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  1. you're exactly right. Leonard has always been the glue that held the entire group together. Sheldon would have never befriended Howard and Raj on his own, and without Howard and Raj meddling in online dating for Sheldon, no Amy. Sheldon would have never befriended Penny on his own either. It was only Leonard's almost immediate pursuit of Princess Penelope that drew her into Sheldon's life allowing them to become sibling- like friends. Leonard's character doesn't deserve this, and I think this is why most of us want a quick, complete, and positive resolution to this OOC kiss!
  2. These scenarios are really funny. Lenny can be funny(and of course cute) again. Young married couple with little in common, but love for each other. Lots of comedy potential. Kaley and Johnny are good comic actors with years of experience. Let them be funny. Just a scene or so an episode, will work. Plus a happily married Lenny can help push their friends Shamy, along their awkward romantic path. TPTB need to quit throwing tall buildings for their beloved characters to try to leap over. Instead give them small obstacles to comically fumble with. Too bad the writers don't read these threads. There are some laugh out loud potential episodes on this page alone.
  3. sounds like an excellent plan! See, easy resolution and the return of LOL comedy!
  4. Chipped tooth could have been caused by rough seas and drinking! Gets pretty rough at sea, personal experience... Navy vet. Hopefully we'll never know! Throw away lines seem to be common to these writers. They think we won't notice. This might be one???????
  5. V...Venus Flytrap WKRP in Cincinnati
  6. Wrecking Ball Bruce Springsteen
  7. Ursla (Phoebe's twin...Friends)
  8. My view on the kiss and Mandy(OK, maybe my hope!) Leonard feels guilt about the kiss, it's a one time thing. He tells Mandy and fellow shipmates about Penny, even shows the Serial Apist video, bragging about his beautiful girlfriend. Figuring he doesn't see Mandy ever again, he decides not to tell Penny. He rushes home early to surprise Penny and S7 goes on as it did. He is the loyal supportive boyfriend, even supporting her acting career,which he had doubts about, by buying her a car when hers breaks down. He helps her with her lines and encouraging her during SA2. Eventually Penny and her Stupid PopTart get engaged in a scene that I could watch daily! Sometime between 7.2 & 8.24, Mandy comes to work at CalTech. With things going well with Penny, Leonard still doesn't tell her although he feels the guilt every time he sees Mandy. Then in 8.24 Penny suggests they go to Vegas and elope. Of course Leonard agrees since this has been his dream for 8 years. Excited to start a life with the girl of his dreams he decides that there should no secrets between them so he tells her about the kiss. Penny is upset but thinks she can deal with it, Leonard keeps rambling, probably going to tell her about Mandy working at CalTech, but Penny orders him to shut up. They get to Vegas, seem to enjoy each other during the wedding ceremony. After getting to the hotel, with Penny sad again, Leonard spills his guts. Hopefully when Mandy shows up next week she will help show this scenario is correct. It does not make Leonard not guilty of the kiss or keeping these secrets from Penny. But I think they can work through it as a married couple. So hopefully 9.2 will start what Strawberry Part Tart Fan called the Season 9 Pop Tart Redemption!
  9. Funny, The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition is on here right now! Her name is Alishisha(not spelled right for sure) Penny just said it just creams my corn! lol
  10. MichyGeary the summaries you gave were eloquently written. Thanks.
  11. Absolutely Perfect!!!! Lenny 3.0!!!!!
  12. And how OOC is it for Sheldon to keep the secret about Mandy from Penny, one of his closest friends! In the past he would NOT be able to do this. Always lol when his face distorts and quivers when he tries to keep a secret.
  13. Stupid question...What does TPTB stand for? Thanks.
  14. A thought about our flawed heroine and our apparently very flawed hero! Penny is probably really confused, the one thing she always pointed out that she never had to worry about Leonard straying. Why would she or any of us fans think any differently. From the very beginnings of the show you can see Leonard just light up every time Penny was around. She was his goddess, his dream girl, the women he wanted to have smart and beautiful babies with! In time Penny came to appreciate and eventually love this geeky nerd who worshipped her. Even after their S3 breakup, she realized how much she missed him. That she saved that box of all the Leonard things, and said almost in tears Because they're you when questioned showed how much she had gown to love him. I just loved the way she looked at him in 8.24, when discussing when to marry. I'm available tonight, and Vegas is not that far away. Then she still marries him after hearing that her always loyal fiancée, had kiss this girl on a ship while they were a couple.Now this fact that she works with Leonard. I believe she still loves him at this point, but is hurt and confused. I like that this Mandy will be in the next episode. Sounds like some quick resolution. Will Leonard prove that although flawed, he still loves Penny and is willing to work through this with her. Will Mandy show Penny that it was a mistake and that Leonard stopped it because he truly loved someone else (Penny)! Is the cat still alive and savable, or will it finally die due to Leonard's failings.Only the writers know. I do question how they write for Leonard and Penny if they do end it. After all this time together they both would be completely devastated and living across the hall from each other. Not much comedy there. I realize I am incoherently rambling about a sitcom I care way too much about. The writers made me fall in love with this show and these characters. They made all 7 of them flawed, quirky and so lovable. Yes I love all the characters on this show,although a couple of them more than the others. I hope to laugh and care about them for at least a few more years.
  15. Just wanted to add my thanks to those who produced the TR! Great job!
  16. Good things...they are still together and they went through with the wedding! Really think the hard to lift line was a throw away line for laughs. Starting to come around to thinking they will get through this. Positive thought... Leonard and Penny Hofstadter! Sounds Nice!
  17. Well don't really know what to say, ...at least they're married? Hopefully their friends will help them through this.
  18. Leonard and Penny...May the Force be with you! Live long and prosper! 4 Ever Lenny! (My Lenny Happy Thoughts!)
  19. Getting to the altar and backing out would be real bad unless then they go back to the hotel and talk it out. Then they can plan a real wedding. Now I really want a Vegas wedding, tired of all this angst! Always watch this show to laugh or feel good about the characters. Thats why I avoid The Wheaton Reoccurance and alot of Season 4 in reruns.Putting 2 of your main characters through the wringer like this is NOT funny.
  20. Johnny's instagram account earlier this afternoon. They are adorable together. Lenny goodness!
  21. I saw that just now! Wow! Mr and Mrs Hofsteder? My bad now I see from the archives. Hmm, what's Johnny up to?
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