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  1. 12 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    Tbh its not about Leonard or Penny. Its the 200th. So its about the show. Lenny are a big part of that. But we can't gauge how much airtime THEY well get simply BAsed on one ig pic. I just think they've hit endgame early. So tptb dont have to worry about them. Its the other couples that need to catch up. It look likes Sheldons bday. Who knows if that means it well be Sheldon centric. Or just one part of the episode. Well see.

    A calming voice of reason. Good, I was ready to turn on Mace Windu and join the the evil Emperor! Saving further angst for Wednesday morning!

  2. 4 minutes ago, luminous said:

    The chances to get a decent Lenny plot (at least in episode 200) are melting away like ice in the sun.

    Where's the banging your head repeatedly off the kitchen island emoji. Seriously, do you think the writers even realize they are doing this. Bigger question do you think Kaley and Johnny notice, since they are huge Lenny fans. Maybe matching cheerleader outfits with a big S on it should be Dr and Mrs H's wardrobe. Starting to be real hard to stay positive.

  3. 1 hour ago, mjc45 said:

    finished packing, looking forward to burbank for the 200th.

    now reading the posts in DT it could be a birthday party.:icon_rolleyes:

    lets hope bev has some nice things to say to are happy


    That's great! Hope you have a blast! Cheer loud for Dr and Mrs H!:clapping:

  4. 2 hours ago, 3ku11 said:

    Lenny may slip off the tv screen if they get anymore background. But THEY are better THEN last season. I just want to see another paint canvas type plot. Speculation some sorta celebration well be featured in the 200th. So never know. Re Lenny re do. 

    Reading the other thread...seems like the airing date sort of coincides with you know who's birthday. I now think this will be the focus of 200th. Never really minded him until last season, getting unbearable how he is the main focus of a majority of episodes. Maybe Lenny can find a Tardis or closet to 'hide' in! Ugh!

    Hope I'm wrong!

  5. 39 minutes ago, Strawberry PopTart Fan said:

    Sometimes I wonder why I am less disturbed by the diminished focus on Lenny than others are. Am I less discriminating,more easily pleased,less sophisticated,just a dumb ass? Maybe a bit of all of the above but also because I am much more a visual type than an auditory type. I have trouble with books on tape because my mind wanders. But seeing the Lenny sprinkles really thrills,delights,excites and satisfies me. I have skipped through the episode four times this morning to see this little nugget which Veejay posted. Also loved all the great shots of Leonard's wedding ring. Love them walking up 800 flights of stairs together. Love them looking at each other, drinking wine together, talking together at the island in 4b instead of 4a. I think that's why I was one of the 4 people in the world who didn't hate the wedding. I thought it was fun to look at.Penny's pretty dress, Leonard in his cute little suit, pink flowers and bows all over the place, just the two of them together, next to each other,close together, talking, smiling, laughing. Liked all of it. In short, I get great joy just from seeing Leonard and Penny together in just about any scene. I think they are like a drug addiction! I would love more of them, don't get me wrong. More, more, more! THEY rarely disappoint! Imo. I want more big stories for them.Like all Lennys do.

    I guess my point is from being on the forum I see that we see things through our own unique filters and sometimes it's not always easy to get another poster. But sometimes we can broaden our perspective from reading different points of view and trying to be open to them.

    Totally agree. Of course I want more, but especially this season, I am just loving the little tibits of them showing the so much in love, newlywed Lenny!

  6.  Not sure about that one. Why let Amy know about the ring? Think it's better when it's a surprise. Not sure how I feel about Meemaw. Although I can understand her sticking up for Sheldon, she has to have a clue of how difficult he can be. She was awful harsh with Amy. Don't like the Raj storyline. Why another girl, after they seemed to tone down Emily this season? Just starting to like Emily. Lenny was cute, in the background, but at least arm in arm. Also wish Sheldon would say something nice about Leonard for once. He once again belittled his supposed best friend's job. Let's just say I expected more from this episode.

  7. Watching The Tangerine Factor on TBS. Just watched Leonard stumbling over himself asking Penny out for the 1st time. From the beginning they were never perfect, yet they were always Lenny perfect. Just stumbling though life, hitting and missing, until they find happiness in each other years later. Just love these 2! To Cats!:drinks:

  8. Probably already on here, but just in case it's not 200th episode will include Bev, Leslie, Kripke, Wil, and....BATMAN!(Adam West). Saw this on Twitter, don't know how to post link from phone. Think it's from Hollywood Reporter.

  9. http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2016/01/30/worst-dressed-screen-actors-guild-awards-fashion/79588820/ Here's the USA Today worst dress article with Kaley on worst dress list. Probably undeserving. But I too didn't like the hair-do and  her make-up people did go a little heavy on the make-up. I think she's one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, so I would think she's hot wearing anything. Just choices made by her stylists. And just a girl playing dress up. Really hate lists like this.

  10. I voted average, or so so. The part of the wedding we saw was good, but as we know we didn't see all of the ceromony. Didn't like the interruption. Didn't like the Vegas part or the angst hanging over it. Loved the vows, loved that they were alone, one on one, just Lenny. Also love that the writers let them go through with it, thus forever changing their dynamic even when it's in the background. So the positives balance out the negatives, giving a neutral or average vote. At least in my mind.

  11. Having trouble quoting on my phone. Yes there is more to Lenny than their interactions with Sheldon, but we seldom get to see this in most episodes. Just speaking for myself here; the best Lenny is alone Lenny. This is why I personally want living arrangements to change. As I've stated before, Johnny and Kaley are magical on the screen in Leonard and Penny alone scenes. I DO like this season better than last, because by marrying them the writers are sort of forced to write them as a couple for the most part.(something they forgot last season when they were engaged). I just love these 2 alone, one on one, and I know there is more of a chance of this if they lived alone. This is what makes it maddening to me.

  12. As much as TPTB have left Sheldon grow and change so much in some areas of his life ie Amy; they allow him to stay Lenny's little boy...manipulating and whining at the slightest hints of independent living for the Hofstadter. They are the closest friends he has ever had yet he uses them to fill his selfish needs. Leonard and Penny being the kind and loyal friends they are, fall for it every time. Seems like this is the only way the writers know how to write these 3. This makes it next to impossible to further progress our newlyweds;  and makes it maddening to ship Leonard and Penny. As much as Dr Fowler has helped Sheldon change and grow in other areas, maybe she can show Sheldon how he is hampering his friends adjustment to married life. Amy might be our only hope to an independent Dr and Mrs Hofstadter.

  13. I too absolutely love their vows. Leonard's perfect blend of geeky and romantic. And Penny's were so Penny; off the cuff, unprepared, just winging it( the way she lives her life). Yet the love of her life and her best friend thought they were perfect!

  14. Although I occasionally lurked on this site back then, I missed the TR for 7.23. When Leonard protested about not wanting to be her bran muffin, and stormed towards the door, my heart sunk, thought a big fight was coming. Penny's 'You, you stupid pop tart' brought a loud cheer from  me. Then I felt like the characters, that it was anti-climatic. When Leonard pulled the ring from his wallet, I jumped off the couch screaming, sort of like I do when one of my favorite sports teams does something great. As Penny said Oh My God, Yes!, I was on my knees with happy tears in my eyes! 

    Just a little background on why this is my favorite Lenny moment, of all the special ones they've shared. And why I chose it as my avatar on this site.

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