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  1. That look by Penny is just priceless. The look of A New Beginning, with an old friend!
  2. Hot, hot, hot! Very unexpected at that point of the show. So cute and sexy the way Penny explains the rules to Leonard. Even Leonard blowing it at the end, cause after all he is a genius and over thinks everything, doesn't ruin the awesome scene. A great big sexy tease of things to come!
  3. Beautifully written. You're so right, Leonard didn't want to a safe choice. He knew Penny always wanted 'The Perfect Guy' good looking, muscles, money... He knew down deep she wasn't; but he needed conformation that she wasn't settling for him. Penny wasn't of course, but as usual she was not good at expressing her true feelings, especially to Leonard. Leonard wanted her to tell him he was her best friend, soulmate, the man who rocks her world, the man she wanted to father her children, the man who love and support her unconditionally as they go through life together! In other words, he wanted to be her Strawberry Pop Tart! As the scene progresses, they draw these feelings out of each other. I could type and type on this scene, just love it so much. Watch it at least once a week, when I need a pick me up!
  4. As with Penny's You Know I Love You scene, Johnny and Kaley just nailed this one making it Lenny Perfect!
  5. This is my number 1. To me this scene captures Lenny perfectly! Two very different, and far from perfect people, stumbling through life. Until they stumbled into each other. So they stumble through this epic scene, almost getting into a major fight...until Leonard turned around at the door. The 'You, you stupid pop tart' WOULD have been enough, although anti climatic. When Leonard pulled the ring out of his wallet, and Penny just melted, that put this Lenny moment over the top, imo. OH MY GOD, YES, it did. Sorry for not being around for a awhile. Schedule has been crazy working 6 and 7 days a week the last couple months. Got to make it when you can as a construction worker in today's economy. Just started a job working 4/10s, so I'll have more free time. Having a great time just reading through this list, just love Lenny so much!
  6. Thanks, I was just referencing that we never did find out Penny's maiden name, which is not important anymore because I love that her married name is Hofstadter!
  7. I also love the choice of Katey as Mrs. ????! Kaley's TV Mom again!
  8. Maybe along with the pillow talk, some playful teasing between the two. That way when Penny picks at Leonard in front of Sheldon or the group, at might not seem so snarky.
  9. I don't think a return to acting is really needed. Maybe some light-hearted recognition, as suggested above, but not full time. That story has already been told, and we saw how discouraging it was. What she needs is a realization that her job does not define her. She had this realization in my favorite Lenny scene, the Pop Tart Engagement scene. She knows that her relationship with Leonard is the key to her happiness. She just has to keep reminding herself of this. There is good and bad in all careers, I'm pretty sure if she focuses on the positives of her sales job it can become a non story. Given the limited screen time our couple receives, I rather they focus on couple stuff, like finding a common hobby or interest(other than rocking each other's world in the sack). Their scenes together are what give us those Lenny-Magic moments! JMO My 2 wishes for Mrs. H in S10 are that she remembers who makes her happy and how much better her life is because of him. I sure she does this, but maybe TPTB could let us see it a little more. Secondly I want her to go Bat Crap Crazy on her Pseudo-brother the next time he's down right mean and degrading to his so-called best friend. An episode like this is not impossible because it could be a real wake-up call for Sheldon and lead to real growth for his character.
  10. Saw 8.20 The Fortification Implementation last night, and Wil mentioned during his podcast, that Serial Apist 2 did already have a small cult following. So it's very possible this following could grow.
  11. Yay, a new Lenny thread! I certainly hope this isn't the end of the line. Like the idea of a 3 episode redo! Leonard and Penny deserve it, so I have my doubts TPTB will let that happen. Maybe if they combine it with a Shamy propoal after the ceremony. Show the ceremony the first part of 10.3 and then let Shamy do their thing afterward. An engaged Shamy will make the dreaded move, 10 steps acrossed the hall, that much easier. One can dream at least! Hoping for lots of Lenny magical moments and an announcement of at least a S11 starting this fall! Go Team Hofstadter!!!!
  12. Thought there was something about Melissa and Mayim's contracts ending. Kunal made it seem like it was a possibility of s10 being the end, that after that nothing was definate. The articles were just speculatve, to get clicks, no real sources. You would think something would be announced soon.
  13. General question... So I'll ask it here. Any new news on S11? Been really busy lately, and haven't been able to keep up with the forum. Saw a few articles on Twitter where they took a quote from Kunal and were speculating on S10 being the end. I really hope it's just speculation!
  14. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, been really busy. Seems like you guys are having fun. @luminous, Great drawings as usual, I'll have to catch up on my 'likes'! Love it when this thread is happy! To Team Hofstadter!
  15. Loving the hot, sexy turn this thread has taken! Ya, ya, I'm a dirty old man,... I know!
  16. Oh my...is it getting hot in here!
  17. It's been said already, but your art work is incredible. As detailed as a photo and Lenny Perfect. Thank you for sharing your talent with us in Lenny-land!
  18. Great opening Lenny scene. Leonard's toast was Lenny-perfect. They seemed so happy with each other all episode. See were Leonard gets his charm, Aldred(Judd) stole the show. Looks like we get to meet Penny's family in 10.1. Happy feelings, not angst, heading into the long summer.
  19. Pretty good, only real complaint is that it seemed rushed as usual. You can only jam so much into 20 minutes. Judd Hirsch stole the show. He was excellent as the anti Bev. Their interaction was great. He was very charming in his seduction of Mary.Obvious that the non-broken parts of Leonard come from his dad. Loved the opening Lenny scene, that's what we've been asking for. Even Penny's marriage joke was delivered sweetly, not snarky. Loved how Amy told Sheldon to play with his phone when he was ready to deliver one of his inappropriate and untimely remarks. Seems that the government might be interested in the guy's prototype. Also seems we are going to get to meet the rest of Penny's family in next year's premiere. Lots of questions, but at least no angst heading into a long summer of reruns.
  20. T-30 minutes! Excitement building! Go Team Hofstadter!!!
  21. Oh my, looks like a magical Lenny finale! Yes, Yes, OH MY GOD YES!
  22. Great point. She is the Queen of Lenny-land!
  23. Kaley always nails 'the so happy I could cry' face. It was such a welcome sight in last night's episode.
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