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  1. Personally I was tired of sheldon growing up story line in the last 2 seasons

    Indeed !  They often gave the impression of not having even read previous scripts. When they did refer back to something, such as Sheldon's wish for fifteen children, it used to come as a surprise. The Spock Resonance episode laid the ground for so much they could have done. Building on Sheldon's decision to stop relying on artificial non-emotions from fictitious people on the TV could have made an interesting storyline for one thing. Then there could have been an episode where they tried to stop Amy from seeing a clip of Sheldon's outbursts. We could have seen the whole gang go to the cinema to see the Spockumentary. Referencing it in Season 12 would have been  far better than much of what we got. So much potential wasted. 

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  2. I don't think this is quite as unusual as you think my wife and I did it for 6 years I was gone from 6-9 weeks and home for about 2 weeks

    That is true  But this is pretty extreme  She is supposed to be in NY for 6 months and they are on different coasts not a couple of hours distant.

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  3. So special he's knocked her up out of wedlock and is boasting about it. 
    I bragged about becoming a father for the first time too. Almost all the guys I knew bragged about it

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  4. What other reaction does one expect from Sheldon. He hates change. This was a big one. Along with the attention he's getting for winning. Then, there was a two month gap between Part 1 and Part 2. I'm sure he hugged and congratulated her during that time.
    Kind of like all the off screen things that lenny did for 4 seasons

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  5. That place is said to have bad mojo, Kaley divorcing Ryan while living there sort of supports the superstition.  I wonder who will buy it.
    I would think who ever buys a house like that will do a lot of remodeling

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  6. Abortion exists. It felt cheap and disrespectful to Penny. Sure her life turned out fine, but she really has no identity outside of being Leonard's trophy. No last name except for her husband's and having kids she didn't want  initially. Why even have her say she doesn't want kids ? It was lazy and a waste of time.
    She didn't sound upset to me about being pregnant and I'm sure if she was she would have informed Leonard

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    Hated from start to finish...they couldn't be bothered to give sheldon and Amy one nice moment together?
    I thought it was just Sheldon being Sheldon

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  7. So what are you beautiful Lenny fans up to as the countdown commences to the finale.
    ME. I have been preparing myself for the end for 3yrs. I'm ready!!
    Chicken wings [emoji736]
    Tissues (maybe)  [emoji736]
    Chocolates [emoji736]
    Brandy [emoji736]
    Pepsi [emoji736]
    Various alcoholic drinks [emoji736][emoji736]
    Netflix  [emoji736]

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    Tequila and fish tacos for me

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  8. I am reading it completely differently. That the over sensitive whiner that is Leonard will get everything they want. They look blissfully happy in the pictures. Shamy, not so much.
    To me sheldon and shamy are tptb favorites so i really believe they will come smelling like roses

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