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  1. Very good episode. Loled several times. Thought the scenes with Sheldon and Lenny were very funny. Have to rewatch it to catch some of the lines again. Wish they could find a way to give Dave a recurring role, he's a riot. And I thought the ending was very sweet. Sheldon has really come a long way. The Howard/ Raj fan part was alright too. Like when there's only 2 plots. Guess it's hard for those who are unspoiled with CBS tripping over itself about next week. They sure don't want it to be a surprise.

  2.  My thoughts on 200Th episode...

    Definitely think it will be a Shamy proposal now, and here's my scenario...

    Sheldon gets Lenny to help him plan a dinner party complete with dancing...

    Some funny scenes then the event, the whole gang is in a cleared out 4A dancing...

    Camera scans to Raj he says I love you baby, camera turns to Emily holding Cinnamon...They both sort of smile. Lol

    Camera scans to Howardette...Howard hugs Bernie and thanks her for helping him get through his mother's death. Bernie says I love you and I am starting to see what a wonderful father you will be...

    Now on to Lenny... They are slow dancing staring lovingly into each others eyes...Leonard says Mrs Hofstadter I am so happy you came into my life, I love you so much..Penny responds with tears in her eyes Oh Dr Hofstadter, I love you! Then they kiss! (And all Lennys hearts melt, again)

    Then they scan to Sheldon and Amy. Sheldon shaking drops to one knee and pulls the ring out of his pocket and says Amy Farrah Fowler you have changed me in ways I didn't think were possible, I cannot live without you in my life, Will you marry me? Amy is shaking and crying whispers Of course I will Sheldon. They kiss and embrace.

    Tag scene.. They are still kissing and then break and tell the gang. They all go nuts!

  3. So they are dealing with Lenny issues in 9.12. Yes I guess they have a few. They are both very different and very insecure, broken people. BUT, as Stuart once said Together they make one great couple. They complete each other and this is what creates the magic we see when they are together. This magic has always drawn me to these 2 from the beginning. Their love for each other which you can see in their eyes in most scenes should help them through these issues going foward as a married couple.

  4. In my best Darth Vader voice...Noooooo!!!! to all of the above. No more Zack! They are married and happy, please just let them have sweet, funny scenes and plots. They have been through enough. I cringed yesterday when I read the line Leonard meets a woman psychologist. I don't trust TPTB at all when it comes to these 2. Just my opinion.

  5. 6 hours ago, son-goku5 said:

    Well, if that happens, I usually start writing again, making up my own Lenny scenes :superman::rtfm::icon_cheesygrin:

    Started reading one of your Lenny fanfics the other day. Never read a fanfic before. It was great and hot, hot hot! You are very talented.

  6. 2 hours ago, 5Mississippis said:

    It's pretty quiet here. 

    No taping this week and the next two scheduled shows are Shamy-centric with none to minimal Lenny.

    Is everyone in a 'showhole' like me? 

    That describes me perfectly. That's why I've been scarce around here.  Love where The Hofstadters are at, but now what. Choices for TPTB are more angst or newlywed sweetness for our favorite couple. And no one here wants the angst, so maybe after Shamy does the deed, we will get some Lenny sweetness. Watching TBBT reruns on TBS as I type, episode 7.2 is on right now.

  7. 39 minutes ago, son-goku5 said:

    A moth is a symbol of transformation. Also, it's a night creature that can navigate in the dark. And philosophically speaking, night creatures do not tumble in darkness. Translating it to humans, it's using our dreams, awareness, and deeper, inner knowing to navigate through the darkest hours of our lives.

    So, I guess, her tattoo choice is to show that she has overcome her "past error" (she did say it was to "right her wrongs")

    Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

  8. Was just going to post the above Instagram post. Covering up past mistakes. Lesson learned, I hope. As a huge fan, hope she is doing well!

    The results(from her Instagram)! A Moth???


  9. Pure Lenny magic tonight. They were so sweet and funny together. Agree that they have matured so much in their relationship, especially Penny. Little things like the journal or forgetting a birthday used to cause major fights, now they playfully resolve them quickly. This is the Dr and Mrs Hofstadter I've always wanted to see! Now... GIVE ME MORE!!!!!!

  10. Very good episode.

    Thought the Lenny goodness was over the top tonight. Love scenes with them alone together. They were sweet and funny.  Leonard stole the show. You slutty dancing carrot you!

    Soup kitchen part was ok. Thought Howard was funny. Don't understand why Emily is on the show with just a couple lines. Hope they show more of Raj and her together soon. They need to resolve Raj's fears about their relationship, one way or the other.

    Thought Sheldon and Amy were cute together for the most part. You could tell they miss each other. Ending was sad. The former robotic like Sheldon really was emotionally hurt by Amy breaking up with him and it showed in that scene.

  11. A real Lenny positive out of the shocking events from last night's taping is that there should now be no problem for the suddenly grown-up Sheldon to allow The Hofstadters to completely live on their own. Amy is now his lover and thus perfect roommate. Still shocked they moved so quickly with Shamy. Then again, I thought a Lenny marriage was a last season of the series event. That's 2 'sharks jumped' in 11 episodes this season. What are TPTB up to? Hopefully light hearted, funny episodes!

  12. I view the Shamy resolution as a positive step for Penny and her slutty dancing carrot!:icon_biggrin: Hopefully living arrangements can be resolved soon and the whole TBBT universe can live angst free for a while. Fun, light hearted episodes, PLEASE!!!!

  13. I mentioned this topic in the Lenny thread last week. My final scene... Penny holding a newborn smart and beautiful baby in a hospital bed. A proud Leonard leans over staring at them lovingly. All the others are in the room. They all start singing Soft Kitty in a round. When they finish Leonard and Penny say I Love You to each other. Th End.

    Since there is no right answer, this is my wish.

  14. Congratulations to Johnny and Kaley on being nominated for People's Choice Awards! Let's give them our many votes for their amazing work as Leonard and Penny!!!vote.peopleschoice.com/

    imagesJohnny an dKaley PCA.jpg

    Just voted!

    Was having a bad morning, and jokingly asked a coworker to sing Soft Kitty to me. Boy did I get a look. Just then I came up with a great final scene for TBBT, hopefully years from now. Penny is holding a smart and beautiful baby with Leonard leaning over the bed staring lovingly at the two of them. In the background the rest of the characters are watching them smiling. They all break into Soft Kitty in a round. When they finish Leonard and Penny say I love you to each other. Fade to black.

  15. I want the snowflake to stay just the way it is. Sometime in the future. A little girl says mommy whats this, and penny says your father gave me that snowflake from the arctic and that's when we started going together.

    Ahhhhh, what a great scene that would be. And that little girl will be 'SMART AND BEAUTIFUL'!!!!!!:shy:

    Aww you've just made me remember that! I actually started watching TBBT because I saw that my Bridget was in it... So I should thank Kaley for introducing me to this show (my biggest addiction so far)  :icon_redface:


    And yes, that snowflake will last forever. Exactly like Leonard and Penny's love :girlinlove:

    -leonard-penny-leonard-penny-27328288-25       tumblr_n5intdlch11sj94muo2_250.thumb.gif       tumblr_nvgde22anJ1uesjcko1_400.thumb.gif 

    These pictures, these super special Lenny moments. This is why we love these two.  Please writers give us many more. OH....MY....GOD....YES!!!!!!!

  16. Man, this thread is going to explode with joy after this episode goes to air. Hope Mississippi and Poptart will be able to hold themselves together at the sight of Leonards lingerie dance! And I hope the forum has the bandwidth to handle the proliferation of Dancing Leonard Gifs coming our way from veejay and JE7! Not to mention how many emoticons Strawberry will be using to express her delight!

    Are we getting close to almost forgiving the writers for Season Hate and Vegas after this latest effort? They really seem to be trying very hard to make up with Lennies with their offerings since the premiere. They may have stuffed the engagement and wedding but they seem to be writing a fine married couple ( living arrangements notwithstanding)

    Forgiven, here. So happy about this Season. Funny, loving scenes for Penny and Leonard is all most wanted. Kaley and Johnny are great comic actors. Glad they are given a chance to shine.

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