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  1. Kaley has a new rescued animal at her ranch, this time a baby rooster.
  2. I think you could be right just look at her Instagram, it's full focus on acting/producing and very little serious equestrian work. I guess it was so much more easier when she was on TBBT, with all that hiatus time.
  3. Kaley looking just gorgeous in that dress.
  4. I Know this probably will not happen but Wouldn’t it be funny if Kaley and Johnny would attend the Emmy Award together. The paparazzi and gossip magazines would totally switch focus from Kaley and Pete. 😁
  5. She's an actress who is putting on a show for the cameras, nothing strange with that.
  6. Only time will tell if there is something going on between Kaley and Pete but I really don't think that.
  7. My humble guess is that the divorce was already clear when she went to N.Y to shoot with Davidson.
  8. My guess why the marriage ended is that they are not on the same page when it comes to children.
  9. I think that article sums it up pretty good, why be married to somebody that you'll never get to see because your work comes between all the time.
  10. It just one thing I don't understand if they already had decided about the divorce. Why do you post on Instagram on your wedding day how much you love each other??
  11. I find it very hard to believe that she was filming in N.Y on Saturday, then going to Berlin on Sunday. Sure everything is possible but it seems really strange.
  12. It seems to me a little bit crazy to travel all the way back to L.A just for one night award show, now that they're filming in Europe. It would make sense to me that they will continue to Iceland after they are done filming in Berlin. (but I could be totally wrong knows nothing about film productions.)
  13. Perhaps the final deal breaker was that Karl wanted to start a family but Kaley's projects was in the way.
  14. The press release said that there was no anger or hostility between Kaley and Karl after the divorce submission but if there was infidelity involved shouldn't Karl be pissed off at Kaley??, just my little thought of this Kaley/Pete thing.
  15. Kaley is now heading to Berlin, Germany so there is little time to worry about an ongoing divorce. Perhaps this is the reason for the quick submission of the divorce papers.
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