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  1. Perhaps there is a break from filming over Kaleys birthday so they can go on a vacation to places like Krabi or the Phi Phi islands
  2. I liked how she tried to pronounce "Cuoco".
  3. Oh yes, you’re so right.
  4. Yes, very much. On Kaley's insta stories there are now several indoor photos of Kaley's and Karl's new house.
  5. On Kaley’s IG stories you can now see her new barn and it’s huge.
  6. I think I've read somewhere on the internet that Ryan wasn't at all happy with Kaley kissing other guys, but I could be totally wrong.
  7. I think you're could be totally right here, she wants to move on with her life on this ranch and not think about her previous house.
  8. I'm guessing that her present house in Tarzana is pretty difficult to sell. Kaley taste in interior design is a little bit different.
  9. The baby will get the same nationality as the parents, but if the Hofstaders decides to stay in Sweden they can have two nationalites.
  10. Yes, that would not be any problem. From the Ministry for Foreign Affairs: If you are a citizen of two countries, you hold dual citizenship. A person who becomes a Swedish citizen can keep their previous citizenship if the law of that country allows it.
  11. Thanks, now we know why Kaley was in Florida.
  12. Kaley is looking gorgeous in just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans but wouldn't it be better with shorts instead of jeans in the summerheat in Florida.
  13. Nice to see that things are really happening for Kaley at the moment.
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