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  1. Just searched TBBT S9 spoilers, and it looks like Molaro has told TV Line that the Lenny wedding happens. So much for the cliffhanger! Can't figure out how to give link from my phone. If someone else already posted this, sorry!
  2. Watching Pittsburgh Pirates baseball while in my pants.
  3. Yes What sport do you like better, American Football or what we Americans call Soccer?
  4. I think we all mistrust TPTB after S8, and especially after 8.24. That's why the morsels of Lenny goodness we've heard about in 9.2 & 9.3 are being celebrated. Hopefully they write Lenny happy and helpful while Shamy works through their problems. The one hurdle they can definitely throw their direction at any time is Penny getting the part in Clerks 3. I've been thinking about how TPTB will deal with that. One key consideration with future problems is that they are married now, and hopefully they turn to each other to solve their problems, instead of running to Sheldon for advice. As far a
  5. Great job on the report, batman! Loved the behind the scenes stuff! THANK YOU!!!!!
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