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  1. Wouldn’t it had been better with one of Raj old flames (Emily*2 or Lucy) to be on that plane, but that is probably to predictible for the writers.
  2. The final two episodes was broadcasted tonight in Sweden. I thought they were pretty good to be honest. One thing I find a little bit odd, why is "Buffy the vampire slayer" on a plane to Sweden ?
  3. I'm guessing we will see her new house on her/their ranch in a near future to be honest. It's really awesome that she has her horses and other animals so she isn't just an actress.
  4. It's a little bit sad that we didn't get to see the banquet after the prize ceremony. There could have been several funny scenes when Sheldon or Penny have to interact with the other award winners.
  5. Sad that the storybook can't continue but you have provided us with some really great Lenny photos/moments over these 279 chapters @luminous Yep, the ceremony is always the 10th of December and even with the climate change it's winter in Sweden.
  6. You're totally right, why not just ditch the whole idea when they knew about the ending of the show.
  7. So, so happy that we got our smart and beautiful babies.
  8. I'm guessing that the writers was so confident in a season 13 before the start of season 12, that they come up with this idea about Penny doesn't want children.
  9. Absolutely, I want my smart and beautiful babies.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if Lenny's secret has something to do with Shamy.
  11. The hotel room is probably in Stockholm, it looks to me like a tourist brochure on the table over Stockholm. The church on Johnny's IG post looks just like that on my photo.
  12. Lenny's secret in the final episode could be that they now have a dog. Blueberry makes a cameo.
  13. Shamy could be nominted but not win the prize.
  14. Her hair looks fine to me. It looks like a PJ to me, but tbh I'm totally lost about female fashion.
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