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  1. But can you drink under 21 what someone else has purchased ? Here you can't give alcohol under the age of 5 to anybody but nobody can drink in public under 14 and even at 14 they have to be having a meal supervised by parents or teachers. You have to be 18  to purchase 'intoxicating liquor' ( the legal term)  yourself but you can be given it at home before that. 
    In California buying liquor for any one under 21 is punishable by a year in jail The police use decoys to catch people You can also buy pot when your 21

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  2. I really hope they keep with no kids thing for Penny. I think that would make an interesting end to the show. Instead of the typical date, marry and baby, let Penny go out with a great career. A big step up from the waitress/actress job at the beginning of the show. 
    Is there a reason she couldn't do both

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  3. Out of curiosity who's your favorite character

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    I don't really care what character is your favorite we're both entitled to our opinions and to me this is what makes this site so interesting. I've read a lot of things I never would have thought about and the more read the more I enjoy it

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    I screwed up the quote system again sorry

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  4. Unless - and this is admittedly a hugely unlikely scenario - the writers honestly wanted and have already planned to create symmetry between the first and last episodes of the series but needed to establish a reason Sheldon and Leonard would be in a dr's office to donate sperm but back out of it. Shamy have both said on multiple occasions that they want kids. We know Leonard does. If one of the couples needed IVF, there'd be no reason for the man to back out of donating. The only one who could insert pressure would be Penny, who had only gone as far as to say "someday, but not yet" (or words to that effect) about kids. Then they'd just need someone to request Leonard's sperm (enter Zack and Marisa) to set up the doctor's-office-to-donate-but-backs-out scenario.
    Again, I really doubt this is the case but it actually does seem like all of the pieces are now in place to create a symmetrical ending, if they wanted to.
    If this was true then tptb have been lying to us about never planning more than a couple of episodes ahead

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  5. It would have been nice for Penny to get a surprise birthday party.  The could have made it funny by having Leonard secretly plan it so she gets to wondering why he is acting all secretive and why her friends are acting weird, she could even wonder if he is having an affair just before she gets surprised.
    That would require taking screen time away from sheldon and I don't think that's going to happen

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