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  1. I'm sorry but every time I see her name I constantly wonder if she was chosen because of her last name. When I see it I think of Raunch as in raunchy a match to Howard's personality. It might just be my sexually dyslexic mind but that's the name I see before I actually read it as Rauch.
  2. You are omitting the number of men that Sheldon said had spent the night at her apartment and his hypothesis as to how many men she had sex with. A number that she didn't dispute after thinking about it by the way. It would appear that your standard is that if they don't actually show it visually on the program it didn't happen. What I meant was summed up in my final paragraph. Penny may have had as many men as is claimed by Sheldon but they have made it all "talk". The producers and writers have carefully edited what is shown as evidence. This is the old double standard at work. Leonard, who is presented as an almost virginal sexual loser, gets more action then any character on the show. Sometimes you feel he is Alan Harper of "Two and a Half Men" another Lorre character who is scorned as a loser while scoring semi-regularly. We have seen Leonard in sexual situations with: - Joyce Kim - Leslie - Stephanie - Penny - Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton - The rich "grant" patron - Priya - Alice (not consummated) Hurray for Leonard !! Penny is talked about as if she turned semi-pro in High School but the evidence that we are allowed to see of her sex life is: - Leonard - Raj (not consummated) The best example of why this dichotomy exists is the reaction at the end of season 4 when the fans thought she slept with Raj. Because Penny is a woman who the fans want with Leonard, they can talk about how slutty she is all they want, but they better not show it.
  3. Pretty sure she makes loosee goosee sound good enough to be used as the Harvard medical school's term for being a slut. And not even a restraining order can keep Leonard away from Penny, it's just as useful at seperating the strong interaction between all sub atomic particles kinda like Penny and Leonard. Honestly her love life is like Leonard's shower curtain she'll share her covalent holes with other Adams, plus she'll open for anyone who needs to get wet, in a shower.
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