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  1. That scene contained the sexiest use of the word 'Molecules' in television history!
  2. Great one! Thanks! They are adorable together!
  3. Very true! A little Dr and Mrs Hofstadter 'Morning Goodness' shouldn't be too much to ask for!!!!!!!!
  4. I don't think it's 'way to' relationship centric. The relationships are part of the growth of the original 5 characters, so naturally the show has changed in that respect. Whether these changes are good or bad is up to personal preference and debate. I like it as a RomCom as much as I did in the early seasons. My only complaint is, as with most Lennys, division of screen time for each character or couple in the crowded 21 minutes of each episode.
  5. Totally agree, having Leonard and Penny get married changes the dynamic of Lenny AND all the other characters of TBBT. It allows the couple and the show to 'move forward' in a new, exciting, and scary way to paraphrase Steve Molaro.
  6. Didn't one of the writers mention in summer teases that we were going to learn about Amy's family history? This might be the week with a year in the title. Just throwing it out there...
  7. Wonder if they plan to keep Emily around. If they do keep, I hope they add more to her character other than she has a really really dark side. Give Raj real reason to stay with her other than he is really really desperate!
  8. Really looking forward to their reconciliation scene in 9.2. The way Kaley talked about all her dreams coming true for Lenny, what we see of their wedding should be great also. Happy September to you also! September is my favorite month because it marks a new start to my 2 obsessions.. football and The Big Bang Theory! Go Lenny!
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