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  1. Ok that was pretty good, except the tag. My look was much like Leonard's and Howard's while watching it. Oh well. Love that they included Emily and gave her some great lines. Probably the most we've seen her in an episode. They seem to have dropped her dark side. Loved how she stood up to Sheldon. The rest of the episode was an interesting twist on the old Sheldon's even a bigger pain when he's sick. Even Amy knew to stay away. But she also teaches him that he is wrong the way way he treats people. Laughed a few times, liked the t shirts.

  2. 1 hour ago, 3ku11 said:

    I wasen't disguted by Penny. She diddn't say anything wrong. She was put on the spot. And she was just being honest,  nothing wrong with that. But thats just me.  I mean that is unfair. Its not like she went to the Thearpist to bitch about Leonard. Nor has she previousley. Its not like she had time think about her awnswers. It was an ambush. She was unprepared. And came up with the best she could. And like she said it helped. Thats just me though. I enjoyed the thearpy sessions. 

    My disgust was mostly because of the sweet scenes Howardette had, and there's the suddenly all grown up Sheldon naming an asteroid after Amy. And Leonard's Wife wishing for simpler times and complaining about Wookies. I know Leonard and Penny both have to grow and mature into married life, but a little romance would be nice to see too. Need the Romance Ninja to be back in action.

  3. Hopefully the episode tonight will at least make me laugh. I was so disgusted with the Penny on the couch scene last week, I had to step away for a few days. Stopped to peek in on this week's taping report and their they are playing background to Sheldon again. Thought they would let someone else have an episode or 2. The last few days there have been episodes from S6 on TBS and the local station. Seems they had room for all the characters in most episodes back then. I am not going to quit watching, because I've never been obsessed with a show like this before. I am going to stay hopeful the Lenny will at least some sweet and wonderful story lines in future episodes. They are why I started watching TBBT. Right now it seems TPTB are wasting money ( like 2M an episode) having Leonard and Penny play cheerleaders for Shamy.  I agree, there is so much more of Dr. and Mrs. Hofstadter's love story to tell. Ok I'm done rambling. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    So Penny needs to proove she loves Leonard now lol? Yeah marrying the guy diddnt proove that. You are my best friend, love of my life etc. Do we just want sappy, fuzzies with Lenny all the time? Sorry but that's not what relationships or marrages are. Particularly Lenny who have always been portrayed realistically. Do we need to take everything to Heart every time Pennys not being sweet to Leonard? This is Penny shes not your romantic type. In this instance she had a one track mind. And they had a nice hug, what more do you want lol. I prefer a show with relationships with hard edges. Opposed to la dee da drinking coffee in  central perk. Its what grown ups do :D. Lenny got a wedding, thanksgiving etc. I would like a honeymoon. Or a re do of their Wedding but that just aint happening. I would like the finalie to be is Penny Pregnant? But that prob won't happen. 

    Excellent points. Just didn't like the tone Penny used about Leonard to the shrink. Complaining about his Star Wars stuff is a little season 3 at this point. Probably over reacted in my post right after the episode. Just feel there's this ever so slim chance that Lorre has a piano ready to drop on Lenny. Crazy, Right? BTW, love the pregnancy scare idea.

  5. Anybody else totally POed at TPTB right now. Always tried to like all the characters. Right now I'm really jealous on how sweet Shamy and Howardette we're portrayed tonight. Not happy about the Penny and Leonard scenes at all. Hope they don't continue this story line, I don't have warm fuzzies about it. JMO. Actually hope I'm over reacting.

  6. Very Good!

    Thought the entire cast really brought their A games and the episode was very well written. Loved Penny breaking the glass, and Bernie's That Wow Thing! Amy's reaction to the girls telling her was so in character for Amy. Laughed out loud on that one! Loved how they used Professor Proton. Newhart is such a treasure, I just love his slow, deadpan delivery. That was probably the best use of Wil ever on TBBT. As a diehard Lenny, I've never forgave him. But using him to highlight the dislike between most  Star Wars and Star Trek fans was perfect casting.  As someone who loves both I never understood that dislike.

    Now on to the main event. Thought how the kept switching to the guys watching the movie was spot on for fans of the movies. The way the guys looked afterwards was so funny. That's probably how I'll look after I finally see it. I thought Amy and Sheldon scenes were funny, sweet, and very much in character. Loved Amy's look afterwards.

    Enjoyed the episode a lot.

  7.   To all of the above, so well written, And that's the story of Lenny! It's a beautiful story of two people from different worlds who spent their whole lives searching for someone to truly love them. And they found this love in each other. And in the process, we fell in love with them.

  8. The NFL game Tampa Bay vs St Louis is scheduled for Thursday night on NFL Network. However if you live in home area of one of these teams, it's possible they could be showing it on an over the air network, such as CBS. This is done here in the Pittsburgh area when my Steelers are on ESPN or NFL, so the local fans can watch even without cable or satellite. It's possible TBBT could be shown on another local channel such as CW. Or they might show it later. Hope this helps, and Welcome!

  9. 8 minutes ago, son-goku5 said:

    That's a given, it's during the day. But I meant the bed scene specifically. Granted, you can see her left hand only for a second but there was no glint on it. You could see Leonard's fine.

    Ok I see what your saying. Good eyes. 

    After rewatching this episode, I love the Lenny parts even more. They were sweet and very funny throughout. Kaley and Johnny nailed the comedy. It's great to be able to relax and just laugh at episodes, instead of cringing at the angst.

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