emily; guess they are going to have Raj stay with her for now, due to his fear of being alone. If she stays, I hope they give her character more depth; or at least smooth off her scary edges.
  15. I've watched it a bunch too! Leonard's vows,...amazing, even the small snipit they show! Leonard and Penny Hofstadter... 14 billion years in the making(at least their atoms)!
  16. True, I like Amy's character TNP likes Cinnamon more than Emily
  17. What?????????? Lol! I'm going to guess...yuck! Fried chicken
  18. Perfectly said! Love the promo too.
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