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  1. That's awesome she is nominated and it sure is a beautiful pink gown, Brad has done a great job again.
  2. SAG Awards tonight but sadly I highly doubt that Kaley will win.
  3. It's the Critics Choice Award tonight so Kaley has a new chance to win an award for "The Flight Attendant".
  4. I saw on Instagram that Karl came home from a horse show just to be with Kaley over the Golden Globe. I thought that was really sweet.
  5. On Sunday (Monday for us on this side of the pond) we will finally know if Kaley gets any Golden Globes.
  6. I think you're spot on with this A really nice story.
  7. Perhaps he didn't knew that the equestrian person "Kay Christine" and Kaley Cuoco was indeed the same person.
  8. Nice to hear Kaley's thoughts about "The Flight Attendant" and the nominations.
  9. I can only agree with you @chuckybut I feel it was a little bit better when Holland was in charge
  10. Perfectly explained as always @Tensor
  11. I think you're totally right, and I could be wrong but I think Kaley has mentioned in some interview that she can almost play Penny in her sleep. I'm really happy for all her nominations because this is her answer to all people saying that she can't act.
  12. Thanks a lot for your answers @vonmar @Mario D. @chucky
  13. Totally awesome !!!!!!! I’m a little bit curious how they plan to arrange all of these award shows due to the Covid virus. I highly doubt that all nominees and other people can be at the same place at the same time
  14. I can only agree, so well deserved after all those years on Tbbt and she never got any nominations.
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