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  1. Experiments with  children are never 'done' because there's always something new to try to see what they can do or how they'll react. It goes on until you're fifty five when it dawns on you that your kids are experimenting with you as you age.
    Sheldon's interest hitherto has been how they'd become benign overlords. When he thought they'd be Martians his plans for them didn't involve their babyhood. My impression has always been that his intended involvement in his children would begin when they were walking, talking, dressing themselves, using cutlery, fully literate and toilet-trained. Amy's latest manipulation bridges the gap nicely.
    We challenged our daughters a lot but I don't think we ever experimented on them

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  2. He sure didn't. Good for Amy, steering him to that shelf in the bookshop. At the very least Howardette now have another sitter if Stuart moves out. More importantly, he's made the connection between the fifteen homo novi he wants and the reality that'll they'll start off as babies and he thinks he thought of it. Getting a man to think something is his idea : I wonder if anybody else's wife has thought of doing that ? LOL
    When all the experiments are done do you think he will still be interested in the kids

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  3. An opportunity to get Sheldon to see that there's more to babies than stickiness and noise before he embarks on his homo novo project is not to be sneezed at. I doubt anybody would want to be pregnant up four flights of stairs in an apartment the size of 4B. If tptb are going to give us a reason to look for a house or a bigger apartment before Shamy start 'trying' that may well be the scenario for the finale.
    If i remember right he didn't want anything to do with the kids till he got the book

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