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  1. Sports talk show host. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
  2. It is a very good feeling to see how the entire vibe around Leonard and Penny has changed in the last two episodes. The line about Leonard in the shower and her flushing the toilet to see him dance naked is cute and funny. There doesn't have to be high drama around these 2 to get people to watch! Loved when she told her dad how happy she was, and that Leonard was great! Just hope TPTB let them comically adjust to married life for awhile.
  3. I also like the idea that the guys and girls threw parties for Leonard and Penny. The episode sort of puts a bow on their marriage. Now everyone knows and seems happy for them. Amy's mom seems almost as harsh as Leonard's. Being put in a closet for sinning. SMH
  4. Thank again Trina! Very detailed report. Great job!
  5. lol, I was trying to come up with a better word. Kept coming back to attack...in a very,very GOOD way!
  6. That was my guess. Once again Leonard opens his mouth first, instead of just attacking his beautiful new bride.
  7. just saw this on Twitter. It's part of the promotional pics released for 9.1. From the look on Penny's face, it is probably right after he tells her Mandy works at Cal Tech.
  8. Quite the hot scene, Penny "Feeling like a woman" after a night with Leonard! Ironically this episode, The Gothowitz Deviation, aired here earlier tonight!
  9. Really looking forward to this in December.
  10. Seems there's comedy potential either way. Of course I would love to The Hofstadters living alone in marital bliss. I am dreamer, what can I say. If they move into 4B, this allows Shamy, once reunited, to live together even before sharing a bed in 4A. As SRAM pointed out, there is comedy to be had with all 3 living in 4A, although Sheldon already tried to train Penny with chocolates in S3. If TPTB does go that route, until Sheldon woos Amy back, maybe Penny and Sheldon will revert to a more confrontational relationship, like they had in the early years. They were a lot funnier then, IMO!
  11. Interesting that Wyatt makes his return. Hope he appreciates that Leonard never gave up on Penny; just like he ordered. Wonder why no mother, Penny has been shown talking to her on the phone. Oh well, rooting for comedy for Dr and Mrs H. in episode 3!
  12. Penny Hofstadter, Penny Hofstadter, Penny Hofstadter, Penny Hofstadter... Just a crazy Lenny fan practicing his two new favorite words!!!!! Eight long years... That name looks beautiful as Penny!!!!
  13. Love your avi! Penny's 'Oh my god, I want to spend the rest of my life with you Leonard' look! The way she looked at Leonard in that scene was amazing!
  14. Thank you Kazzie, for all your great info. Understand completely.
  15. Finally have the time to jot down some Lenny thoughts from the hints from 9.2. 1) I'm super excited about Lenny making up. Hope Leonard brought extra inhalers to their delayed wedding night. YEE HAW! 2) Leonard's insecurities being a reason for him sabotaging the wedding. Well he is insecure about everything in his life. His mother, although meaning well, made him feel inferior at every turn growing up. Thus Needy Baby, Greedy Baby! Imagine having to build a Hugging Machine to get any kind of affection. So he grew up very insecure with no self esteem. This despite being smart enough to get int
  16. Happy Dance Emoticon! Got to go to work, with relief and big smile. Have a Great Lenny Day!
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