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  1. They just announced that Mayim's favorite episode The Scavenger Vortex is on next. Guess she really is a Neil Diamond fan...lol!
  2. Hope you're having a great day! Happy Birthday!!!!
  3. I know, I'm bad. Back in the good old days Penny/ Sheldon interaction was adversarial and hilarious! Not stupid and creepy like it is now!
  4. Kunal's favorite episode and IMO the Roll On The Floor Laughing funniest of all 199 of them ...Adhesive Duck Deficiency is on now!
  5. Starting right now on TBS...4 hours of TBBT! Advertised as cast favorite episode pick! Bath Item Gift Hypothesis on now!
  6. Love Laura on the show, but why would a beautiful Dr. take a pathetic Raj back. Either something really weird is planned, or as suggested above some girls just love to 'get their geek on'!
  7. Amazing! Just loved that look on Kaley/Penny's face. Great scene!
  8. I don't disagree, I like this Season better also. I was absolutely thrilled when they finally got married, despite th circumstances. I don't think it's impossible to have a couple of episodes centering on their careers, their families, or just adjusting to married life though. The spinoff part was just me dreaming. Not asking for half of all episodes, just a bigger piece of a few.
  9. So true that so much newlywed comedy is being missed by just placing the Hofstadters behind their island. There's just to many stories to tell with 7+ interesting characters, played by a very talented cast. 20 minutes a week, just not enough time to fit every story. Add to that, the writers are afraid of change(most of the time) and of course a majority of the storylines they chose to show have to revolve around you know who. I know this is not a possibility, but I sometimes wish that The Hofstadters had their own spinoff show. They move to Nebraska, start a family, and live happily ever after. Dr H could teach at Nebraska University and they could live on Penny's family's farm. Could be sort of a reverse Green Acres with the Jersey born Leonard struggling to adjust to country living. Lots of comedy there, right? 'I have laughter in my head' just thinking about the possibilities. (Sorry Phoebe!) Well that's not going to happen, although it's fun to imagine. Back in TBBT world, just hoping for a few good storylines for our couple during the rest of the series! Just hoping for a few Lenny laughs, a few more of those special Lenny looks, and a few more of those magical Lenny moments that melt our hearts! Teared up typing that last part!
  10. That is a beautiful, very romantic way of looking at that line. Looks like living arrangements aren't going to change very soon, so looking at it this way makes it bearable! Thank you!
  11. The living arrangements probably aren't going change soon. So it's a matter of just getting used to it or not! The Thought of a romantic S/P hookup does not even bother me. The only 2 Canon scenes of this were dream sequences. They are friends!
  12. He guilted them into staying. I know, Lenny should just leave. Becoming a vicious cycle, frustrating BOTH ships. (as the writers snicker in the corner)
  13. Seems the 'Our Place' made both Lenny and Shamy fans cringe!
  14. TPTB sure likes them around that counter, I agree. Also didn't like how Penny called 4A 'Our Place'. Seems like something that's going to stay that way for a while!
  15. Sweet Lenny tag scene tonight. Loved the immature, but well deserved art work on Sheldon's face! Way to go, Team Hofstadter!!!
  16. Good episode! Howardette were so sweet! Both Simon and Melissa were hilarious! Karaoke scene was also funny! Liked how the whole gang was included. Looks like Howard, Leonard, & Sheldon figured out a way to make more $! Sweet Lenny scene in tag. And nice artwork done by Dr and Mrs H on Sheldon's face!
  17. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! And as far as interest... Using my favorite words that Penny has ever said " OH MY GOD, YES!!!!
  18. Screenshot of what I'm watching right now... Wow, you really are a genius!
  19. The turning point episode, probably scene of one of the great love stories in tv history! 2 episodes earlier only Leonard's puppy dog look had saved their relationship as Penny was ready to pull the plug, again! Just my opinion, but this scene was when Penny figured out what love was and that she was in love with Dr. Hofstadter!
  20. Why are you ducking? Everyone has their own tastes and opinions! It's what makes life so interesting!
  21. So is this one! Penny/Kaley looks so hot in red!
  22. No change in living arrangements, boo! The only time I want the 2 Mrs Hofstadters to spend together is inside a steel cage at the next Wrestlemania!! There Wyatt's little slugger can go all Nebraska on that bitch who should be in jail for child abuse for the way she raised Leonard! Wonder if Lorre knows Vince McMahon! Lol
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