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  1. I have never thought about it that way, but this is a really good idea to be honest and a story about Penny is long overdue.
  2. If there will be a 10th anniversary of the show, I'm guessing that it will be all about Sheldon to be honest. Just like the 200th episode.
  3. LOL....
  4. But it is so much closer to the first taping.
  5. I think it is really impressive that we have reached 241 pages on this thread considering how the season has been.We reached 302 pages in season 9, so we are not that far from that number.
  6. As a Lenny you will never forget the kitchen island ,so I have changed my post.
  7. Hellllllllooooooooooooooooooooooo....................... The Lenny thread is like a deserted kitchen island at the moment, thanks to the writers.
  8. You never disappoints with your gifs @veejay !!
  9. Do you really think the writers will do anything special with Lenny in season 11, because they had nearly the whole season 10 with Lenny living by themselves and all we got was fighting, angst and drama.
  10. This sounds really good, but the problem to me is that I really don't think the writers care that much about Leonard and Penny anymore. Season 11 will be all about Shamy's engagement and not much more.
  11. I highly doubt that these writers knows how to write a ordinary happy couple to be honest. There were the same problem with Howardette, before their pregnancy arc.
  12. I don't think anything will happen with Penny's job situation at all to be honest. I'm starting to think that Penny's career is the writers escape hatch when they really don't know what to write.
  13. A thousand likes if I could @No Regrets !! The writers of the show seems to think that once you're married nothing more happens in your life. There are all kinds of stories the could write for Lenny if they just wanted to.
  14. Actor

    Kaley will also this year compete at Spruce Meadows, Canada for two weeks in June.
  15. Actor

    One thing I noticed watching Kaley's insta stories is that there is almost no audience at all at the horse show, equestrian doesn't seem to be a big sport in US.