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  1. 8 minutes ago, son-goku5 said:

    In what regard? The next taping date is April 5th

    They showed a script cover with Zack's name on it. Just negative speculating here, but could mean annulment never went through. Just me over reacting to the possibilities of additional angst for L/P.

  2. Just glancing through the discussion thread and see that Zack is back.... Doesn't bring warm fuzzies. If they do what what I think, even if it works out in the end, I don't think I can deal with more angst. This is a sitcom, or romcom now. I'm supposed to feel good after laughing for 20 minutes on Thursday nights. If I wanted to feel angst and heartache, I'd ship Bo and Hope on Days of our Lives. Really hard being a positive Lenny fan these days.

  3. 10 minutes ago, legacy99 said:

    I'd be happy just seeing them being happy without Sheldon

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    In 4B, behind a triple locked, new sound-proof door with a Do Not Disturb sign written in Klingon hung from the knob!

  4. Nothing really positive to say, another depressing TR. They might as well just pay Johnny to stay home, his character is so beaten, he can't have much blood left. Almost wish the series would have ended at the bus station at the end of Season 7. Sorry I feel this way. I really loved this show, and at one time loved all the characters. The writing was soooo good, they made you love them. The writers have lost their way and sadly so has The Big Bang Theory!

  5. 41 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    A girl can hope. Leonard needs a little more love.:kissing:

    Yes he does! That's the frustrating part. They've changed her enough that she became friends with Sheldon. Wish they'd soften her a bit to be publicly affectionate to the man she loves.

  6. Hope the scenes play well on screen for our couple. Don't think the writers will ever write Penny as sweet to Leonard in group settings. They think her snark remarks are funny. Sort of like they'll never completely drop the jokes about her drinking or her sexual 'experience'!

  7. Johnny and Kaley  just look so cute and happy when pictured together. Makes you want to root for them to find real life happiness together. Must be great to have a friend you're that close to. They seem to have such chemistry. Just wish TPTB would write some more of this kind of chemistry into the married couple they play on television.

  8. 4 minutes ago, hokie3457 said:

    The only problem, tptb can only write funny L/P with her being snarky (see:  Sheldon demeans Leonard; see: Beverly disparages Leonard; see....)

    Sadly, you're soooo right. Seems they can't let Penny say something nice about Leonard in a group setting. That's why we crave those one-on-one Lenny moments. Leonard knows she loves him, would do wonders for his still low shelf esteem if his wife supported him in these situations. He is the shows whipping boy. We're supposed to just take it that this is just the way Penny is. But she has shown a softer side, alone with Leonard.

  9. 8 minutes ago, veejay said:

    I’m a bit skeptical. :icon_rolleyes: This reminds me of Fun With Flags....:cool:

    I see your point, guess they really don't have to claim the island. TPTB sort of already did that for them. Depressing thought again. At least they're together behind their island. Or maybe they are alone on a deserted island, their bodies intertwined... See a little imagination makes everything seem better!:icon_cheesygrin:

  10. 1 hour ago, Kasey said:

    I love this.  Yes, we should appreciate the fact that at least Leonard and Penny are together on Paradise Island! Yipee to the glass half full mentality. 

    We could rename it Hofstadter Island! Artist-types, quick, we need a flag!!!☺

  11. 1 minute ago, 3ku11 said:

    Hmmm yeah but Pennys a huggy person. Shes hugged literally everyone. So it was harmless lol. I agree should of been Amy. But it had no damage. But agree pretty average for a 200th ep. Should have been living arrangement focused. 

    Not one to worry about the Sheldon/ Penny romantic stuff, just thought it was overkill after the bathroom scene. A Amy hug would have been better.

  12. Below average and cetainly not milestone worthy! Thought the rating Batmans scene in car with Adam West was good. Leslie, Kripke, and Bev added nothing and seemed out of place just being there! Thought it would have been better if Mrs Cooper was on Skype instead of Hawking. Kripke was beyond Stuart-level creepy in this episode. Didn't mind Penny consoling Sheldon in bathroom, BUT the hug should have been Amy's to give, not Penny's!!!! Once again the writers taunted both Shamy and Lenny shippers with the Penny/Sheldon hug and the weekly reminders that living arrangements ARE NOT changing soon!

  13. Happy 200th Episode to all my fellow Lenny fans! Time to remember all the special moments The Big Bang Theory's original couple, OUR COUPLE, have shared with us for the past 9 years. The fact that sometimes TPTB have abused and seemingly forgotten them has only made me more passionate about them. Yes, the geek and his beauty from across the hall have come a long way in 9 years in one of the the most unique, realistic, and beautiful love stories in TV history! Hoping for happiness AND smart and beautiful babies for them in the future. To Dr. and Mrs. Hofstadter!!!:drinks:

  14. Just watched last night's Conan with my wife. I couldn't stop laughing, they were all so funny. The kissing part was fine, I giggled. Thought the part where Kunal and Melissa were talking about their kiss was so cute. Simon is so talented and funny. My wife who is just a casual TBBT fan, who regularly mocks her husband for his obsession, couldn't get over how pretty Mayim and Melissa are. She got  no argument from me. All 3 women looked stunning!

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