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  1. 1) The Tangerine Factor-It's Alive! 2) The Maternal Capacitance-The Lime Kiss! 3)The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary-You really are a genius! 4)The Justice League Recombination-Go Wonder Woman! 5)The Recombination Hypothesis-I'm the King of the Nerds! 6)The 43 Peculiarity-You know I Love you! 7)The Gorilla Dissolution- OH MY GOD, YES!!!!!! 8)The Colonization Application-Body Paint Sex!
  2. The Maternal Capacitance is on right now! The Lime Kiss!!!!!
  3. The awesome lime kiss. Maybe the hottest Lenny moment of the 1st 8 seasons!
  4. Really like the idea of of a married Lenny keeping it a secret. Also like the words Lenny and fun together. Something that has been missing.
  5. That's one I'll never understand, how both Leonard and Penny seemed to be oblivious to what Wil did to them in Season 3. They treated him in later seasons like the bowling alley scene never happened.
  6. Positive vibe...The 43 Peculiarity is on locally here right now(Pittsburgh area)! You're the one I'm with, you know I love you... Happy Lenny Thoughts!
  7. Tomorrow Bill will probably be tweeting the script cover! Fingers crossed there is some Lenny goodness inside!
  8. All we can do is stay positive. Just keep thinking how sweet it will sound when the preacher says ' I now introduce to you, for the first time...Mr and Mrs Leonard Hofsteder' Won't that moment be great! Oh my God....Yes!!!!!
  9. No mention of Our couple at Comic Con. Find this very troubling. Now we wait. Still hoping for the best!
  10. Saturday night means a 6 pack of TBBT episodes on TBS. Early Season 7 episodes tonight!
  11. Liking this hallway wedding idea too! You guys are right about the hallway has special meaning for these 2.
  12. That would be an amazing scene! I think this 53 yr old construction worker would have tears in his eyes too!
  13. I agree that when Leonard and Penny are shown alone it is magical.The Penny you know I love you scene from 6.08 shows this magic. Johnny and Kaley are just great together on the screen.
  14. Great choice! Beautiful songs by a beautiful woman for a beautiful couple!
  15. OK I thought I was. That's cool though, I found my posts. I am not here to do anything but support Team Hofsteder!
  16. Wow some of my posts moved. Did I do something wrong?
  17. Oh I agree I want Sheldon in the background; maybe have him say something funny to Leonard as Penny walks down the aisle And then have him step back, shut up and have a Huge smile as his two friends tie the knot. This would show a great deal of maturity on his part.
  18. A double wedding would be a horror, and unfair to Both couples! I realize Sheldon has become the writers priority, so let Lenny get married and let them be sweet, funny, and happy in Sheldon's shadow. I know that's not what Leonard and Penny deserve, but I'd be happy with this at this point. Just to see them as a happy would be enough. This shouldn't be too much to ask.
  19. Love this scenario!!!! Please, writers, please!
  20. I agree the Lenny wedding is overdue! Don't see how the show can be funny anymore if they actually break up.The car scene from 8.24 belonged in a soap opera not a sitcom. Took me a couple weeks to get it out of my mind. Wedding or wedding planning equals funny.
  21. Interesting idea of them getting married in Vegas after all. After that car scene, nothing the writers come up with would shock me. Just don't want them to break up again. I want the Lenny wedding we've been waiting 8 years for.
  22. Lenny Wedding( not in Vegas) after real deep soul searching between these 2...without Sheldon! They realize how much they need and want each other and they cannnot live with out each other in their lives. Yes I'm an old sappy romantic!
  23. The Wheaton Reoccurrence and the Season 8 finale broke my heart and I will never watch them again. Also dislike any episode with Priya!
  24. New to the forum and huge Lenny fan. I was very upset after the season eight finale. Totally OOC for Leonard to kiss another woman while in a relationship with Penny. They had written him for eight season as totally worshiping her. He only strayed to other women when he didn't think he had a chance with her or she dumped him due to Evil Forces.(WHEATON!!!!!!) Don't know what the writers are up to, but I don't have a very good feeling about Lenny after season 8. I don't understand how after all they put this couple through to get to this point; they can ruin everything in one 5 minute car scene. I always thought Lenny was TBBT endgame. Hoping beyond hope, that they still are and this is just a bump in the road. we'll see in season 9
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