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  1. Penny standing up to the Wicked Witch of New Jersey was the best part the episode. She is proud of Leonard and their marriage. No snark remarks about him this week, just hurt that Bev has No respect for either of them. Boom! That's the Penny Hofstadter we've been looking for. Knew it was in there! You go girl!

  2. Bev said she's still human, really, could have fooled me. Of course she treated Penny badly, that's in character. What's not is that she suddenly cared about something concerning Leonard, her 'under achieving' son. Suddenly she cares about the non invite to his wedding. Reaching a little far, even for these writers. Sometimes it almost seems like they read fan forums and see what they're complaining about and do it. Let's see, some Lenny fans are upset about their wedding. Ok, what's the way to fix this. Shazzam!!! Look it's fixed. I know this DOES NOT happen, but there are times I wonder.

    Ok the episode. Penny was great in this one. Wanting to bond with her difficult MIL is admirable. No snark comments from her about Leonard, just hurt that mean old Bev has no repect for her, the man she loves, or their marriage. Even though Bev has a comeback, I love how Penny stands up to her.

    Not sure about the Sheldon part. Seems he's done a lot of reverting to his old ways, since making progress early this season. Wasn't nice hiring Stuart as a stand in date. But when Amy shot back the same way it was sort of cute. The prolonged carrying on about the line jumping seemed immature, even for Sheldon. As with most of the characters, the writers seem perplexed about how to move Sheldon's character forward, without losing what fans loved about him. Not trying critical of the character, just some off the top of my head observations after just watching the episode.

    Overall, not the worst episode. But didn't laugh a lot. Just don't think Bev hating on Leonard, his wife, and his life is all that funny. Obviously TPTB do.

  3. 1 hour ago, luminous said:

    Hi there! :shy: I finished a new drawing yesterday evening. :paint: You surely recognize the subject, if you have watched the new episode or the sneak peeks  for it. Hope you enjoy. :shy:


    Zack: Hey, did you two get married?

    Penny: We did!


    My favorite picture, snap shot of s9. Yes  we're married, yes we're happy, yes we're in love. And Leonard's look, yes dude, this beautiful, wonderful woman chose ME! Go Team Hofstadter!!!!

  4. Oh my, I LOVE these sneak peaks. Team Hofstadter shown looking do much in love(as they should be). Love the way Leonard pumps out his chest and has that huge grin as Penny gazes at her ring when they tell Zack. Side note... Absolutely love Kaley's hair in these pictures. She's adorable!:icon_wink:

  5. Well...don't I feel stupid. Found myself expecting and fearing the worst each week. Got to stop over analyzing each scene and each word, and just get back to enjoying the show and Dr and Mrs H!

    Love the way Penny stood up for her marriage after all. Sounds like 2 really good episodes to end S9!

  6. 7 hours ago, Wulip said:

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm Wulip from Budapest, Hungary and a Lenny-shipper.

    I'm following this thread and its predecessors about three years ago.

    I hope that we will get a nice drama-free wedding re-do in the finale.


    1 hour ago, Kaller said:

    Hello everyone !

    I`m Andreas from Sweden and also a Lenny shipper.

    Hope we will get a sweet final episode but my expectations are low to honest.

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

  7. 3 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:


    Toy Story Take care of these guys....png

    Thanks, Strawberry! That made me smile. I realize it's only a TV show; but after 9 long years, I sort of do feel about Lenny the same way Andy felt about his toys. And yes, sometimes I don't think TPTB take care of them very well. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Carlos said:


    I mostly agree with your post. What I would like would be to see a sublime Lenny wedding re-do, with Leonard and Penny at their loveliest best. I want it to be as emotional as Penny's first  "I love you" and for everything to be perfect. However since I know TPTB will not be able to help themselves they can throw in one of their cheap jokes at the end, but it'd be nice if for once Lenny had a perfect moment, the kind a lot of us have been hoping to see, at least once.

    This, this, and more of this! Amen!

    BUT, I just can't see these writers giving us a Lenny-perfect Redo. They seem to forgotten how. If they're going add more angst by having a Redo, I'd rather them not have one at all. The thought of Penny running (questioning the marriage), even if things work better in the end, is an unbearable thought at this point. No need for this in a sitcom, at least for me.  Don't need another summer like last summer. 

  9. Been really feeling negative about OUR couple lately, so I've resisted posting with those feelings. Love all the positivity in the last few posts. Really hoping for a happy ending of s9. Won't ever give up on them! I Am 4 Ever Lenny!

  10. 33 minutes ago, hokie3457 said:

    It was an odd episode, for me anyway.  There were a lot of things to like and some things not to like.  One of the things that made me a little sad (and I fully recognize that it is total jealousy on my part---I get that) was that tag scene.  It was so amazingly lovely, wonderful, friendly, loving, flirting, intimate---I can go on and on.  And it was between Sheldon and Amy.  Am I being blind?  Have we as lovers of Leonard and Penny had anything close to that other than the end of episode 9.02?  That there was no snark. That it showed a couple very much in love.  That it showed a couple that appeared to be like honeymooners.  All of this.  That final portion of Leonard & Penny's scene could have ended so much better if her closing remark had been something like "give it a little while and you'll have to rephrase that 'never have I ever' and both take a drink...".  Talk me out of this people.  Let me know what you think.

    Felt the same jealousy during tag scene, especially when I clicked into the Shamy thread and saw all the happiness. Seems the writers are becoming major Shamys. Lenny conflict is what TPTB love. So it seems...

  11. Really confused at these money questions that are thrown out there once in a while. A couple has got to sit down and have a plan for their finances. Then there is no need for secret accounts, that your 'friend' can use to cause conflict(thinking he's cute) at any time.

  12. At least the show has been consistent this year. Raj is consistently a jerk and creepy. Sheldon and Amy are shown in their quirky love. Leonard and Penny are shown as a married couple that keeps secrets from each other and having little in common. Even when they have a chance for a little fun, their 'best friend' ruins it. Why does Sheldon has to ruin couples fun by dropping a secret like tonight just 'to win'. Oh he's socially awkward and doesn't know better doesn't cut it anymore. That was just mean and meant to cause trouble. Penny was once sweet and caring, this Penny is gone. Only thing left from her character that Leonard and the rest of us fell in love with is that she likes to drink and that she's had sex in every possible place in every possible way. Didn't feel there was any progress on their conflict tonight either.  If Penny's job pays so much, why hasn't she paid down her debt. The questions about their money changes from episode to episode. Seems the writers are confused, or maybe we're not supposed to pay close attention. Really wish I didn't feel this disappointed after every episode, but I do.

  13. 2 hours ago, ArmyGirl said:

    Add me to the list of being wrong this time.

    We have been conditioned to react in this matter. We live off crumbs when it comes to Lenny. 

    Hi 4everlenny, Leonard and Lenny is due a good plot as it's been a long time in coming.

    Hi ArmyGirl, always hoping for some of that great Lenny magic!

  14. 25 minutes ago, Tensor said:

    Turns out even Zack is a Lenny.   Camelliayao, who did the taping report mentioned Zack said "I've always been rooting for you guys" after knowing Lenny are married.

    I, state my name, am very happy to admit that I was wrong to jump to the worst possible conclusion on this episode when I saw that Zack was back.

    Really hoping for good Lenny plot to conclude this year.

  15.  How much more of a jerk can they make Raj. Used to at least be a lovable loser, now he asks to make out with the wives of 2 of his friends. On top of dating 2 women. Time to lock his character in the closet.

    The Shamy story seemed to end in a re- hash of the closure episode when Sheldon seems to make progress, only to show that he doesn't ie saving the golf ball. 

    I remember the days when Lenny got their own plot line. Show has lost it's magic for me.

  16. 4 minutes ago, JE7 said:

    Yes they could they don't run any kind of background/records check before issuing a marriage license, bigamy happens everyday and if what you say were true it never could happen at all

    Ok, I guess I don't know the law very well. Made sense that they would do background checks, since it's a legal document. I admit I really don't know. I am just disgusted with the present state of the show, like you.

  17. 1 hour ago, son-goku5 said:

    If the annulment hadn't gone through, Lenny wouldn't have been able to marry since Penny would have still been in a married status and bigamy is illegal.

    You're right.  They could have never got a license. Thanks. See logic beats emotion every time. Guess I just think the worst, given how TPTB like to screw with Lenny.

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