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  1. Agree. I  hope they something like for the series finale. This has become pretty  common for Final Episodes of TV Shows over the last 10 years.  Leaves the Fans with closure to their favorite characters 
    I like that idea too but unfortunately I think the last 2 episodes will be about sheldon and shamy with no time for flash forward stuff

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  2. But isn't it too disney and fairytale-y for Lenny to have  kids to fullfil Leonard's one-sided fantasy from the pilot ? penny wasn't even aware he made that comment. I keep seeing people still wish Lenny have the perfect ending with kids. If something good happens to shamy, I keep hearing that it is too "disney" but if something good happens for Lenny , it is just a "feel good" sitcom that shouldn't deal with issues like wanting to be child-free ? I'm finding the super-assymmetry plot to be as dull and poorly written as the next person, but i'm  kinda tired of this double standard. 
    It's just a tv comedy and I think the audience should get what they want

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  3. Was that the n-dimensional super fluid  theory that won them the prize ? It was Penny who gave Leonard the idea he passed to Sheldon. It was an accident that Sheldon's was the name in the first journal and he was bothered by it. Leonard was credited in the others when they came out. Sheldon strikes me as being too arrogant to claim someone else's work. He even thanked Ramona for nagging him through the equation in her first episode and  later when Sheldon was feted for his own work when it was based on a mistake he didn't like it.
    Actually he had a chance to correct the author of the story that was written but sheldon decided he deserved all the credit

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  4. Actually, the comment by Molaro about how they will now never give Penny her maiden name, seemed kinda big. 
    And, to comment on the comments  about how poor the writers have been, Maria Ferrari signed a deal with Warner Brothers to develop new shows.  Warner Brothers seems to think highly of her.  
    We've hear that they never plan on telling her maiden name before. I was surprised that Amy being friends was Penny was considered a turning point

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  5. As a Shamy I love the Nobel prize plot. It is something they have worked hard towards as a team. I enjoy seeing them doing things like working together. I love the idea of Sheldon insisting Amy's name be included in the nomination. It shows his growth as a human and seeing Amy is his equal. His partner.  I love the idea of Amy being a woman and a co-winner of this prize. I say bring it on! 
    And on a curious note, would it be more interesting if everything had been the same except Leonard winning this prize and not Sheldon and Amy. 
    For me it's over the top for either sheldon or Leonard to win a Nobel prize

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