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  1. Good episode. Really was starting to like Emily, though. Wonder if we've seen the last of her. Pathetic Raj is always good for some laughs though. Thought the 3 couples were really sweet. Loved how Bernie dropped the Big news to the baby rabbit. Liked how they managed to give everyone about the same screen time, yet gave each couple a cute, sweet plot. Have to admit I laughed the hardest at Kripke!
  2. Ok, that makes sense. Still would have liked her to giggle and throw confetti back at him.
  3. Anyone else just a little disappointed in the last Lenny scene when they were cleaning up. Would have preferred more playful Penny. Maybe I'm over analyzing.
  4. Looking forward to tonight's episode. Alone time for all the couples, hopefully Lenny scenes are as cute as they sound!
  5. I'll have to go back and watch it then. I thought she talked about hating the whole process, but then went though with it anyways, sort of leaving it open ended. You're probably right, I really don't want this. But for some reason it's been stuck in my head since they episode.
  6. Laughing so hard there's tears! Great line.
  7. Been thinking about this for a while. Shamy engagement is most likely. But how about the now financially stable Penny getting a part in that movie she auditioned for last season. I know, I hate Lenny angst, but that is her dream! Lots of angsy, but interesting angles there.
  8. The BIGGEST BIG BANG SURPRISE EVER... as CBS is pumping it in their ads is most likely the Howardette pregnancy.
  9. Must avoid the discussion thread! Must avoid the discussion thread! Must avoid the discussion thread! Happy Lenny Thoughts! Happy Lenny Thoughts! Happy Lenny Thoughts!
  10. Ironically, The Recombination Hypotheses is on locally here right now. That hot green dress Penny tries on looks a lot like the one she wore last night from the group pictures. 'So Polly. Tell me about yourself?' 'I'm not some kind of nerd, I'm the King of Nerds'
  11. Welcome Nala! Always hoping for some more magical Lenny moments!
  12. Why people, why? Been following Bill on Twitter for years, surprised he is still there. Ugly, ugly side of social media.
  13. New beginning to the show, Penny and Leonard in cheerleader uniforms cheering 'Give me an S, give me H, give me an E,...!!!!! As they are cheering, new title comes on the screen, 'The Sheldon Show staring Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, and Others' Totally disgusted! If this was just another episode, I wouldn't mind as much, but THE 200TH!!! Almost wish they could spin the show in 2, split the cast some how; so ALL of the talented actors could get some screen time. Well now I'm ready to "go Nebraska'; and I gotta go to work!
  14. No biggie. I just never noticed. He gave it to her in episode 6.24 in her red VW at the airport. She probably stopped wearing early S7.
  15. I'm not that observant, when did she stop wearing the locket?
  16. Don't think the engagement was rushed at all, it was time. All of S7 built to it. Now, why TPTB then totally forgot they were engaged in S8; having episodes like let's let Penny and Sheldon do an experiment to see if they fall in love, instead of Lenny planning a wedding, we will never know. And then S9, let's let Lenny get married and even let Sheldon grow up enough to give himself to Amy; but not enough to let his 2 best friends live together. Seems the writers are willing to push things forwards in most cases but deathly afraid of 'combusting the status quo' when it comes to living arrangements of 'the big 3'!
  17. Knock knock knock writers! Knock knock knock writers! Knock knock knock writers! Look look look, most people agree, newlyweds should live together, alone!
  18. Still hoping that a combination of Bev and Sheldon might push Leonard to his breaking point. He then picks up his bride and carries her over to 4B, where they belong, for good. That would make a great ending to the 200th episode!
  19. Wow! Love the way they're staring into each other's eyes! Lenny Perfect! You are soooooooo good!
  20. The episode that makes me laugh the most, every time I see it, is Adhesive Duck. So I'll put it in any top 5 list. So that will be 5. Rest have super special meaning for my favorite tv couple ever. Of course, why lie! So 43 Peculiarity, perfect Penny I Love You scene; Recombination Hypotheses, Lenny find their way back to each other; Holographic Excitation, hot, hot hot Lenny, including new uses for a Tardis, twice; and Gorilla Dissolution, my favorite scene of the series, Oh My God Yes; are 4 through 1. Romance Resonance just misses the list, great Lenny plot and love Howard's song.
  21. Maybe Leslie is Kripke's date! Sarah hasn't been on since the finale of a season 3, I think. Strange for her to show up after all this time.
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