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  1. Wow, just wow! Happy tears, 8 years in the making! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
  2. Yee Haw, indeed! Great interview! Let Season FINE begin. Go Team Hofstadter!
  3. OMG YES!!!!!!! Kaley is soooooooo hot!
  4. And noise cancelling head phones will be needed throughout the apartment building at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena CA! Yee Haw!!
  5. I can't see them going past November sweeps, so I'll say episode 8. I have always liked these 2 together, plus Sheldon needs a new roommate in 4A, across the hall from the newlyweds, Dr and Mrs Hofstadter!
  6. False although my son is still trying to get me to watch. TNP works in an office.
  7. This episode, The Lunar Excitation, starts in 5 minutes on TBS
  8. Funny stuff & great pics! Ya and ah....also Guilty as Charged!
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