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  1. Well coming to the party late and a bit pissed. To be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into the knocking thing in a different perspective and without being condemning of other ppls view's and by considering each and every one's opinion, [emoji106] To be honest, I completely forgot what I was going on about. [emoji16]

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    I'll have to admit that tequila does that to me

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  2. My problem here is I Think Penny gets some really unfair treatment from fans. "Oh she was on the right track Last season, now shes all mean". What is she a recovering addict lol? This aint Mom. I mean heck Shes not Leonards Mother. Its not her job to mother him and coddle him. I mean heck not even his own mother does that LOL. So I guess Leonard is attracted to strong woman. But my point is I Dont think Penny needs to proove anything. Shes been with Leonard since S5. Thats over 7 years. Forgave him almost instantly when he dropped the Mandy Bombshell. So I am not saying Pennys tone is great. .I think it is a writing issue. But I just find alot of it is imbalanced in presentation. Leonard should be getting the same scrutiny from the show, and fans alike. I Feel like Leonard is an abuse victim. And Penny reguarly emotionally and physically abuses him. I mean thats not reality. But it seems to be the perception. I Think she is fine. I dont see any real difference from her from last season. But like said it is a Marrige. Both are guilty for contributing to the complacency in their relationship. So wheres Leonards progress?
    Seems to me she's keeping a few secrets from Leonard first she said she didn't want kids then the thing about her having parties and not inviting or telling him about i thought they were dating. I kind of wonder if there's going to more secrets coming out that Leonard doesn't know about

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  3. While I'm hoping it isn't the case, I wouldn't put it past them for the final.   Leonard fell in love with her in the first episode, he decides to leave in the final.  It would sorta be full circle.
    I wouldn't thing it would be permanent I could see them getting back together in the finale

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  4. After watching the preview on you tube with lenny. penny came across to me as having a shitty attitude towards Leonard she remembers getting sick but not Leonard and then we find out she had other Halloween partys and didn't invite Leonard

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  5. I still say they are showing us Proton meant more to Sheldon. Leonard did not care if they remade the show and he does not appear to Leonard. They have made him Sheldon's muse and that will not change. 
    I figured it was just so sheldon would have more storylines

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  6. So I guess this is another Sheldon/Shamy centered episode......why bother with the other cast members?
    I would imagine sheldon does something stupid and Amy will get mad then by the end Amy will be happy because sheldon was right all along

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  7. Read it a little more carefully champ, I'm sure he kissed that boat girl more than just one time, a make-out session is made up of several dozen kisses
    Since on the show they said one kiss I'll have to go with that but you are entitled to your own opinion

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  8. I can't see that this time. I do wish we had even a tiny taping report to tell us what pans out. I can imagine there'll have been various scenes tried out for this one that we won't get to see. Amy's going to need somewhere to go to cool down and process whatever it is that Sheldon's done to interfere with her project and career. They haven't even got a spare room. How far is it to Big Bear where the cabins are ?
    About a 3 hour drive

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