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  1. I thought that was Karl lying in bed with Blueberry.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdMuHGGrPwK/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= A post from Kaleys Instagram on the 6 of May, and it looks like the same dress to me. She was attending The John Ritter Foundation from the heart LA Gala
  3. I have noticed that Karl hasn´t posted anything on Instagram since the 15th of May, about the same time Kaley started posted about Tom. This could of course just be a coincidence but it´s fun to speculate.
  4. I don’t think she did and now it’s impossible to check
  5. You did not hear wrong, right at the end of the video he said I Love You to Kaley.
  6. Kaley and Tom are kissing on Kaleys IG stories and to quote Tom - Your hair is like a horse mane. A little hint to Karl perhaps.
  7. I wonder when Kaley will go back and compete on horse shows again ??
  8. It feels to me like Kaley has boarded the high speed train towards engagement.
  9. Totally agree with you It certainly look just the same scenario with this Tom as it did with Karl. I still think it is a little bit sad that it had to end with a divorce, Karl seems like a really nice guy.
  10. The view is great but the house is just too modern for my taste.
  11. Nice little profit for her 🤑 The new house is about half the size of the previous house. It’s about 5 times larger than my house 😀
  12. You could be right, Kaley clearly put her career before her marriage and Karl probably wanted a family.
  13. I still don´t understand why this had to end with a divorce, she clearly still loves Karl. Yes, she´s an workaholic, but that must be something you can change with some therapy.
  14. I`m a little bit curious what her next house will be, I highly doubt she will be living on her ranch.
  15. You´re totally right, and it must be hard living in this big house with all the memories from Karl.
  16. Kaley doesn't follow Karl anymore on Instagram, could the divorce now be final ??
  17. A rather depressing post on Kaley's IG stories. -When you haven´t caught COVID and you realize not even a global pandemic wants you.
  18. An interesting post today on Kaley´s IG stories about daily compassion.
  19. Yes, I saw that too, a interesting post. This divorce doesn´t seem to be so easy as the divorce from Ryan.
  20. I`m guessing that both Kaley and Karl also thought that the show would go on longer then it did.
  21. Yeah, Kaley even bought a ranch to have all of her horses and have invested heavily in her equestrian team with Tracey Wade.
  22. Don´t wanna go too much OT but my humble guess is that Karl is bitter/disappointed at Kaley.
  23. It sure does feel like he is taking a shot at Kaley, but interesting indeed
  24. I have only been to Iceland in the summer and I really liked it. The nature is completely different to the other nordic countries because of all the volcanic activity. I´m guessing they will be done with the shoot right before the holidays.
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